Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Golden Couple Go Their Separate Ways

Well, I declared the Senators' slump officially over, so of course, they have officially begun a new slump. And I hate talking about my team losing, so I won't talk about it at all.

What has been troubling me for the past few days is the news of a recent Celebrity Split. It happens all the time in the fickle land of Hollywood, and usually they don't shock me. But for some reason, this one did.

Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillippe are kaput.

Before Ryan & Reese were married, they were individually two of my favourite actors - with him starring in White Squall & I Know What You Did Last Summer, and her break-out performances in Man in the Moon & Fear. Then came a little movie called Cruel Intentions, with Ryan in the role of Sebastien, opposite Reese as the lovely Annette. I was about 15 when that movie came out, and there was no cooler movie to go see than Cruel Intentions for teens that year. It helped a lot that Ryan was the hottest thing since sliced bread.

I remember seeing Reese on The View around the time that Cruel Intentions hit theatres, doing a promotion for her new flick, when the ladies asked if it was true that she was dating Ryan Phillippe. Reese smiled shyly, admitted that, yes, indeed, she had fallen in love with the handsome Phillippe, and that not only were they going to be married, they were also expecting a baby. At that moment, Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillippe became one of my favourite celebrity couples.

Since then, Ryan & Reese did get married and added a daughter, Ava, now 7, and a son, Deacon, now 3, to their family. Reese became one of Hollywood's darlings, starring in the Legally Blonde movies and Sweet Home Alabama. Ryan sort of took a backseat to his starlet wife, mostly taking marginal roles in forgettable movies. Over the years, there were rumblings of trouble in paradise for the young couple. Rumours were that Ryan was a bit disgruntled that Reese's career had skyrocketed while his had fizzled.

Then came the year 2005. Reese starred as June Carter in the Johnny Cash biopic, Walk the Line. Ryan also finally found himself a niche in a critically acclaimed movie called Crash. Both movies were up for Academy Awards; both Ryan & Reese were finally in the spotlight together again for the first time since Cruel Intentions.

When Oscar night rolled around, it was Reese who won the individual award of Best Actress for her portrayal as Johnny Cash's future wife. Ryan wasn't left out in the cold, though - Crash won the coveted Best Picture Award. It seemed the couple was finally on a level playing ground, with no more animosity between them regarding their own personal success in Tinseltown.

Following her Best Actress win, I saw Reese on Oprah, telling the talkshow Queen that Ryan had been so helpful in turning her into June Carter. Reese claimed to have no singing abilities at all, and credited Ryan with helping her learn the songs, especially the duets, which he would practice with her by singing Joaquin Phoenix's lines. She said that for weeks afterwards, Ryan and the kids ran around the house singing "Jackson" and "It Ain't Me, Babe". It sounded like the perfect family to me.

So yes, it did come as a bit of a shock to me this week when news broke that the Golden Couple had officially separated. They've asked for privacy, to protect their children, who they are both still completely committed to, and the separation has been declared "amicable". If that's supposed to comfort Ryan & Reese fans, it didn't work on me. It doesn't give me the warm & fuzzies. It bothers me that they've gone the way of Cruise & Kidman, Pitt & Aniston, Lachey & Simpson (tee hee hee...) Does nobody ever stay together these days?

I thought Ryan & Reese had lasting power. I can't think of a more cute couple. And for seven years, they were a couple that I idolized. And now, they are no more.


When the Sens start losing, all my world goes to crap, doesn't it?


Stacy said...

I was actually pretty shocked to hear that Reese and Ryan had split too - i thought they would last forever - i guess just cuz they have this long. Oh well - its a totally different world in Star Life and Hollywood i guess. Look at poor Sara Evans, I am so sick of hearing things about that. How were the trick or treaters? I was quite disappointed actually - i bought enough for about 90 kids and well I went through one full box of 24 chips and a few from the second opened box - and they weren't even cute costumes. Then I got thinking that my house wasn't festive enough or something cuz you would look outside and see a group of kids - they would go next door to Forbes but then walk right past our house. How is everyone's day going?
Sara - how was your trick or treating with Matthew? Better than your day at school?
Tonight is America's Next Top Model! What is everyone's plans for the weekend? If anyone has a boyfriend who hunts, you'll be alone like me all - first weekend open for deer with rifles so that's where Ricky will be I suppose. Friday after work, I'm running to Michaels to get some wood letters and I'll probably just be painting them on Saturday. Anyways have a good day,

Sharon said...

