Monday, November 13, 2006

Sunday Night Rip

My apologies to the faithful readers out there for no Blog today (for those of you who actually had to work today). But would you believe the reason there was no Sunday night post was because I went on a rip? I did. I really, really did.

OK, it wasn't a true rip. But I did have 5 beers in total in a rather short span of time, which gave me a pretty good buzz, and I even drank a 50. I've never drank 50 before that I can recall.

And I was at Gavan's. On a Sunday night. I don't know if I've ever been at Gavan's on a Sunday night.

You see, some of the people I was with last night did not have work today because of Remembrance Day, so I pretended I didn't have work today, but I really did. I was glad I prentended, though, because it was fun. Until 7:00 this morning when I woke up with a mini-hangover, and I think it was well after noon before I quit burping beer. That wasn't so pleasant. I don't think I've ever burped beer at work before, either.

So my Sunday night rip brought to a close a pretty good weekend.

Friday night I watched the Sens whoop the Pittsburgh Penguins. Poor Ricky. However, I'm really not in any position to be gloating, so we'll just leave it at that.

Saturday I got a good start on my Christmas shopping in the zoo that is otherwise known as Wal-Mart in Hull. Saturday night, I visited with the Beers, and Matthew met me in the living room wearing his Leafs tuque & mitts. But I can't be mad at Matthew, 'cause he's so darned cute. It's not his fault Graham has brainwashed him. And I tried really hard not to watch the Leafs whoop the Habs, so I focussed on chatting with Sara and ignored Graham's little jabs regarding the updates they kept flashing of the Sens losing to Boston.

On Sunday, following church, my family went to the restaurant for breakfast, where Caden toddled around, impressing all the diners with his fine footwork. Then Mom, Kara & I went to a shower for Mandy, aka the future Mrs. Ralph McColgan. And I reminisced of how I once dreamed of being the future Mrs. Ralph McColgan. I then stopped in at the baby shower being held just up the road for Stacy, and then I went back to her place to look at all the gifts she received. It really made me want to get married and have a baby. Like, soon. I know I've pretty well got the word out there already, but if anyone knows any single, semi-handsome, somewhat-intelligent men out there, please send 'em my way.

A few short hours later I was sitting at Gavan's, drinking a 50 and pretending I didn't have to work today.

I'll try to do a quick re-cap of Survivor and Grey's for you guys, but I watched them so long ago I barely remember what happened.

On Survivor, Adam was hot, Candice & Jonathan bailed ship on the Watchamacallits to join up with the Studs, who then proceeded to lose both the Reward & Immunity Challenge, and Brad took the fall at TC. That leaves Adam & Nate as the only remaining Studs, but because of my recent revelation that Brad is quite possibly gay, I guess he didn't really count anyways.

Grey's was a somewhat disappointing episode, considering it had loads of potential. The men of Seattle Grace went camping, but McDreamy whined the whole time, Alex & George had a slap-fight, and Joe the bartender's boyfriend hit his head on some rocks when he got in the way of the catfight between Alex & George. Other than that, there wasn't much to write home about.

And I would really love to give you an Amazing Race re-cap, but I missed the first chunk of it last night when I stumbled in at 11:20, and then I watched the rest in a buzzed state, so details are kind of fuzzy. My boys were in first, but I don't even think it ended with a Pit Stop - one of those Keep Racing! legs.

So that about puts a wrap on the weekend rundown! Hope everyone had a good one!


Anonymous said...

holy crap, even I remember you mentioning Mr. McColgan...

Anonymous said...

How did you end up going on a rip??? oh- and did you get my money I left at your place Sunday?
Stacy- how was your shower? What did you get?

Sharon said...

Sounds like a good weekend! Mine was quite tame. Went to mom and dads on Friday night to give dad his b-day present, he turned the big 6-1 yesterday!
Then I went back to Quyon and to bed.
Saturday I froze all day at my house because it was really chili and of course still not heat. I helped Wayne milk at night because his parents went to dinner at Dan and Nancy's place. Then I went home and slept. Sunday I did much of the same. Not too much. It was cold yet again.

Today the furnace guy should be coming. Hopefully he does and by the weekend we have heat. That would be a good thing!

7th Heaven wasn't on last night and the hockey game was on a channel we don't get. Although I heard this morning they got beat 6-3... Lets hope they pummel the Sabres!


priscilla said...

