Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Saving Face

I was awfully excited and nervous going into Game #2 of the Quyon 3-Pitch Playoffs last night. The thoughts of knocking out Team Pepsi in a 2-game sweep had me already tasting sweet victory.

Alas, it was not to be. The game was close all night, but in the end, we weren't able to get the job done. The final score was something like 14-10, and basically just "one good inning" separated us from them. I only got on base once, so I wasn't much help out there at all. However, I did manage to save myself from extreme embarassment. At the top of the 7th, with 2 men out, I came up to bat. I was trying to think positive and just praying I'd get on base, but as soon as I hit the ball, I knew I was doomed. I had hit it right to the third baseman. I started to run anyways, in hopes that maybe he'd bobble it or something, and the next thing I knew, I felt like I was about to flip over my own two feet. All I was thinking of was staying on my feet and trying to regain my balance, and after a moment, I did seem to steady myself. I ran a few more steps, and all of a sudden I felt myself going again! I have no idea why I was tripping so badly in my attempt to get to first, but I felt like a complete doofus, and I felt like everyone was laughing at me. I was ever-so-grateful that I didn't do face-plant in the red dirt, though. That would have been over-the-top humiliation!

So Game #3 goes Wednesday night. I'm already having an anxiety attack. They can tell me it's just for fun all they want, but at the end of the day, everybody still wants to win. *Ugh*

Last night the Idols were singing the Standards, and it was easily one of my least-favourite episodes thus far. Brian was the best, though, so he remains my #1. Unfortunately, Dwight was really a fish out of water, and I expect he'll be voted out tonight. My predictions are still the same - Brian & Jaydee in the Final 2.

And on Big Brother, HoH Jessica put up Amber and Zach, and if there is a God, Amber will be voted out this week. She is truly pathetic. Her praying and "talks with God" are so phony and hypocritical that it makes me want to vomit. "Hey God, it's me...I really need you now...blah...blahblah...God Bless You." How flipping stupid. Doesn't she realize God doesn't need to bless Himself? Even God must be getting sick of listening to her. The funniest part of Sunday night's episode was when Jameka was telling her how she should be a model, and right away Amber starts talking about how she knows she has a beautiful face and a nice body and that she actually thinks a door to modelling or acting might open up for her thanks to Big Brother. Meanwhile, they show a series of shots of Amber looking like a dog - completely unflattering, stuffing her face with food, all slobby and gross...PRICELESS!

Oh, and I hope Jess & Eric finally get to kiss tonight. Even if it is America who directs Eric to do so...the boy has been working so hard for her attention, he deserves a little reward. Plus, I think they're cute together.

Have a good one, gang!

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