Monday, November 20, 2006

Friday Night Poker

Good morning, gang!

Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was quite entertaining. The big highlight was learning to play Poker on Friday night. Well, sort of. I'm not very good at it, and I lost $10, but it seemed like a game I could get good at if I didn't have to fork out cash everytime I wanted to get some practice in.

My fellow card players, all who had played before, ran a few practice hands with me before we had to dig into our pockets, so I was grateful for that. And once we started playing for money, I just figured I'd fold every time unless I had a "sure thing". However, after observing the rest of the group and the plays they were making persuaded me a little more gutsy, and I even tried bluffing. (Once, I was bluffing and I didn't even know it. I was going for a "small straight". Apparently that doesn't count unless it's in Yahtzee. But it worked. I won that hand.) I wasn't all that smart about it, though, and I was the first one out, naturally. That forced me into the role of Dealer. At least, until someone else went out, than I was demoted to Beer Bitch.

So the next day, I asked baby brother Lukey if only two people could play Poker. He said, yeah, certainly, why not? So I asked him what one would do if one had no Poker chips. He informed me that one cannot play without Poker chips. I asked him if, perhaps, I hacked into my piggy bank and used quarters, would that suffice? He said no. I think he could tell where this was heading. But I asked anyways: Please, Luke, if I figure out a way to play without chips, would you help me practice?

His reply?

"I only play Poker for money."

Yep, that's exactly what he said. As if he was some kind of high-roller or something. Some kind of Poker Master. Of course, he was the one who pocketed the pot on Friday night, and nevermind that he owes me $40 - he wouldn't fork it over.

But above all, he neglected his God-given duty to be a kind & supportive brother and help me learn to play.

But ya know what? There are other ways to learn how to play Poker. And I'm gonna figure 'em out. And before you know it, I'm going to be taking that money back from right underneath his nose.

If it's the last thing I do, I'm going to get good at Poker.

And my message to brother Luke is this: Keep yer head up, buddy.


priscilla said...

Morning Jill. GNR was awesome. Yeah I know it wasn't the 'real' band, but I saw Slash before in Slash's Snakepit when they opened for AC/DC, and I've also seen Velvet Revolver, so Slash again and the rest of them. Dizzy Reed was with the new GNR, he had his own piano solo. It was a pretty good show, and it was a very very late night. Oh, and I saw Stephanie Brown security guarding. It did start after 8 with a band called Guy Mannequin I think, then the Suicide Girls came on and stripped for us for 45 minutes. It was gross, but of course the guys were all in heaven. The music they were dancing to was good though, and one girl came out dancing to a Led Zeppelin song and she had a hoola hoop which she was doing some pretty cool things with, and then she took her top off and that turned me off right there. I knew they were done when they got the chocolate syrup out and squirted themselves with it, I figured they must be done because they were all dirty. And one girl licked it off the chest of another. Then it was Sebastian Bach's turn, he was good even though I don't know any of his or Skid Row's songs. But then he called us Toronto and he didn't know why everyone was booing him. At one point Bubbles and Ricky and Julien walked on stage. Bubbles had his guitar and they played a Rush song together. Ricky and Julien just kind of stood around and drank. Then Bubbles played a song by himself, one that he said he plays at the Legion in Sunnyvale. Then Guns n' Roses came on at midnight. My only complaint was that the music was too loud for his microphone, you couldn't really hear the singing. And they did a lot of the old songs, and some new ones which were pretty good. They did an encore and when he was finished Axl threw the microphone into the crowd and it landed only 2 rows in front of us!!! I was ready to jump over the seats, but some girl got it after it hit her boyfriend in the arm. When they were finished it was about 20 after 2, but surprisingly we got out of the parking lot in less than 5 minutes. Then we had to go back into Hull and pick up my car, and we got back to Otter Lake at 10 after 4. Then my mom woke me up at 10:30 because we were having a funeral at church and I had to help with the lunch at the hall. By the end of the afternoon I was pretty tired, but I managed to stay awake through all the UFC fights, just to see Matt Hughes lose. We went shopping in Pembroke yesterday, I ended up buying myself stuff instead of xmas shopping for others. But I did buy the gift for the pot-luck. So anyways, that was my weekend.

Jill said...

Hey PK - Sounds like it was a blast! I was talking to Lynn Kearns, she was there - she thought it was an awesome show, she didn't even mind the strippers, but I think that probably would have been a bit too much for me. But as you said, I'm sure the dudes were loving it.
I didn't mention it in the main page of the blog, but I had a great time last night on another mini-Sunday night rip. After "practice", a few of us sat around and had a few drinks and someone happened to have a guitar, so it was great - I got to play a few songs. We had a really good time. Anyways - other than that, not much else happened. I babysat Caden Saturday AM but he was sick, so he was pretty quiet. Saturday night I was at Gav's for a bit, but it was dead, and then yesterday was church, restaurant, and Caden & I had a nap together. It was so cute - I was lying on the couch and he just toddled over and put his arms up, so I snuggled him in beside me and he fell asleep.
And that was about it for my weekend! I missed Amazing Race, so if anyone happened to see it, could you fill me in?

Stacy said...

