Friday, November 24, 2006

"It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas"

My Christmas season has officially begun, folks!

Today is the Mountainview Christmas Party, being held this evening at Pine Lodge. Which means that today, I can start singing Christmas Carols! You see, I made a pact with a few of the guys here in the office after Halloween. They caught me singing "It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas", and I got the feeling that if I kept it up, they'd all be swinging from the ceiling fans by rope before too long. Now, I love the guys here, so I really wouldn't want them to get suicidal over me humming a few little holiday favourites.

That's when we made the pact.

No singing Christmas Carols until the Christmas Party.

And now that day is finally - FINALLY- here!!

Of course, they've already tried to convince me that I can't start singing until I'm actually at the party, but I beg to differ. I don't care if I'm not at Pine Lodge yet. Today is the Christmas Party, and I reserve the right to serenade them all damn day if I feel like it.

I swung through the doors this morning singing "Walking in a Winter Wonderland", and since then I've given renditions of "White Christmas", "Jingle Bell Rock", "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", and "Santa Claus is Coming to Town". Strangely enough, Pat, Wayne, and Jared have all disappeared from the office. They haven't joined in the merriment. They still may be swinging from the ceiling fans by this afternoon. I really thought that if I sang loud enough, if I oozed enough holiday spirit, that it might warm the cockles of their hearts and put them in a Christmassy mood.

No luck so far. But I hope that by 11 PM tonight, they're all belting out "Jingle Bells" at the top of their lungs. If I have one goal today, it's to turn this bunch of Scrooges into Christmas Carol Singers Extraordinaire!

PS - As many of you know, tomorrow night is "The Big Show". For those of you who will be in attendance - I hope we don't disappoint! Wish me luck!


Sharon said...

Hey Jill,

Well I tend to sing Christmas songs when I am wrapping or shopping for gifts. I know... typical... other than that I think I would just sounds crazy... but every once in a while when I am doing a whole bunch fo things I will hum the tune that plays on home alone... it's not really a song more of a melody and the faster I go the faster I hum. Yes, just call me crazy.

The council grated our roads FINALLY! All thanks to me AND I will be getting my car repaired next Thursday! Coolness Beans.

And if I am not talking to you, good luck with the big show tomorrow night. I am sure you will do GREAT!

Jill said...

Hi Sharon,
I'm so glad someone finally left a comment. I'm having a very, very long day...The office is extremely quiet, and I'm all wound up about the Christmas Party and tomorrow night, and the Blog is not offering much of a distraction today!!

By the way - the song you've mentioned from Home Alone - I don't know what it's called, but it's by the Trans Siberian Orchestra - they play it on the Bear all the time at Xmas...good instrumental song!

Congrats on the road getting graded. It's a constant problem here on the 5th - oftentimes, just like a washboard. And as I mentioned before, the potholes at the end of Stanton Road in front of Randy & Patti's are absolutely ridiculous. But I guess roads in this municipality are always a problem, and there's not much chance of that changing anytime soon. *sigh*

Hope you're having a good day!

Stacy said...

Sorry the blog isnt too interesting this morning Jill - but i have to let you know that I'm in the Christmas spirit, just swing by my house - it's all decorated (inside anyways, still havent got the outside lights up) but Ricky and I put the decorations up lastnight and set up our pittiful looking tree - and well for Christmas Carols, like i said, ive been singing them for weeks now every day at work listening to cd's - Ricky and I have listened to some in the car too....
I'll be at the big show tomorrow night but i'll wish you luck anyways, but you will do fine!!!

Jill said...

Glad to hear you're in the Xmas spirit too, Stace! Does anyone know if there's going to be a radio station in Ottawa this year devoted entirely to Xmas music? I know a few years ago it was Majic, and one other year it was Y101...I guess Majic will play a lot of Christmas songs anyways, even if it's not exclusively holiday tunes. I'm just feeling so festive today.

