Wednesday, November 01, 2006

CD Review: "Extreme Behavior" by Hinder

Alrighty, so up to this point, I've mostly been all about re-capping my favourite TV shows. But tonight that's all gonna change as I introduce you to a new feature I hope to run about once a month: Jill's CD Review.

That's right, folks. I'm not all about TV shows. I actually listen to music once in a while.

This past month I went on a bit of a CD-buying binge - in fact, I picked up 4 CDs in one day.

The big winner from that day's puchases?

That would be the 2005 10-song disc Extreme Behavior by a band called Hinder.

Pretty much everyone has heard the song "Lips of an Angel" on the radio in the past month or so. If you haven't, you've been living under a rock. It's a slow, romantic ballad with a bittersweet premise: the dude's whispering on the phone to his ex-girlfriend, and his new girlfriend's just in the next room, and it's so obvious that he still loves the ex and wants to be with her, but he's afraid to mess things up with the new girl. You know how it goes. It's an awesome song, as far as I'm concerned - definitely the biggest highlight of the entire album.

But there are other great songs. The only other track to garner any radio-play is "Get Stoned", a grungy sort of loser anthem. I like it, but it's not my favourite. After listening through the entire CD for the first time, my initial favourite after "Lips of an Angel" was a song called "Homecoming Queen". It's catchy, it's up-beat; a very radio-friendly sound, all about how the popular girl in high school didn't end up being much of a success once she hit the real world.

Then there's track #6, my current favourite, which is a slow song called "Better Than Me" with the haunting refrain: I really miss your hair in my face/ And the way your innocence tastes/ And I think you should know this/ You deserve so much better than me. I always like it when a song makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. It happens very rarely. "Fix You" by Coldplay, as I've mentioned in a previous Blog, did this to me. I can now add "Better Than Me" to the list. Plus, it's a really dramatic song to just belt out when I'm driving alone in the Rav.

Overall, it's one of my favourite CDs of the past year, and it firmly cemented me as a fan of Hinder. They're a band that looks like Fallout Boy but sounds more like Default. Edgy rock, a lot of anger, a lot of regret, a lot of begging for forgiveness. Lead singer Austin Winkler is all about the raw vocals that crawl in under your skin and make you think & feel. Visually, he's not so appealing - not a bad-looking dude, but his hand movements in the video for "Lips of an Angel" annoy the hell out of me. Other than that, I have no complaints. Guitar-heavy alt-rock with catchy melodies and choruses that encourage singing along. This one comes highly recommended by me!

Pick it up if you like: Default, Nickelback, Theory of a Deadman, 3 Doors Down

Instant Hits: "Lips of an Angel", "Get Stoned"

Skip-able Tracks: "How Long", "Room 21", "Shoulda"

Jill's Picks: "By the Way", "Bliss (I Don't Wanna Know)", "Better Than Me", "Homecoming Queen"

Rating: 3.75/5


Anonymous said...

I must have been living under a rock.

Sharon said...

Wow Jill, awesome CD review. I haven't CD shopping in a LONG time. I know that I am missing out. Someday I will catch up again.

Last night on Top Model it was a recap of the previous shows. Not too interested in seeing things I have already seen, so I opted to watch Gilmore Girls.

Tonight is Survivor and the Season Premier of the 4th season of the OC! And the OC is on at 9:00 So I am going to have to stay up late to watch it. I will be sleep tomorrow. Ah well, it's one day a week. It's worth it!

sara said...

hi guys

So I am trying to catch up on all the comments I've missed! Sounds liek you all had a good halloween! It was quiet in Norway bay this year too.
I went xmas shopping yesterday as I ended up having the day off work, which was fine with me. We only had 6 kids so I didn't need to be there, and as some of you know last wednesday with lise was not that fun!
I am feeling so good that I have a head start on my shopping.
Jill- to comment on the cd review-maybe I would like to burn a copy of it sometime! I love Lips of an angel.
Have a good day!

Stacy said...

Nice CD Review - i have this cd, i bought it a while back now because I liked the song Lips of an Angel but i really haven't listened to the rest of the CD cuz its not really Ricky's choice of music. I'll have to listen to it now. America's Next Top Model - like Sharon said was a recap so that was boring. Ricky and I went and spent the "baby fund" money and ended up buying a nice CANON Powershot A540 Digital Camera and a dresser to match the crib - so now we're all set. The camera we figured would be a great investment for the baby as well as ourselves as Ricky is using it this weekend for the deer hunt (he seems to think he's going to get one on Opening Day).
Jill - you'll have to come over and see the dresser - Sara - you havent seen the crib yet so come on over too sometime.
Well i'll check in later!
Have a great day

Priscilla said...

I've been thinking of getting my car rustproofed. Has anyone ever gotten their vehicle done before? This is supposed to be the no-drip kind, but somebody told me it is still messy and it's hard to clean off your car when you wash it. It's $100, and I'm still debating whether or not I should get it done. You see older cars all the time that have no rust because they've been rustproofed every year, so I think it would probably be a good investment even if it is messy stuff.

Jill said...

Kathleen: Yes, you must have been living under a rock, or just not listening to radio. Or maybe Hinder isn't as big in Montreal as they are in Ottawa. You probably wouldn't like 'em anyways. But I'll leave that for you to decide!

Sharon: I'm debating on whether or not to tune back in to the O.C. this year or not. Thursday nights are already so jammed with Survivor & Grey's. I quit watching the O.C. about mid-year last year, after Johnny died - I'd even forgotten that Marissa was killed off (heard it from Tiff & Britt last spring). I've read that they're planning on restoring the show to more humour, less drama thouh, so I might have to check it out again!

