Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Computer-Free Holiday

Did you guys know that computers suck??

I know, that might seem strange, coming from me, your friendly neighbourhood Blogger. But a computer really is like a man - can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. And that really ticks me off.

This morning, I got up all bright'n'early to head in to work, and upon my arrival, I was met with the news that our Simply Accounting upgrade had essentially backfired. So until Jared could find time to figure out how to fix it, my computer was useless to me. Which is basically like telling me that there's nothing to do. So I got to come home.

Had it been a few months ago, it would have been busy enough around the farm for me to just answer phones and keep myself occupied with manual work. But this time of the year, the phone isn't exactly ringing off the hook, and I keep my basket basically empty at all times, so hence the unexpected holiday.

I've been up to Curves already, and I've spent the last two hours trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my day. Go Christmas shopping? But I still don't know what I'm getting for the rest of the people on my list. Scrapbooking? But I'm not in the mood. Go visit Caden, who is at home sick with my mom for the day? Ah, now there is good idea!

So have fun at work or at school, wherever you may be. And try not to think of me on my computer-free holiday!


Sharon said...

JILL I am so Jealous! Here at my work when your computer doesn't work you have to use someone elses who isn't in the office that day or do something. Never do they willingly send you home. They hate it when you call in sick here. It's a damn prison sometimes.

I am just taking care of some holiday business as Carole is away with a Migraine, things are pretty relaxed. I have sorted pictures and added them to cards for my friends and family. I have made a list of people who I still have to buy cards for. I went with the homemade kits for my cards this year but ended up with only 30 and need about or should I say exactly 11 more cards plus a bundle of 20 for staff here at work. Can you believe how perfect that is, there are exactly 20. Well 21 but me and Kina are buddies so I will buy her a nice card. Then I will get a few bon bons to add to the card and that's it. Last year I went all out and made every one 2 of my famous chocolate chip cookies. It was time consuming and a pain in the hiny to wrap, so this year there will be no more baking than needed *I will have to bake for the cookie exchange

Last night I worked on my flannel quilt. I need probably another good full weekend and I could be done. Seeing as I don't have a full weekend coming up anytime soon it will have to be partial weekend.

This weekend I am going to finish Christmas Shopping and start baking for the cookie exchange. I am quite tempted to take a day off work to do the rest of my cookie exchange baking as next saturday I am going to my moms xmas party with her where there will be an open bar and I may be slightly under the weather that following sunday. I would also like to surprise Wayne one day by setting up the tree... but there just doesn't seem to be enough time at all... so perhaps a day off to bake would be good... I could actually have it on the day that Jean Marc will fix my car, which reminds me, I am going to call the council to complain about the state of our roads in South Onslow. It's a disaster! Well I jsut called and she was a total idiot. They have paved the Murray and Proven lines but not Westbrook, steele or Wilson Roads and she was like we will send someone to see... well if that's what it takes I will call more often then. Anyways, she sounded like a dumbass! I'll put a call in give me a break, cars are falling apart from travelling on those roads... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Anyways, that's about all I have AquaFit and Top Model tonight, not to mentions the SENS are playing as well. Busy busy busy!

Bye for now!

Stacy said...

I'm in the same boat as Sharon, my computer breaks, it takes them only about 5 mins to get it up and running again, I guess with an IT staff on hand, they can do that, not like at Mountainview. At least its a nice and sunny day Jill. I'm almost done my christmas shopping - the stuff i have left i know exactly what i'm getting. I bought my gift for the gift exchange party that we're having - actually i bought two because a certain somebody (Ricky) decided to keep my ornament from Hallmark (**the singing snowman and penguins) - anyways thats all for now!

Sharon said...

Yeah I only have 2 more items to buy as well. One of them I can't buy until Saturday because they aren't released until then. The other is just in the same area as the first so it's just convenient to wait.

I can't wait to have everything wrapped! I am going to surprise Wayne and put up the tree sometime after he has taken out his chop saw... then there will be room for the tree. So I will put it up while he's working some day.

At least its noon and the day is more than 1/2 over.

Anonymous said...

what is scrapbooking?

Jill said...

I'm sure you're just kidding about "what is scrapbooking?" but if you really don't know, please check the link that says "Creative Memories". A wonderful pastime!