Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sens News and Other Tidbits

It's gonna be a quickie, but here it is, folks!

So we had some hockey news this week in Sens Land - Ray Emery avoided arbitration by agreeing to a last-minute deal, which will earn him $9.5 M over the next 3 years. I was pretty happy with the signing. I think Ray's worth that kind of coin (in comparison to the contracts that have been handed to Henrik Lundqvist, Ryan Miller, and Cam Ward) - plus, we get the security of having him here in Ottawa for 3 more years, rather than the 1- or 2-year deal he would have received through arbitration. Christoph Schubert was also inked to a new contract, something in the $2-Mil range for 3 more seasons, and that's a pretty good deal on a guy who can play both wing and defence. Schubert's versatility proved very valuable to the Sens last season when he pretty much filled holes wherever necessary, but with the departure of Tom Preissing through free agency, he might just get his chance to play full-time at his natural position on the blueline.

Now, the Sens news that disturbed me greatly this week was the report in yesterday's Ottawa Sun that Bryan Murray had Wade Redden traded back on draft day, and the only reason the deal didn't go through was because Wade chose to exercise his no-trade clause. Thank God for that, but Mr. Murray had better hope he never crosses paths with me in the Pontiac anytime soon, or he'll get an earful...and then some! I'm extremely unimpressed and deeply upset that he tried to trade him, especially after Redden repeatedly indicated that he did not want to leave the Senators. The fact that Murray has now gone public with this news also troubles me. Why is he doing it? Trying to piss Wade off so that he'll want to leave? Some kind of sick pressure tactic? I know Redden didn't have the best season in the world, and his play certainly wasn't worthy of his $6.5 M contract. But this is a guy who has been loyal to the Sens his entire career, and could have received more money on the open market last year (see Zdeno Chara), but instead took less to stay with the team he has been with since Day 1. Now where's the friggin' loyalty back, Mr. Murray? HUH??? that I've got that outta my system...It was an awesome episode of CI this week. I was shocked that Brian Melo was in the bottom 2, as he blew me away for the first time with his Hendrix song. Other stand-outs for me were Greg Neufeld doing some Johnny Cash, Tara Oram with Elvis' "Suspicious Minds", and Matt Rapley breaking out with his rendition of "Whipping Post". Khalila Glanville was the one sent home after her performance of "Natural Woman" failed to wow Canada. This was the first week I tried to vote - first for Greg, then Dwight, then Brian - but after 20 minutes of trying and getting only busy signals, I quit. If it's that hard to get votes through, I'm amazed anyone even bothers trying!

BB has been intriguing this week as well, with Evil Dick running a powertrip over everyone in the house, with Kail being his primary target. Last night, Jen won the POV to remove herself from the block *ugh*, and Dick replaced her with Mike, who can possibly be crowned the biggest idiot in BB History. He purposely pissed off Dick just to show his loyalty to Kail, even though Dick told him he was going up. And I wouldn't be surprised in the least if the house decides to go against Dick's wishes and vote Mike out - Kail's a weak player who does way too much back-pedalling and she is terrible at keeping secrets. Mike's usually a little smarter - and I think some of the people in the house will see Mike as the stronger player and choose to oust him. We'll find out tonight!

As for ball last night - we lost, and I hated it, and I didn't like people bossing me again. I did get on base once, but Wayne was thrown out on the same play, and that's not good. Wayne's a wayyyyy better player than I am, so to sacrifice him for myself was not what I was looking for. And I'm already dreading the double-header next week...boooooooooo....

That's a wrap!!


Kenny said...

jill wade has not been with the Sens since day 1 he was actually drafted second overall to the Islanders and when the Sens could sign Berard to a contract as the 1st overall pick they swaped with the Isles for Redden.

Jill said...

Thanks Kenny, well aware of that...he never played for the Islanders, though, and I don't think he ever did anything with them other than smile for the picture on draft day.

Sharon said...

Well Jill, good Blog.

You know my thoughts on the hockey stuff. We chatted on the bench yesterday about it.

I am excited for the double header next week Jill,Chin up, we are going to come back. We had an awesome 1st 1/2 of the season... it's our time again now!