Friday, November 03, 2006

You're Either the Chicken or the Pig

Last night was a big night for me & my TV. I was able to catch The O.C. and Grey's Anatomy. No Survivor recap yet, as I'll be watching that tape tonight. So please, for you Survivor fans out there who watched last night, no spoilers!

I'm going to leave The O.C. recap for Sharon to do, as I know she mentioned yesterday that she would like to give her take on things. But I will say this: I enjoyed last night's season premiere more than most of the episodes I watched last year. Things are looking up with Marissa gone. And my gosh, I just adore Seth. His whole comic book thing brought tears to my eyes. But I'll leave that for Sharon to explain!

So, I know I'm practically the only one who watches it, but it brings me great joy to write about Grey's Anatomy. And this is my world, so here she goes...

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before, but I love this show.

This week, Izzie started back in the intern program full time, with Dr. Bailey again as her resident. While the Chief gave Izzie strict guidelines to follow, Bailey added a dozen more, and she instructed Izzie to shadow a different doctor everyday until Bailey feels she can trust her again. On Day 1 she had to follow Meredith around like a little puppy dog. While Izzie was obviously a little put out that she was being treated with kid gloves, she made the best of it. "Meredith's my boss. Meredith's the boss of me," she murmered with a little grin on her face.

Of course, Izzie fell right back into her old pattern of growing too attached to the patient, despite Meredith's best efforts to stop her, but it turned out Izzie's concerns for their burn victim were valid. Once they dug a little deeper, they discovered the law student was purposely burning her hand to avoid taking the bar exam for the sixth time. She was so desperate to avoid the humiliation of failing again, she held the palm of her hand to a burner on her stove. Izzie's sensitivity to her patient's plight prevented her from further injuring herself.

Cristina, meanwhile, was the envy of all the other interns, as she continues to help Dr. Burke hide the secret that his hands are still not quite healed. Cristina has become manic about aiding him, changing the surgery board to accomodate him and ensuring that she's scrubbing in for every surgery with him. This week, Burke was scheduled to perform a rare "Humpty Dumpty" surgery - they take out the heart, tear it apart, then put it back together again - which Dr. Bailey really wanted in on, so she added her name to the board. Cristina secretly erased her name to prevent her from discovering Burke's secret. However, that move only added to Bailey's insecurities that the other doctors are doubting her competence since the Denny Duquette fiasco.

Then there was Meredith & McDreamy. It had been a week since she told Derek she let Finn go, and he still hadn't called her. So Meredith decided to take the bull by the horns and drop in on Derek for a chat - where she discovered another woman in his bed. And McDreamy was standing there wearing nothing but a towel. Oh baby, that was hot.

Of course, Meredith jumped to conclusions, so Derek quickly clarified for her that his sister was visiting. His sister Nancy, who Izzie quickly nicknamed "McBitchy". Poor McDreamy was put through the ringer as Nancy caught up with her old friends, Addison & Mark - aka, McDreamy's ex-wife & ex-best friend. Couldn't be easy to see his sister fraternizing with the enemies. Anyhow, once he cleared it all up with Meredith, they agreed to take some time to clear their heads before jumping into a relationship. And the Mer & Der Saga continues...

My favourite of the moment of the night, though, has to go to George. In dealing with a pregnant woman with two uteruses (not "uteri", as George initially thought), the woman's fiancé went through a lengthy explanation of how in a relationship, you have to be either the ham or the eggs. If you're the eggs, you're just involved. If you're the ham, then you're committed. This inspired George to go begging for Callie's forgiveness, telling her he was the chicken and she was the pig. Her mouth dropped. "George, did you just call me a pig?" she demanded, in shocked horror. It cracked me up...Poor George just can't win.

My other observation of the night is that McSteamy is not as McSteamy as I thought. I think he's got grey hair, and not in a sexy way like George Clooney's. And his mustache is not attractive. Meredith's definitely getting the better end of the deal with McDreamy. Plus, he's being a real ass to Alex. Now, I know Alex has a bit of a reputation of being an ass himself, but that doesn't mean he should have to be McSteamy's slave just because he wants to get into his specialty of plastic surgery. I love it that Alex is having a hard time breaking away from the gynie squad, and that he blew off one of McSteamy's stupid tasks to take part in the two-uterus surgery. Alex is so good with kids - he definitely needs to get over the plastics and get into the baby stuff. When the baby George was trying to hold still in the womb started moving too much, Alex jumped in to help by talking steady, rhyming off facts about Muhammed Ali - a proven way of calming a baby down, and it worked. It was so sweet. Have I mentioned lately that I love Alex? Did I pick him back on that "Which Doctor Would I Pick?" Blog for my boyfriend? 'Cause if I didn't, I've changed my mind. I want him.

Alright, so none of you watch this show, but I love it. I really, really love it. My apologies for going on & on, because I know you don't care. I truly am sorry.

But I just can't help it.

Have a good weekend, gang!


Stacy said...

Nice recap - Survivor was Survivor Jill - and I saw the OC on at 7 but failed to watch that. I was super tired lastnight, don't really know why. So what did you think of the snow we got lastnight Jill? When we were driving home, there was nothing until Quyon then it was like a freakin blizzard - i loved it!! I dont know if you saw in the last blog - the last comment i wrote but there was already an accident....first bit of snowfall and people forget how to drive i guess. the guy, a 57 yr old man was killed and the road was still blocked this morning when we passed. Anyways this afternoon, I'm off to Michaels and then Walmart to pick up some things. Ricky's all prepped and ready for the hunt tomorrow - he'll probably be going to the camp tonight to get the rundown and see who's there, may get into some Uncle Vic (i think is what he calls it) - which is just Rum...anyways take it easy everyone and have a wonderful weekend if I dont come back!

