Monday, November 20, 2006

Double-Elimination Night, Baby!

I've been falling a bit behind in my re-caps, but I was finally able to watch last week's episode of Survivor yesterday afternoon, so here are my thoughts on what's shaking out on Treasure Island (or whatever the heck it's called).

At the Hot Young Stud camp, Jonathan was trying to prove his worth after narrowly escaping eviction at the last TC. His new tribemates were not as welcoming as he had hoped they would be following his mutinous flop to the other side, so he spent some serious time fishing and taking care of the dirty work around camp. They seemed very grateful for the provisions; however, I get the feeling ol' Johnny boy just doesn't fit in there - perhaps because he never has, nor ever will be, a Hot Young Stud.

At the Reward Challenge, the two tribes were given co-ordinates, then they had to find those co-ordinates on a big compass thingy on the beach. At the appropriate spot, they were to dig up chests containing nautical flags that matched up to a code they were all previously made familiare with to spell the word Victory. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, not for the Studs. Jonathan was working with Becky (I think), and Adam was working with Candice. Adam and Candice sat and whined over the way Jonathan and Becky were digging, but when it was their turn, they sure didn't do much better. Then Jonathan and Becky whined about the way Adam and Candice were digging. They didn't even come close - the Whatchamacallits took it in a landslide.

So then the Whatchamas got to go to some big traditional native feast, where the locals boogied around and shouted and they all wore costumes that made them look like big bunches of bananas. They all had a few laughs when two very large native women sandwiched Yul between them and grinded against him. I just thought it was disturbing.

Meanwhile Candice was crying on Exile Island because she's mad the people she likes keep sending her away. like them? Really? That's why you bailed on them? Gimme a break, girlie. The only reason your pissed is 'cause you miss Adam's hotness. Paws off.

Bring on the next challenge, this time for Immunity. Jeff presented a tiny little bottle with an eensy-weensy scroll inside, and said the losing tribe would receive his little gift, but would have to keep it sealed until they got to TC, where they would open it after the vote.

The challenge was another one of those swim-then-solve-the-puzzle competitions. I've come to the conclusion that the Studs might as well not even show up for these ones, with Ozzy the Otter on the Whatchamacallit side - they don't stand a chance against him. The dude is seriously part jungle-animal, part deep-sea-fish or something.

So the Studs lost again. Surprise, surprise. Off to TC we go again. After deciding she offered nothing around camp or in the challenges, the group cut ties with Rebecca. So no more boobie shows for the boys. Such a shame.

Then Jeff finally let "Poverty" crack into the little mystery bottle. And guess what folks? DOUBLE-ELIMINATION NIGHT! I was sure Jonathan's ass would be on the line this time, but apparently Adam had spread the word well enough prior to TC that he had Becky next on his pecking order, and Candice, Jonathan, and "Poverty" sided with him. One has to wonder where that now leaves Nate in the tribe. Should be interesting to see his colourful reaction to what went down this past week - we all know Nate will have one!

Stay tuned next week as things heat up between Adam & Candice. Barf.


sara said...

hi Everyone!

Jill- I don't know where you get time to blog! After we got off the phone I was in bed sleeping. I'm such an old lady.
Hope everyone has a nice day- enjoy the sunshine while we have some.

Jill said...

Hey Sara!
I actually did the Blog before I talked to you last night. By the time the hockey game was over, I was dead to the world...but YAY! Sens WON!! Two in a row...that's, like, practically unheard of this season!!
Hope everyone is having a great day!

Sharon said...

Well Jill, that was a good recap of Survivor. I am glad that Yul's team is really putting it to Adams team. They were so cocky and who's winning huh! Who's winning now?!?!?

Sara I know what you mean, 9:00 comes and it's pillow time for Sharon. And I fall asleep right away! It's CRAZY! I had a good sleep last night too because I did AquaFit and I really worked hard. So I was sleepy by the time I got home. I had a Bagelwich *Jill have you tried it yet and some clementines.

I was supposed to meet Todd for supper tonight because I haven't seen that crazy person since the wedding. But he hasn't called me back. If I don't go to supper I will just go home and stop in at Jean Marc's to get him to tell me what is wrong with my car. Wayne things it's a strut tower... and apparently my muffler is bobbing as well... All I can tell you is that it's due to the flippin roads along the mountain. And the coucil will be getting a bill! You can't even swerve away from pot holes because they are every where! Just pave the damn roads already, it would save them having to grade them... oh but wait... they don't even do that!

Sorry... I am a little ranty lol

Wow forgot to post this about an hour ago... here goes!