Well its been so long since i was able to blog, Ricky and I were off last week but we're back to work now. First off - before i forget - Jill - stop and get your money this week sometime, i totally forgot to give it to you this weekend. Second - the christmas hour tours, what time does that start cuz i forgot, I have a doctors appointment that night at like 6:20 i think - it's only 5 mins but then come home from shawville, I may have to skip it this year.
Amazing Race was of course a continuation of last week's when the leg didnt end - anyways the CHO Bros said goodbye - James and Tyler were first, followed closely by the Beauty Queens, then Rob and Kimberly, who again had some car trouble then the annoying black mama's (bama girls i guess) came in 4th. They're gone next, i hope anyways. Tonight is BINGO night...yeah!! Had another shower this past weekend, it was at Enjo's - nice and small with 5 people but got some nice stuff, i got a Winnie the Pooh Jungle Gym thingy that is attached by the stuffed animals and later on they can just be used for toys, very cute - i got some burp pads finally - i got the screens for the sun for the car windows....i got a set of Mr, Mrs and Baby Potato Head....outfits, bibs, rattles, chew toys that was my weekend, oh and my brother got his doe at the last minute Saturday afternoon. They say its a nice size...i'll believe them...the whole way to campbells bay to register is, i was looking in the back of the truck asking all these questions about the poor deer...anyways the hunt is FINALLY over for another year - hopefully the talking will stop - hint hint Ricky!!
Anyways going out to to ya's soon

Anonymous said...

Jill, I can't believe you didn't mention the Sens beating the Sabres again. Hopefully soon the Leafs will drop off the planet and it will be the Habs and the Sens chasing the Sabres.
So on Saturday afternoon I got home from work and I was so tired I just took a nap. It turned out to be a three hour nap and the phone woke me up three hours later and I thought it was the middle of the night. anyway, on the other end was this Pakistani voice ( I almost wrote Paki but did not want to offend your middle eastern readers) that was just saying "hello, hello, hello, hello, hello" like over and over again. I just hung up and then they called back right away and started saying where is 2605, and I said this is 2615 so you're warm. So he said but where is 2605 and I said "I don't know, why don't you call someone else and ask them?" and I hung up. Then I realized it wasn't the middle of the night and that person had been calling me from the front door buzzer and I was in the basement. I reassured myself by saying it was probably just a pizza delivery guy. It was weird, though.
Last night I went out to McKibbons to watch the Grey Cup with a friend. It was dead so we went over to Crescent and looked around for a crowded bar and decided on Winston Churchill's because there was a 2 for 1 on Rickards. I think I drank 4. Anyway I was so mad about the game it wasn't funny. B.C was so arrogant and the officiating was dreadful. Not to mention that the CBC continues its uncalled for hatred of Montreal. I mean I hate a lot of stuff about Montreal and Quebec but there's a lot to love. Jealousy is a horrible affliction, I think. Just wait till the Habs rise to the top again, fuckers.
Priscilla, I wasn't questioning your dedication or level of love for the band, I just think that Axl should call himself Axl Rose. Its not really like Social Distortion or Jethro Tull where the singer is the only member that counts. What would the Stones be without Keef or the Clash without Mick Jones?

priscilla said...

I get what you mean.

Anonymous said...

hey as long as the songs are good he should have no trouble putting his name to them.

Jill said...

Oh yeah, the Sens won again! I watched the game - it was the best part of my Saturday. Chris Phillips = our new secret weapon in the shoot-out. So now if we could just play Buffalo & Toronto for the rest of the season, every game, then we'd be headed for the playoffs. I laughed this morning, on the Team 1200 they did the "Blue Team Elimination Watch". They did it in the second half of the season last year when Toronto started skidding out of playoff contention, and it was always hilarious, but it was even funnier this morning, as they spoke of how the Leafs have now slipped to 5th in the conference, and with the Sens now having won 2 of 3 games, it looks like the heat is on cracked me up!
Stace: Glad to hear the shower at Enjo's went well! And yay - baby Madyson has some toys!! Also glad to hear that you no longer have to listen to stories about the HUNT. Thanks, also, for the Amazing Race re-cap - all I really needed to know was that the non-gay model boys finished first! lol...And I will stop in some night to get the $$ - I'm not worried about ya! I think the house tours start at 7 - I have a ticket still reserved for you, so if you think you can make it back, great - if not, let me know so that mom can put it back on the market!
OK - I've typed so much today...
Talk to y'all later!

Sharon said...

Well Jill, sounds like you were playing with quite the crass bunch of poker players. Beer Bitch, have they no manners?!?!!?

As for the race, Jill, I have a real hate on for your hot boys due to the fact that they said "If I see the Cho Bro's I will give them the wrong directions, I just want them gone so it proves that you don't have to be smart to win this thing". Now my problem with this is that the Cho's haven't done anything to be mean towards anyone. And what the hot boys are only implying is that they are dumb. And the Bama girls were mean as well. I really wish the Chos had gotten further, they were such nice people!

Jill said...

Agreed, Sharon, the Chos were nice guys - but they didn't have the "winning edge". I'm a competitive person - I know if I was in that race, I'd be a total crabby-arse and completely inconsiderate of the other teams. Doesn't make it right, but I know that's how I'd be, unfortunately. And let's face it, the grand prize is $1M - that's a lot of coin, and I'd be laying it all out on the line to win it. So it kind of drove me nuts that the Chos were always waiting around for the other members of the 6-Pack alliance, and trying to help the others more than helping themselves. I always felt like shouting, "Dudes! It's a RACE!!" I wouldn't blame my hot boys for not wanting to help them with directions. They understand that what matters is crossing the finish line and winning the big prize. I'm not sure why they would be feeling so negatively about the Chos, because as you mentioned, they were really likeable guys. I would think they've just got caught up in the whirlwind that is the Amazing Race, and that sometimes brings out the ugly side in people. I think Erwin & Godwin made it far by beign good guys, and they kept their morals, and I'm sure they would say they don't regret a thing about the way they ran the race. Good for them - considering they got bogged down in an unhelpful alliance, they made it farther than I expected them to.
But now, it's time for my boys to finish this thing off! ;o)