Sharon said...

Thanks Jill for leaving me the OC recap. First of all, I wish I would have channel surfed a little around 7:00 because the show was on at 7:00 and I didn't know. So I stayed up until 10:00 and watched the late show. I will know better for next week. Although I start aquafitness and will have to watch the late game anyways.

Okay, the OC begins 5 months after the death. It started off very dark with Ryan living in some dingy broom closet at a bar with cuts on his face. Sandy goes to visit but he skips out the window before Sandy can see him and he meets Julie at a hotel. my thoughts are that she's up to her old tricks of shagging her daughters ex boyfriends or in this case, mourning boyfriends...

Then it says 36 hours earlier... Julie is completely crazy which is understandable because she lost her daughter. Caitlin is clearly worried about her. Seth is working in a Comic Book Shop and Kirsten comes to give him another care package for Ryan. So he does and invites him to dinner. He says he will be there. But then doesn't show up.

Then we see Ryan in this scary place where men are fighting in cages. The manager of this scene points toward a guy of similar build and Ryan says no and points to this huge guy. In the cage, Ryan is getting the crap beat out of him and is actually smiling. at this poing Wayne commented on how he thinks this is how Ryan is dealing with the pain of losing Marissa, like someone who cuts themselves, he lets men beat on him

Seth comes and see him with his face all bloody and cals Summer to tell her that he's worried about Ryan.

Summer is at Brown as a hippie now and hanging around with some questionable characters. When she gets Seths urgent message. She goes back to NewPort to help. The chemistry between her and Seth is weird and it's almost like she doesn't love him anymore. They decide to have an intervention for Ryan.

Summer goes to the bar he works at and tells him that he's going to do what she says and he does. At the comic book shop. They have prepared slides of the comic book Atomic County, telling the story of how Ryan came to their family and how they miss him. This is where I lost it Jill, I was bawlling and Wayne thought I was nuts

Sandy drives Ryan back and he decides to go back home.

Now I missed the part about Julie calling Ryan. She calls Ryan and has him meet her in a motel. Turns out she's had a private investigator looking for Volchuk and he's found him and she wants Ryan to find him and do what she can't do but knows that he can and has to. He declines and leaves the hotel.

Just before going back to the Cohens, Ryan goes to Marissa's grave and meets Julie and takes the folder and says that he has to do this. He's going to kill him I know it!

Summer is supposed to meet Seth in the morning for breakfast. But after sitting in her room and thinking she saw Marissa in her room she freaks out and leaves to go back to Brown. She's not over it. She was just able to leave which made her think she had dealt with it.

Doctor Roberts is cheating on Julie and I think she will be out on her butt again in no time. He is back with his ex wife the step monster.

So that's that. I was crying for most of the episode. It's not going to be a fun season Jill like you stated. It chock full of DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!

Can't wait till next week where the scenes showed Ryan going after Volchuk... there's going to be a fight and he's going to get his face mangled some more.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recap Sharon - like i said i missed it but i understand what is going on. So Ryan is having a hard time dealing with the death of marissa ovbviously and well considering he was there and she died in his arms, i guess it would be hard. Volchuk - is that the guy that killed Marissa? i vaguely remember that last episode but i remember someone chasing them in another vehicle or something right??

Sharon said...

Volchuk ran them off the road and cuased the death of Marissa. Yes. He's also referred to as Kevin, that is his first name.

Jill said...

Thanks, Sharon, for the great re-cap! I shared many of your thoughts - when Julie called Ryan, I thought, "Oh God, she's hardly sleeping with him already! Marissa's only been dead 5 months!" It was a bit of a relief to find out that she just wants Ryan to get revenge on Volchuk.

As for the comic book thing that Seth did with the slides - dear Lord, that just got me right in the heart. Very moving. Never thought comic books could do Obviously it worked on Ryan too.

I'm a little disconnected regarding the whole end-of-Marissa thing too, as I didn't watch the second half of last season. I just thought it was a car accident, I didn't know Volchuk did it intentionally. Oh, and I hate Marissa's sister, but I do think it's funny to have Luke's younger twin brothers popping up in the storyline as her groupies.

As for Summer - I really wish her and Seth were the kooky-but-cute couple they used to be. I get the feeling her heart really isn't into all this environmental, protesting-for-chicken junk that she's into at Brown. She needs to come back home and grieve with Seth & Ryan; she needs to deal with Marissa's death.

Tell me this - if you were a parent, would you not want a kid like Seth? He just seems like the perfect son. Kirsten & Sandy did a good job with him. I felt sorry for him - he seemed kind of lost without Summer & Ryan at the start of the episode. I hope they rally around each other. I always thought the four of them - Ryan, Marissa, Seth & Summer - were the perfect team. They've lost Marissa, but I still want the rest of them to be close...

Anyways, that's just my two cents!

And Stace: I know I already talked to you on the phone about it, but yes, I loved the snow. And I can't believe it already caused an accident. A death. Jeesh, people. It's Canada. We should be used to it by now!

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