Sara: You can definitely burn the CD...And any others you want! You should come check out my CD library again someday. And I'm glad you're happy to be well into your Christmas shopping. I'm soooo not. Better get going soon, though, eh!

Stacy: Glad to hear you guys got the camera! I think it was very smart to invest the baby fund in it; if you're anything like me, you'll take ZILLIONS of pictures. And maybe I'll stop in on Saturday to check out the new baby furniture. I'm sure you'll be lonely without Ricky all day...LOL!

PK: I have no idea about rustproof stuff, but I'll ask my dad tonight and see what he thinks. He's the one in charge of grooming the cars! haha!

And now I think I've addressed you all...Have a lovely day!

Sharon said...

Hey Jill, Well I will recap for you the season premiere tomorrow.

Priscilla, I have never rust proofed my car, but I haveheard of people who go to their local mecanic who usually have bins of old oil... and thye put the car on the hoist and paint the underneath with the old oil which is basically what rust proofing is and it's so much cheaper! And it wouldn't be as messy because it would be painted only on the underneath. Something to look into.

I have started my Christmas shopping and will continue this weekend. My goal is to be done on November 25 when I will pick up the last present *wink wink* Jill! LOL

Stacy said...

I am not impressed - i just wrote a humungous note and it wouldnt process....
Priscilla - my grandfather rustproofed his car every year and when he gave it to me, there was no rust so apparently its a good investment. i know they offer it on new cars too.
Sara - glad to hear your doing christmas shopping - i have ideas in my head, thats about all though. That is a good start though, that way i can go into a store and get it (or order it). I want to get most of it done early enough cuz i dont want to be waddling through crowds come December, that just drives me.
Jill - you can come over anytime and see the room - hopefully the dresser will be moved upstairs in her room. Friday night if im bored, i'll probably paint my letters and put them up on the wall - so her room is sorta coming along. I want to get the Winnie the Pooh decals to stick to the walls but i havent found them, so if anyone knows where i can get them, let me know.
The OC - i dont know, i watched the first season but then just caught episodes of the other 2 seasons...i did however see the finale of season 3 when marissa was killed (i think that was the finale) anyways, can;t wait for the recap.

Jill and Sara - i was thinking, any word yet on the Christmas House Tours?? Probably too early yet eh - i just want to reserve my spot, i enjoyed that last year, so let me know and we'll go again.

Well take care - hope you're all having a wonderful day!

Jill said...

I've been meaning to tell you guys about it for weeks now and I keep forgetting! The house tour is being held Monday, Dec. 11th. I'm not sure how much tickets are - probably $10. The houses this year are Lorne Brady's, Bill & Sue Hamilton's, Dave & Joey-Lou Baker's, and Rick & Monique Lavigne's. And of course, the church will be last stop for refreshments. If anyone would like to purchase tickets, please let me know - they'll be available in the very near future! (Stace - your spot is reserved!)

Jill said...

Oh, and I'll ask Kara where she got the decals for Caden's room. And I'll definitely stop by Saturday to see the room. I think Sara mentioned that she's minus Graham on Saturday so maybe she can come with me to visit.

Stacy said...

No problemo and thanks for the update on the Christmas House Tours, can't wait!
For sure, Sara come on over too - i guess Graham is going to the cabin with the guys hunting - i dont think he hunts though does he??
Jill - i was looking at the Loblaws flyer for Hull (by the Walmart) and you should see the Scrapbooking stuff they have there. I'm sure you have a lot but there is so much there, and also that dollar store by the Walmart, stickers GALORE - even Curious George...haha

I just wanted to say HELLO to our "secret reader of the blog" - she never writes and just tuned in this week to take a look at things and thought it was quite neat....HELLO HOLLIE LEACH

sara said...

Well I don't know anything about rustproofing, my car is too old to worry about that, so I can't help you there PK. But I'm sure it's better than not doing it.
Jill, I for sure want to do the xmas house tours. My dad will flip when he hears this cause I always come home wanting to put up more decorations. Stacy and Jill- I am minus Graham on Saturday because he is going to his dad's shop to change the oil in his car and hopefully mine too. And then he will proabably stick around and help his dad (that's what usually happens!)So I don't plan on being at Ron's Auto Repair all day, so maybe I will come check out the baby's room.
Hope everyoen is having a dandy day! I am having a great one cause we're minus a certain child in this room today!!! (some of you know who I mean!)

Jill said...

HELLO HOLLIE LEACH and to all my other "secret readers" - I know there's a few more of you out there!
Sara: On Saturday, let me know if & when you're going to see the baby's room and I'll go with you.
Talk to ya'll later!

Stacy said...

Nice to hear that you're having a good day - i told Ricky this morning on the way into work that your kids will probably be wired from candy from
Just give me a call Saturday - make sure I'm home - i dont know where else i'll be because Saturdays, i usually just put around and clean, do laundry - lately, i've been making give me a ring and come whatever time you like!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah I only have been turning on my radio to listen to Habs (and Expos games before they got stolen away) for the last four yeah I've been living under a rock with the Ramones, the Hold Steady, Bruce Springsteen, Green Day and Johnny Cash etc...I kinda like my rock, it well, it rocks.

Jill said...

That's great that your rock rocks. Keep on rockin'.
Stacy: Kara got the decals for Caden's room from Canadian Tire last summer.
New Blog on the way...Just gotta find a few minutes this morning to get it up!

Stacy said...

Can you believe the snow!!! I know its not a lot but enough to have the highway already closed this morning in Luskville from an accident that involved slippy roads this morning at like 1:30 AM - killing the 57 yr old man. Waiting for the new blog - Survivor - Grey's Anatomy Recap