Monday, July 09, 2007

Vote Tyler OUT!!

Here's tonight's rundown on the 7 remaining boys vying for spots in Top 10 on Canadian Idol:

Matt Rapley: For once, Matt didn't strike me as a member of a gospel choir. Perhaps it was because he chose to sit behind a piano and sing "I'll Be There" - easily my favourite Matt performance. He's got an amazing voice. It'll be a shame if he doesn't make the Top 10.

Greg Neufeld: Alright, it's no secret - I adore Greg. This week, he offered up a new side of himself by stripping it down and singing that John Mayer song about mothers and daughters and fathers, just him & his guitar, and I ask all my blogging faithful who actually watch Idol: Is there anything sexier than Greg Neufeld sitting on stage with just his guitar?? The judges liked it to, and I think he pretty much cemented himself as the frontrunner of this whole damned competition.

Tyler Mullendore: BLEH!!!!!!! He crucified yet another one of my favourite songs - "Rockin' Me Baby" by the Steve Miller Band. Tyler SUCKS. But the judges still love him, calling him genuine & the "real deal". I think he's just cheesy and untalented. I really hope Canada gets it right and sends him home Wednesday night.

Liam Styles Chang: I didn't know Liam's song this week, but that was about his only downfall. The boy can sing - I love the tone of his voice. Not too fussy on his wardrobe selections or hair style, and I'm not sure his song was spectacular enough this week, but he should sail on through without any problem.

Dwight D'Eon: OK, in my last blog, I indicated that Jaydee Bixby was my "sentimental favourite" - I might have to switch that to Dwight. He gave my butterflies by singing Matchbox 20's "Bright Lights". I love that song, and Dwight rocked it pretty good. I loved his performance, and I really hope the voting public makes room for a rocker in the Top 10. Dwight deserves it, big time.

Jaydee Bixby: Jaydee went a little overboard for my liking tonight. He sang about as twangy a country song as he could with that "Hey pretty lady" auction song while working the crowd as if he was a seasoned pro. To say he's 16, I guess it is pretty impressive, but he did get kind of out of breath. Then again, he was singing a song with about a billion words in a 2-minute span while running around shaking hands and kissing babies. I still like Jaydee - I just liked him better when he was doing his Elvis bit, rather than seeming like a pretty good candidate to headline Jam Fest next year.

Brian Melo: I'm not sure Brian will be around for the Top 10, but I did enjoy his version of Incubus' "Drive". He "funked it up" (Zack's words - but true), and although I did find him a little nasally, it was a decent choice for what his voice can do. I still think he's slipping a little when it comes to the big notes, but otherwise, a strong night for Brian.

Who Will Probably Go Home: Matt Rapley and Brian Melo

Who I Wish Would Go Home: Tyler Mullendore and...well...just Tyler Mullendore. I don't dislike anyone else as much as I dislike him. But the judges adore him, so it's probably wishful thinking. If Dwight goes and Tyler stays, I'll puke. I'm serious.

Best Performance of the Night: Hmmm...Well I love Greg, so I'm gonna give this to him again, but if I really go with my heart, gotta say it's Dwight's performance that I keep thinking about. I think he nailed it, and I really hope he avoids elimination.

Stay tuned for my thoughts on the ladies tomorrow night! They'll have to be a helluva lot better than previous weeks to even compare to the boys!

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Sharon said...

Good Blog Jill!

I don't watch idol at all. Last night I was actually test driving a car. I am probably going to be signing papers tonight and I couldn't be more excited!

Also I think I am back in ball playing shape for tomorrows game. Everything is coming together!