Thursday, August 09, 2007

What a Joke

Last night, my sweetheart of a brother happened to ask the following question over dinner:

"So, Jill, what did you think of that exit on Canadian Idol last night?"

My reply: "Haven't seen it yet, I taped it. But I don't really care, as long as Greg didn't get the axe."

Of course, never in my wildest dreams did I think Greg Neufeld would be going home. Not this early in the game. Probably not ever. For me, Greg was consistently the best performer, and in my eyes, he was already crowned the next Idol.

But something about the expression on Luke's face told me that the Canadian public had pulled a cruel, cruel joke on me. It was the flash in his eyes; the sly grin that twisted his lips.

"They didn't vote Greg out, did they?"

He didn't answer with words; just a slight nod of his head.


I couldn't believe him. I did not believe him.

So I went downstairs and watched the tape for myself. And sure enough, Lukey wasn't lying.

After a week where the Idols performed hits by Queen, the bottom three, as voted by Canada, were Brian Melo, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Greg Neufeld. For the past few weeks, these three have, in my mind, been the most deserving of being the Final Three. I believe it was Judge Jake Gold who even said, when seeing the three of him before him as the least vote-getters, "I believe that these three were the best performers from last night." The shock on the Idol judges faces was quite visible. Even Ben Mulroney looked as if someone had punched him in the gut.

Carly Rae was sent to the couch first. And then came that awful blow: " did not receive enough votes. I'm sorry, but you're going home."

So with that, the dynasty that is "Idol" poved once again what a farce it really is.

It's not the first time I've been disappointed by a departing contestant from one of these shows. Probably the hardest to take before this was watching Chris Daughtry being let go from American Idol. He was the fourth-last to leave.

But now Greg, leaving seventh-last from CI...well, it really is a joke. The boy was clearly one of the most talented, professional performers that has ever been on any of the Idol shows I've watched over the years. The look of complete disbelief on Greg's face said it all. Then there were the blank, almost-angry stares from the judges as they tried to figure out how Canada got this so wrong. And then, as if that weren't enough, there was the lecture from host Ben, who declared that Greg should not be going home and that the voting public had made a very grave mistake, basically calling the Canadians who picked up their phones to dial in votes the night before complete idiots.

It was easily the biggest shock the Canadian version of the show has ever experienced.

The only thing I can hope for is that Greg Neufeld's early elimination from the show proves to be a blessing in disguise, as it did for Chris Daughtry, who has gone on to bigger success than either of his season's finalists, Katharine McPhee or Taylor the-grey-haired-dude.

I'll probably continue watching Idol this summer, just to see what happens with the other Idols I have a mild interest in - Dwight D'Eon, Brian Melo, Tara Oram, Carly Rae Jepsen. But I'm not sure I'll bother another year. If people are stupid enough to vote out someone as amazing as Greg, than it's not worth my time watching.


Anonymous said...

What about Matt Rapley.. leaving him out again I see.. lol


Jill said...

LOL...I know, I know, but unlike you, Matt doesn't blow my socks off, and it has nothing to do with his skin colour!!!!

PS - did you like my description of how you looked when I said as long as it wasn't Greg going home? That was some of my finest literary work in months...haha!

Sharoin said...

Well Jill, loving that the blog is back. However, I thought I would be getting a recap of last night awesome game were you got on base what was it... 3 times... yeah... guess it wasn't that big of deal...

No it was... and that's why I will be waiting for the blog!

Jill said...

Haha Sharon!! I debated on Blogging on ball or CI...CI was what was nagging at me most at the moment. Who knows, maybe I'll do another blog this afternoon. Wouldn't that be amazing? 2 Blogs in one day? Then you'd really be spoiled...;) heh heh

Hope you're feeling better today!!

Sharon said...

Yeah I think I sweated out a lot of my cold at ball, I am sure the other bloggers liked hearing that info. But it's true, it was steamy and I did a lot of running... especially during our warm up lol..

2 blogs in one day, what would I do with myself?!?!?!?

Okay I spelled my name correctly this time.

Jill said...

haha...yes, our warm-up was a work-out & a half!! And then, once we got our gloves working finally, Ricky makes us quit!

Stay tuned for the ball blog...