Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jen vs. the World

I was able to catch last night's episode of BB8, but my Canadian Idol re-cap will have to wait, as I had to tape it at 11 - but I don't think you guys will mind, seeing how I think I'm the only one who watched CI!

The Big Brother house has been intriguing to me thus far this season...There aren't a whole lot of people that I like. Nick, the former pro football player, instantly caught my eye, but other than him, I could really care less. The big twist this year was that 6 of the players were either former enemies, rivals, or had unfinished business: Dick & Daniele, the father & daughter who hadn't spoken in 2 years; Joe & Dustin, the ex-scorned-gay-lovers; and Carol & Jessica, the former BFFs who had a fight in high school and never made up.

Carol was already sent home Week 1, so there goes one of the big "match-ups" (but easily the least interesting - Jessica's biggest beef with Carol was that she once owed her $5). This week, Jen won HOH - and Jen is probably the person I hate the most in the BB house. She's the one who bawled over the picture they put up on the wall for her, and she's so self-obsessed, it makes me want to puke. Her homemade shirts that she's been strutting around in - "I'm Jenuine" and "Jenius", just to name a few - are pretty pathetic, too. She nominated Dick & Daniele, due to their "negative vibes". Funny enough, usually the big fights in the house seem to stem from something Jen has done, so her nomination speech was rather ironic.

Last night, while preparing for the veto competition, Jen laid into Amber, clearly the most emotionally-unstable person in the house, threatening that if she didn't try to win the veto and let her nominations stand, she would put up someone close to her, like Dustin. Of course, Amber cried. That appears to be all she's really done in the house for the first two weeks. I think she's got an ulterior motive - because when Amber cries, Nick hugs her. And Lord knows if I got to have those big, muscley arms around me everytime I shed a tear, I'd be pinching myself just to make myself cry!

In any case, Amber's melt-down led to probably the biggest fight so far this season, involving pretty much the entire household, most of them ganging up on Jen. The strange part for me was the Zach & Mike seemed to be defending her, and I thought that was odd. In any case, Jen eventually apologized to Amber, but it was definitely one of the most tense competitions I've ever seen on BB.

It was Christmas in the Big Brother backyard, where they were all fighting for the gift that held the veto. The game was curling, and the rock furthest away from the red line eliminated one from the competition, forcing the player to select a gift from under the tree. When it all boiled down, Jen had to wear a red unitard for the rest of the week, Amber had to handcuff herself to somone, Joe got the slop pass, Dick won the plasma TV, Mike got a romantic dinner for 2, and Daniele won the Veto.

If I had to pick my favourite girl in the house, it would probably be Daniele, so I was happy she won the Veto and was able to remove herself from the block. Jen replaced Daniele with Joe, and I have the feeling the house is planning to back-door him. I'm not a big fan of that idea, because as much as I disliked Joe in the beginning, he's actually pretty fun to watch. He's not afraid to put Jen in her place, for one, and he also likes to keep the pot stirred - and let's face it, that just makes for better TV! But I also don't really want Dick to leave yet either, as the relationship between him & Daniele is probably the most fascinating aspect of this year's "twist". So I guess if I had to vote, I'd probably say buh-bye to Joe. I'm interested to see who America chooses to vote out by way of their player, Eric (who has also really started to grow on me).

The only other thing that disturbed me about last night's episode was seeing Nick start to defect from his alliance with Kail, Mike & Zach in favour of Daniele. He had a little heart-to-heart with her, shared secrets about his alliance, and told her that he trusts her above all else. Pretty stupid move, as far as I'm concerned, especially seeing I think Mike & Zach are already onto him...It's never a good idea to break off from a group of 4 to become an alliance of 2 this early in the game. I'm just glad his alliance was able to save his ass from the wrath of Jen (she really wanted to put him up, jealous litte bitch!) - it'd be a shame to lose his handsome mug this early!!

Next episode is tomorrow night - the live eviction will take place, and I can't wait to see who gets the axe - Joe or Dick. And here's an idea for a drinking game if anyone wants to play - every time Amber cries, you gotta take a shot.

You'll be drunk in 10 minutes.


Rachel said...

HAHAHA. LOVE the idea of the drinking game. We should get together and watch the show...I'll bring the sourpuss! lol...

It was hilarious when Jen went into where Nick and Daniele were and they were just lying on the bed talking, all she did was stand there with her hands on her hips with a big stare. She is soooo jealous, my God!!! I really thought she was going to put him up, but I knew she would miss his cute face, and she wouldn't have the gutts.

I too am not sure who I want to go. Both Dick and Joe stirr shit up and they're not afraid to speak up. Its tooo bad that both players like that are up...why not get that Jameka out...shit you barely even know shes there.

Anyways, I hope Dick stays cuz he really gives it to Jen, and Joe, well, he kind of gets annoying.

We shall see!

Sharon said...

The Blog is back... mind you it's BB and I don't watch that show, but at least it's something to read when I get restless here at work.

Are you ready for ball tonight Jill?

Sarah said...

hahaha - Love the blog today!! just what I needed at my 2pm Blahs.

I'm loving big brother this year mostly because Nick is a little cutie - haha. And as for Jen, I just want to punch her .. FRIG ... she is so nieve and has no idea that the whole house hates her guts, and the red unitart she had to wear.. PUKE ... All her talk about negativity well she is the biggest bitch there!

Oh and we can't forgot about Cry baby, Amber. That would be a great drinking game - GEEZ. She cries about everything, happy, sad, mad, stressed. She probably cries in her sleep.

And it was really funny last night when Eric attempted to get in bed with Joe - HAHA.

I vote for Joe to GO

Jill said...

Hey girls! Glad I have a few BB fans out there...Well, seem to all agree that Joe should go...So let's keep our fingers crossed!

Rachel, I laughed when you brought up the part where she caught Nick & Daniele talking in bed, and she just stood & stared at them. Then she goes marching back up to her HOH bedroom and announces, "I think I'm going to put up Nick." Ohhhhh...not too obvious who her heart's set on! What a dummy!!

And Sarah, you're right - how painful was it to watch her prancing around in that unitard and squealing over how "good" she looked? Gag me....

Eric was pretty funny, the whole trying to get into bed with Joe, & trying to convince Jen to nominate Jessica (per America's wishes)...He's not having such an easy time with any of his tasks!! Hopefully Eric has some success with his vote this week for eviction!

Sharon: Very much ready for ball tonight!! I played on Saturday for Leslie & I actually got on base, so I'm feeling very powerful & experienced now! haha...Actually, went to the gym Mon. night & my legs are still aching, so I'm pretty sure I won't be much help tonight...But who knows, might be just the thing I need to get them loosened back up! :) See ya tonight!

Sharon said...

WAY TO GO JILL! It's good to hear you all positive and cheery again! And you get to see the new wheels. The car is slightly dirty and I just washed it last night so I am not doing it again tonight. But oh well it's pretty all the same.