Sharon said...

Ah yes, go SENS go. I was switching between LIVE and AM1200 listening to the game and in the first 3 minutes we had a 2-0 lead! WOOHOO!!!!!

Stacy said...

still getting back to the swing of things after being off for a week and i do not check the blog first thing in the morning now....
nothing exciting going on this way - except for a sore back, i wish madyson would come out already...Ricky and i had a date lastnight (haha - we went to St Huberts for supper) then home to play Chip Bingo. I was in bed early - i did watch 7th Heaven actually but i was sorta lost. Surprised to see that Sharon had no recap - i guess you didnt watch it lastnight. Anyways, as sara said, Enjoy the Sunshine - its like this all week i think and i'm sitting here listening to Christmas Music in my earphones and can't wait to put up the christmas tree. This weekend I was thinking of it but we have a packed weekend this coming weekend so - may have to wait - or maybe Friday night...we'll see!

Jill said...

Sharon: Still haven't tried the Bagelwich - I'll have to do so, though! I'll let you know when I try it!
PS - When you're trying to get your roads paved, let 'em know to do the 5th concession too...BRUTAL. Oh, and the end of Stanton Road. Someone's going to get killed there the holes are so deep.
Stace: Better not hope for Madyson to come out just yet!! lol...Still too soon! Are you going to be home tonight? I thought I'd stop in for a little visit before "practice", which is at 8 - so probably around 7. I want to see the stuff you got at Enjo's shower!
Anyways, I'll check in later!

Priscilla said...

Just wait until you're in labour Stacy, then you would wish she would just stay in there!

Sharon said...

I did watch 7th Heaven... everyone knows about the Rev's enlarged heart which is basically going to cause him to die. So Him and the Annie go to Scottland to bring Ruthy home because he wants to be with him family... Ruthy is a little bitch because she's saying that they are ruining her life for pulling her out of the place she wants to be just because her dad is having heart problems... sorry but I think she's a little bit spoiled.

Lucie was taking care of he boys. The T-Bone guy wants to get emancipated from his mom and the two girls, 1 is married to an army man and the other doesn't talk much because her dad used to beat her mom for saying stupid things, so she's scared to get beat up but wants to be come a teachers. T-Bone and these 2 girls are the Camdens latest foster kids... well kind of sort of... they just kind of popped up so I am not sure what will happen with them. not much happened in the episode, I assume things will spice up once Ruthy gets home and maybe see Martin... wouldn't have be fun. And then he started liking Ruthy again! We shall see!

sara said...

hi again

I want to come see your stuff from your showers sometime Stacy. Maybe I'll get a chance Saturday or something.
I'm so happy there is no school Thursday, not that I get the day off but I'd rather be at Tara's than school. We even changed around the menu yesterday so that Thursday isn't tuna for lunch..(just for me!)
Oh PK- I don't know how you handled seeing strippers at the GNR concert.Just hearing about it makes me sick. You're a good sport.
Well I'm off to see Amy tonight as I haven't been to her place in awhile, and last time I was I stayed for maybe 30 minutes.
Glad to hear that you and Ricky had a date Stacy- hopefully you guys still go on dates when Madyson's here so we can babysit. (for free of course!).
Sharon- do you and Wayne have heat and hot water yet? It's pretty chilly out today!
talk to you all later.

priscilla said...

Sara- tell Amy I said happy belated birthday!!

Sharon said...

Yes I finally have heat and hot water is back. I am so happy. It was kind of a fluke incident. I think it was because the Furnace guy was turning all the power off in the house to hook up the furnace... anyways all is good and we are warm. Thank gawd, it's getting QUITE chilly out.

Jill said...

Sara: Tell Amy I said happy belated too!!...

By the way - I don't think anyone noticed, but I was wrong in my Survivor Re-cap with one of the names. The girl I referred to as Becky all the way through was actually Jenny. Becky's still safe & sound with the Whatchamas...Not that anyone cares, just thought I'd clarify!

Stacy said...

Dont see a blog started this morning - nice and sunny today - Sara of course you can come and see the stuff - this weekend is Connie's shower and then after that I believe that is it so i will have everything and i can go out and get the stuff that i still need. I need to go out and get some bottles to have on hand - but i want to get those myself anyways, i want the Playtex nurser ones....anyways other than that, nothing new and exciting. Back is still sore and PK you are right, I will be saying go back in when I am in labour...i'm hoping it will be nice and quick...haha what are the odds eh? Oh well - anyways check in later, maybe blog will be updated!