Thursday, July 12, 2007

Canada's Top 10 Revealed

I had a crappy night at the ball park last night. I was cranky & bitchy & highly unhappy with how I played. So needless to say, I was very relieved to go home, settle down on the couch, and watch the Canadian Idol results show.

I was mostly happy - and more than a little bit shocked - to find out who Canada selected to represent in the Top 10. You've all heard me ranting on how much I hate Tyler Mullendore & Montana Martin Isles. I really hoped they would be voted out last night, but I really didn't expect it. They've been the judges darlings up to this point, but I never quite understood why. Because they're funny-looking? Because they have no talent? Because they're weird & unusual? Apparently, the rest of the country finally woke up and saw things the way I did - Montana and Tyler were the first two eliminated last night, sparking a big happy dance from yours truly!!

So with Montana & Tyler out, it left just one girl and one boy to go . The biggest surprise for me was that Liam Styles Chang was next to get cut. I had said that he should have no problem sailing on through, despite the fact that I'd never heard his song before. Well, apparently that obscure song choice spelled doom for Liam. It's really unfortunate - I was disappointed to see him go, because I loved his voice, and he captured that "oddball Canadian" thing, without going overboard (a la Montana & Tyler). I would have gladly switched him up with Brian Melo; however, I didn't vote, so I don't get to complain, right?

The last mini-surprise came when things had all boiled down to Khalila Glanville and Annika Odegard as the final 2. Annika was, in my opinion, the "most improved player" in the whole show since the beginning, when she blew me away with her performance Tuesday night. I wasn't really sure if she'd make the Top 10 or not, but when it came down to just her & Khalila, I thought for sure Annika was in. I guess she decided to show her "true self" a little too late, and Canada punished her for it. Khalila was in; Annika was out.

So the Top 10 who will by vying to become Canadian Idol starting next week are: Greg Neufeld (my #1 - so HOT), Tara Oram (the country gal), Matt Rapley (gospel choir boy), Mila Miller (Miss Roll-Around-On-The-Piano), Brian Melo (smooth & funky), Khalila Glanville (classy & sophisticated), Jaydee Bixby (16-year-old Elvis), Carly Rae Jepsen (cutesy-folk singer), Dwight D'Eon (rocker dude), and Martha Joy (Celine wannabe).

I haven't been all that great with my predictions thus far, so I'll just give you my hopes this time:

Final Four - Greg Neufeld, Tara Oram, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Dwight D'Eon.

Projected Winner of this year's Canadian Idol: GREG NEUFELD!!

OK, so now that I know I have some other BB fans out there, I'm going to try and recap some of those shows in the future, so look forward to that!!

Have a good one, gang! :)


Rachel said...

one question to who ever watchs top model....Americas Next Top model was on last night...I watched maybe 5 minutes of it, but didn't bother to watch the rest cuz I didn't know if it was a repeat or what...does anyone know if it is a new season?

Canada's Top Model was on last night. Its down to 4. In my opinion all 4 girls are ugly. Ya, they take nice pictures when they are all dolled up by makeup and hair artists, but normally they're not even pretty. Guess you just have to have a good body and know how to stand to be a model. lol. I just like it when they all fight and yell at predictable.

Sharon said...

Well I only watched the first 30 minutes of the show and then went to bed to talk about my new car with Wayne.

I picked up my new car last night. So happy with it!

Jill, sorry I didn't do a drive by, but I got home pretty late after signing my 5 years of life away. But oh well. I am happy.

Stupid rain got my car dirty right as I drove off the lot. I was not impressed. Oh well, you will see it soon enough.

Jill said...

Rachel: Sorry, I don't watch Top Model, so I can't help you with your question! Did you watch BB last night? I was disappointed that Carol was voted out - I kinda liked her. I mean, c'mon...Amber? Like...cry much??? And now Jen's HOH - things just went from bad to worse!! I'm afraid Nick might be in jeopardy already, as he blew up her lie this past week about his alleged attempted pass on her. She's such a dumbass...I hope her week as HOH will be her last week with any power at all!

Sharon: Congrats on the car! You must be so excited!! I can't wait to see it! :)

Have a good weekend, ladies!

Rachel said...

Hey Jill, Yup I watched BB. You said the exact same thing as Tom. He hoped that Amber would be gone because every time she was on tv she was crying .... pretty annying, but not as annoying as Jen! ugghh.