Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's PLAYOFFS, Baby!

Here's a report from the Quyon Ball Park last night:

MVT was taking on Team Pepsi in the first game of the playoffs in the Team #2 vs. Team #3 match-up, and I quickly realized that playoffs means business. I mean, Ricky even gave us a pep talk before the game. Everyone seemed a little more tense than usual, and I for one was nervous as hell. Woermke tried to loosen me up, but all he did was practically pull my leg out of the socket and I tried to beat him up, but he was too quick for me. Now I have a twinge in my ass everytime I take a step. Lovely.

He was right, though - it did seem to help me get on base last night. I went 3-for-4 again, and my only big problem now is that I get all flustered once I'm actually on base and I kinda forget when I'm supposed to run or something. I had Graham breathing down my neck once, and I panicked, and I completely screwed up a chance to have runners on 2nd and 3rd. It's like I turn retarded once I actually get on the bag. I was most upset with myself, though, out in the field in the top of the 7th. We had a 4-run lead going in, and the Pepsi kids were pouring on the pressure, and a ball was hit almost right to me. It's the kind of play I'd been hoping for - a ball hit right to me, I make the catch, and my team would finally have something to be proud of me for. But of course I came up short, the ball hit the ground and bounced by me, and I felt like a complete tool.

Team Pepsi took a 2-run lead going into the bottom of the open inning, and I was pretty much blaming myself for not catching that ball and not getting that key out. Thankfully, our bats came up big, with Ricky getting a solo homerun, and then Luc hit another homer with one (or two?) men on base to win the game. It felt really good to beat them...and I really hope we can take the series!

Oh - Matt Rapley was voted off Canadian Idol Tuesday night, which really didn't surprise me. I think it will probably be Brian Melo and Jaydee Bixby in the final 2 (because Brian is awesome, and Jaydee has Canada wrapped around his little finger), and if I get my way, Brian will be the CI Champ. It doesn't really matter how it goes from here, though - all of them are amazing talents and any one of them have a legitimate shot of winning the competition.

Have a good day, everyone!


priscilla said...

I read the title of your blog and I thought your team must have won before I read it. If you had lost I don't think it would have had an exclamation mark in it.

Sharon said...

Hey Jill,

Love the blog. Don't be so hard on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes... i.e. "Todd" that was a doosie.

But you are hitting really well! That's something to be proud of.

And there was 1 man on when Luc hit his homer and that was me.

Shout Out to Luc for bringing me in!

Rachel said...

ACtually, I was thinking hockey when I read the title. Wrong time of the season Rach!! lol. Great blog though. Good Luck for the rest of your series!!

Jill said...

Hey guys!

Sharon: Yeah, "Todd's" was a doozie...But that's why I felt so bad, 'cause I don't think my missed catch was any different from his. Shoulda had it...Agh. Oh well, we won, that's all that matters now I guess!

And yes, big props to Luc for battling his cold and hitting that all-important homer!! And also kudos to you for getting on base when it really counted!! Yay!!

Thanks, Rachel, for the good luck...Don't know about the rest of them, but I'll need it!!

Glad to see some people hanging out at the Blog today, almost like "old times" haha! ;)