Thursday, August 30, 2007

Top 10 Reasons to Love the Fair

No ball game last night due to the torrential thunderstorm we endured here in the Ottawa Valley. So here's your Top 10 Reasons to go to the Shawville Fair this weekend instead of a game re-cap. The fair is like a special holiday around here - probably my second-favourite time of the year after Christmas. The only thing that makes the end of summer tolerable is knowing it's Fair Time!

10. The Midway - I haven't actually been on a ride at the Shawville Fair for 5 years or so, because it's cheaper to get in without a ride pass, and once you hit my age, your just not cool standing in lines for rides unless your holding the hand of a child. That being said, the Shawville Fair has probably the best Midway any country fair in the area has ever had.

9. The Barns - Ok, so I'm not a big animal person, but I usually try to take a flying trip through the barns to check out the cows and the petting zoo. Little kids love it in there.

8. The Handicraft Exhibits - At least once during the fair, I have to take a tour through the exhibit hall to check out the quilts and crafts and such. Over the past few years, while the fair has gotten bigger and better and more about the entertainment, the craft exhibits are still what makes it an old-time fair. And it's great for the old ladies, keeps 'em happy.

7. Miss Shawville Fair - I don't pay a whole lot of attention to the Miss Shawville Fair pageant, but it's always nice to hear who won, and it's fun to see the newly crowned winner mingling with the crowds all weekend.

6. Seeing Old Friends - Shawville Fair is like Homecoming around here. Many who have left the area come back for the fair, and it can be like a high school reunion. Some you don't care to ever see again, but for others, it's nice to see them and catch up on the past year!

5. The Truck Pull - It's the only reason to go to the fair on Thursday night, and right now, I'm really looking forward to it! Loud trucks, people crammed into bleachers, lots of dust and noise. The perfect kick-off to Fair Weekend. For many, the ride begins tonight...

4. The Demolition Derby - In a way, the Derby is a bittersweet occasion - it's held on the last day of the Fair, the holiday Monday, and while it is a part of the fair that I greatly anticipate, it also signals the end of all the fun. It's fun to watch the cars crashing and bashing, and when your butt get sore from sitting too long, it's also your last chance to tour the grounds and make sure you got to see everything you came for.

3. The Entertainment - In the past, we've seen the likes of Paul Brandt, the Wilkinsons, Terri Clark, Carolyn-Dawn Johnson, Aaron Lines, Aaron Pritchett, George Canyon, Emerson Drive, and Stompin' Tom all take the stage at the Shawville Fair. It's been a showcase of elite Canadian Country Music over the past 5 or 6 years. This year, the organizers decided to go a little more low-key, with only Friday and Sunday night featuring "big names", Johnny Reid and Doc Walker. Doesn't matter to me - I love 'em both.

2. The Beer Tent - It's where all the partying takes place - the place to be at night at the fair! It's a whole lotta crazy, all under one big white tent, and standing just outside it, like we usually do, you get to see pretty much everyone who's anyone! And once your drunk, the Beer Tent can be the best place in the world...

1. The Food - When I first started thinking about this list, I was using food items as individual rankings on the list. Then I realized I could do a Top 10 just on food at the fair, so I decided to lump 'em in all under the Big #1: Beaver Tails, ice cream, the Lemonade stand, Spinners, Poutine Machine, Billy T's Pizza, Cotton Candy, Candy Apples, fudge, and best of all...Cheese Burgers from the 4-H booth. Yum!!!!

So I'll hopefully see you all this weekend at the Fair! You can probably find me between the 4-H booth and the Beer Tent - my headquarters for the weekend. Bring it on!!


priscilla said...

Are you actually looking forward to the truck pull, or just the opening day of the fair? I love the truck pull, we get to see the Chevs outpulling the Fords...I will make it there at some point tonight, I might be solo, it all depends if Chad's car decides to act up again. But I think I can convince him his car will behave. We are going to see April Wine next Thursday night at Renfrew Fair. It's only $8 to get in there. I wish for once they would get some bands like April Wine at Shawville Fair. At least Mick Armitage is only 2 nights this year.

Jill said...

I guess I'm just looking forward to the start of the fair, but sometimes I take an interest in the truck pull - when the Fords start outpulling the Chevs, it always puts a smile on my face ;)

See you tonight, PK!!

Sharon said...

You didn't stroll through the cow barn this year to even say hi to me! But I have finally read the blog so time to update Jilly! How about about our demise last night against Jackie's team.