I'll give you a call tomorrow to arrange our plans for saving tables. I'm meeting the rest of the cast for drinks at 5, so I'll be able to sit with you at the hall until then. There might be a bit of time in there when you'll be alone, but Sara said she'd try to get there by 5:30 at the latest. Anyways, I'll be talking to you about that tomorrow! And thanks for the luck...I could almost puke just thinking about it right now! I know the jitters will go away after the intro, but right now, I'm sooooooo nervous.

Stacy said...

Dont be nervous- last year you had reason to be - it was your first but this time you should be able to just breeze right through it. Alright, well Ricky and I have to go to Colounge tomorrow morning for a brunch at 11 but then after that we'll be home and i dont mind if there is time that i'm alone, i think there was time last year too that i was alone sitting there...i dont want to leave Sara though, so I'll probably be ready and then just wait and Graham and Ricky can come over together. I dont care what time we go down though - what time does the doors open? like 4ish i guess???
i dont know what station is playing Christmas music, havent heard anything on Magic about them starting to play christmas music - i think it didnt work those years that they started that - but they do play christmas songs throughout the day!! I just want the list with all the TV shows and movies for the holiday season - i know you could always get it from the Ottawa Citizen, but i dont know how you get them now with the dish and stuff - last year i think i did some work and went and looked through the websites of the individual stations - however, with the dish, you have a guide so you can see what is on i suppose - i just like knowing in advance!

priscilla said...

Well don't forget about Chad and me - we will be arriving sometime in there. I don't think he has to go to his brother's house now, but he told Woermke he might bring him a load of firewood when we go down. I just hope my hair doesn't take too long.

Jill said...

OK...Now we're talking about tomorrow, and that's making me even more nervous. I know I'll be fine once I'm there and it's happening. I'm ready. I'm SOOOO ready. We were just discussing it last night, how if we were to practice for one more week, we'd be ready to kill each other. We're in the zone. But that doesn't mean I'm not nervous.

I think we should go down tomorrow for 4, Stacy. Barb said to be there at a quarter to, but I think that's kind of ridiculous. As long as you guys are about halfway down the hall, you'll have good seats. It's the ones at the back that tend to get loud and rowdy. Anyways, I'll sit with you til 5, and PK and Sara will get there when they get there! PK - Don't forget to stop in for your tickets, which I will definitely be leaving on the ledge. And Sara, if you happen to read this, I'll try not to forget to drop yours off tonight!

Oh boy...I'm so friggin' hyper right now...

priscilla said...

Would you like me to leave the money on the ledge, or would you be afraid of getting robbed? Or I could just give it to you after. I think last year you were still at home and I paid you then.

stacy said...

sorry PK - i forgot - thats right, you will be there, but i may just stay down anyways, we'll see what time i get back from the brunch and stuff and have a little nap and see if i have time to get ready for 4?
so at our table, there will be 6 of us - they usually fit 8 so we may have extra people sitting with us
unless Terry and Hollie decide to sit with us - it was mentioned before but i dont know what the decision was....anyways we'll see tomorrow - and RELAX JILL

Jill said...

PK - Just bring the money to the hall, you can pay me after.
Stace - Hope you're ready by 4. If not, I'll go ahead down and save your table and you can get there whenever. Anyways, call me when you get home from your brunch.

Anonymous said...

living in Montreal without a modern country station (THANK GOD) made me forget about the existence of Y105. I remember one time I was playing playstation or something with that quiet Sarah girl from first year and we were listening to the radio and I switched it to that station and blared it and said lets see how long we can keep this on without one of us changing it. both of us were reaching for the dial after about 28 seconds. Thank you for reminding me.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

wow Jill now your blog is getting spammed...

Jill said...

Hey Kathleen - don't be hatin' on Y101...I mean, any station where you can get Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, and Tim McGraw all at one spot - that's a whole heck of a lot of sexiness!
And I remember that Sarah girl - she was in our Badminton class wasn't she? Sarah Dykeman. Or Dykehouse. Dyke something, I remember that.
Stupid blog spammers - there must be a way to stop that. I've had a few, I just keep deleting 'em!

Anonymous said...

If you want sexiness go do a google image search on them. Keith Urban is the man with lady hair isn't he? yucky.
yeah Dykeman. She told me she hated her name and wished she could change it.