Well I saw the whole Reese and Ryan thing coming. There have been public spats all over the tabloids between the two and I knew the end was inevitable. They were my favourite couple, but I have come to accept the fact that while Hollywood Stars get married. They never last. A marriage is like a notch on the bedpost in Hollywood because there is a small pool to swim in when you think about it. You don't want to marry someone who isn't a star because then you will always think they are only with you because you are famous and you have money. Maybe I am just being sinical, but that's what I think.
I had the big ZERO trick of treaters. But what can I expect living in the sticks and you can't even see my house from the road. Whatever, I didn't expect any so I didn't buy any treats. My cat was CRAZY though. She's completely black for those of you who haven't met my little Madison. And she was clean nuts all night. Usually she is hyper and then calms down and sleeps and watches TV with me and Wayne. But not last night. Wayne says it's because it's "her night" being a black cat.
Wayne and I didn't watch the Hockey game because we don't get any sports channels. But we watched Gilmore Girls. I am starting to get into the show again!
Tonight is Top Model as Stacy said. I am excited. Hopefully it's a little more exciting.
Last night I tried a chocolate cheesecake recipe and it turned out SO BAD. I threw the hole thing out!
I am joining the Nepean Sportsplex AquaFitness on Friday, so starting monday I will be swimming after work 4 nights a week. I have to go and purchase a bathing suit. Oh Joy. Probably tomorrow or Friday during lunch. And Friday night I am going to be going to the hair dresser for a brand spankin' new do! I am not telling ANYONE what I am doing and Wayne thinks I am cutting it... but I don't know! HA!
So I guess that's all!

Jill said...

Hello girls!
Well, our trick-or-treaters were down in numbers this year, but like you, Stacy, I think it's because we weren't festive enough. No decorations, no Jack-o-Lantern. There were lots of cars who stopped at Wayne & Brenda's, and Jeff & Angie's that completely skipped us, but Jeff & Angie were all decked out, and Brenda was out in their car shelter thingy all dressed up and spooky looking with lights & stuff, so I guess those places are more appealing. Caden came dressed as Winnie the Pooh - soooo cute!! And he toddled around for us, and when he fell down, he was well-cushioned and he just kind of rolled. Other costume highlights included: Tessa dressed as Bobby Clarke, Tianna as a scarecrow, Kaelan as a Ninja Turtle, Peyton as a dolphin, Liam Tracey as Dale Earnhardt Jr., Cowan as Darth Vader, Gabe Proulx as Elvis (I LOVED his costume!, but he wouldn't sing for me!) & Connor Scully as Spiderman.

Stacy said...

I had Cowan and Gabe and Nicholas but none of the others that you mentioned and like i said earlier, i didnt even have many cute costumes. i had one little boy who came and he was so small but so cute - and i dont even know what he was - he had half of his costume off - and he came to the door and just screeched, ALLO - it was cute. I had two kids say Hi Tattoo and Bye Tattoo - i dont get it - we are always being mistaken and I mean Tat lives 3 doors down from me, so I'm sure they saw her just before my - Kids. Next year, i'll have to dress Madyson up but not go trick or treating like most Quyon People - just go to the houses that I know just to show off her costume. LOL.
Not too interesting in the blog world today!

Jill said...

Yeah, that's what Caden did - he visited select houses just to show off his costume. He did get a book from Grandma & Grandpa Provost, Doritos & OJ from Uncle Laurie, Smarties from Brenda, a pin from Patti & Randy, and a toy phone from us. He didn't go very many places, because it was a big hassle to get him in and out of his carseat in the bulky costume, and apparently he cried every time he had to leave someone's house, so he just made select appearances! LOL... That's cute about the kid that said ALLO - BONBONS! It reminded me of two years ago, this little lion that came to our door - he couldn't have been more than three years old, and the father just stood way back in the driveway, and I could hear the kid roaring away - he was so cute. I had no idea who he was, and I asked him his name, and he said "Guillaume" - never saw Guillaume again, but he was super-cute, he roared steady. Quite the little lion!

Anonymous said...

i think i was with you that year with the Lion - lol - it would have been 2 yrs ago cuz last year i was at my house. i might have missed all the cute ones too because traffic has been crazy this week getting home so we were late and ricky works till 4:30 this week so that doesnt help matters - so my sister went and handed out the chips until we got home - so i missed some.

Stacy said...

sorry - the comment thingy was being stupid - wouldnt let me put Other and my name so i was anonymous

Priscilla said...

Just wanted to at least say hi, nothing to speak of today.

Jill said...

Hi to you too, PK!
And Stacy - Yes, you were probably there the night the Lion came because it was 2 years ago. He was adorable. I think we had more cute kids that night than we've had in the past two years put together. Except for Caden, of course - but I may be biased! ;o)

Anonymous said...

oh I liiikes David Aebischer BELIEBE ME!!

chris said...

Hey Jill:

Just so you know I am a regular reader of your Blog since it started and I think you are doing a superb job....keep it up. You should have a pen-name now lol

Anyways, I can now finally post comments (can't do it from work though cause everything is blocked) but from home it’s all good so I'll check in every once and awhile and drop a line.

Got you e-mail at work today too... I'm glad you think the twins are cute and I must admit that they most definitely are... quite the pair I must add though too. Sam is one little trouble maker but then he looks up at you with those big blue eyes and flashes his big smile... how can you stay mad at him after that?? And well Anderson is just as cute and has started to talk. His new word is "OHHHHH" when he finds something new or wants your attention. TOO CUTE!

Anyways TTYL! Keep up the great Blogging!!

Jill said...

Hi Chris! Nice to see you're finally able to comment on the Blog! And I know how you feel about the mischief the little ones get into - Caden has hit the stage where he's ripping into everything, and then you say no, and he looks at you and nods as if he understands. But then he continues to doing what he's not supposed to be doing and smiles. We laugh more than scold, I can tell you that!