I had a half-day of work yesterday, I bit the bullet and decided to get my car rustproofed. My mom came with me since I didn't want to sit in a garage with a bunch of guys all by myself. We ended up walking over to the Renfrew mall while we waited. There is only like 6 stores left in there. It only took a little over an hour, plus they washed my car when they were done. I was impressed, although it was probably full of oil. And it smelled a bit inside, but not too bad. By the time we got to the other end of town to Wal-Mart, I guess it was burning off underneath so it smelled bad, but now we're good. We bought some winter tires for my mom's car at Wal-Mart, and we went to No Frills and I got gas and we did some groceries, got a few good deals. We got back to Shawville before 5, and were supposed to visit my grandma in the hospital, but we had ice cream and it was melting. So we will visit her tonight. She is 87 and she got a hip replacement. She got up to go to the bathroom with the walker and she could go real fast like she used to when she was younger. So I think that part is going good, but she has diabetes and it was all out of whack and she has a sick stomach. I think they were supposed to do an ultrasound on her stomach, because she had infection in there one time before. I just hope she gets better and is able to use her new hip.

Sharon said...

Oh Jill, I forgot to ask, seeing as the Turf Farm was closed yesterday does that mean my garbage day will be Thursday this week?

sara said...

Hope you get heat soon Sharon- do you at least have heaters?

Sharon said...

We have 2 small heaters... but last weekend they didn't help much unless you sat in front of it and that's not too convenient when I have stuff to do. Woermke lent us a mini heater as well and it's in the kitchen.

I called Wayne and he said the guy was going to be there in an hour.

Anonymous said...


Jill said...

Hey gang -
Sorry I was a no-show in the Blogosphere today (and yesterday). More computer probs at work - not able to connect to the Net, but Tony the Techie was there this afternoon, so hopefully by tomorrow I'll back in the loop tomorrow!
Until then - keep using this thread to chat. Nothing much has happened, no shows to re-cap - but I'll be sure to get a new one up ASAP.
Kathleen: Not surprised you remember Mr. McColgan...I probably talked a lot about him back then. He's still a handsome dude, but he's got a good girl - I've moved on. hahaha...
Sara: I "ripped" with a few people involved in the "mystery", if you catch my drift. (Sorry, guys, really not supposed to talk about it). One of my fellow actors was not ready to go home once practice was over, so a few of us decided to head to Gav's. And that was how the rip happened...LOL
As for Stacy, I'm assuming she'll also be absent from Blogging this week, as she and Ricky have the week off, but I can tell you that although I was only at her shower for a bit, she got some nice stuff - more clothes, blankets, pampers, etc. - and she got her monitor.
Glad to hear everyone else had good weekends and congrats on the rust-proofing, PK!...& I hope everything goes well with your grandma.
Sharon: Mountainview wasn't closed yesterday, I just pretended it was so that I could have a little rip. Garbage pick-up is on its regular schedule. And glad to hear your finally getting some heat! Bring on the snow - enough of this rainy crap!

Jill said...

Yeah, great game all right.
I hate hockey.

Anonymous said...

was Mr McColgan the handsome early grey guy?
and as for hating hockey you should keep the faith. Remember how much the Habs sucked when we first started talking to each other in Rebecca Owen's phys ed class? Then they started to improve into the team that they are now. Even if that run of good seasons is over they still have all the right tools to start all over again without being pathetic bottom feeders. I still say a good goalie would have cured the Sens of all their ills.

priscilla said...

I forgot to mention yesterday that Foundation was cancelled on Saturday night. Melissa was out with the girls and they went to Atkinson's and she said the drummer (I guess Quentin) was still there, and he told them that John had cancelled the band because there was supposed to be a stag that night but it was cancelled. But Melissa said John knew that the stag was cancelled earlier on in the week. I don't know if they played Friday night.

Sharon said...

The Blogsphere has been DEAD all week. It normally keeps me occupied at work when I am antsy and not wanting to work.

And I just want to add GO SENS GO we wooped Buffalo!

sara said...

hi Sharon-I know what you mean about the blog, usually I miss a whole bunch of stuff but this week it hasn't been hard to keep up! I guess Jill is still having computer problems.

priscilla said...

This sucks. How did we ever live without the blog before??