Sunday, November 26, 2006

It Ain't Me, Babe

Most of you already know by now, but if you didn't get it yet, the big excitement of my weekend was performing in the Quyon Lionettes Murder Mystery. I've had to keep it "on the down-low", as we try to keep the cast as secret as we can. For those of you who were there, I hope you had a good time and enjoyed the show!

Here's a little re-cap of how the murder and everything that came after went down:

This year, the play was set at Nick's Country Bar (which was a huge coincidence, with Nick Matechuck owning Gavan's just down the street - that was one detail of the original script we didn't have to change!) I played Mara Landers, a waitress at the bar. The rest of the cast included: Curtis Hudson as Jack Henry, the bartender at Nick's; Mark Richardson as Dennis Chase, aka Johnny Nash, the bar's entertainer; Kenny Fleck as Alec Blaney, the drunken magician; Adam Bernier as Sean Wells, aka Benny Lloyd, the crooked politician; Lynn Kearns as Chole Belisle, the barfly; Tracy Hamilton as Joy Darby, the bitchy psychic; Erin Hudson as Amber Welby, the snooty best-selling author; Kevin Trudeau as Jordan Woods, the dead guy; and Billy Young as Doug, the ex-football player-turned-private investigator.

If you've ever been to a Murder Mystery, you know how it works - somebody drops dead, the cop does an interrogation of each of the suspects, and then we spend the next four scenes pointing the finger at one another and defending ourselves. Only the murderer is allowed to lie, and the only person who knows who the murderer is is the murderer him/herself.

Of course, there's a little drinking along the way. Or a lot of drinking along the way. I don't know if there were any of us who weren't feeling pretty good by the time the show wrapped. There was even at least one person who doesn't even remember being up there for the last scene. (Not me. I remember being there, even if I was a little unsteady on my feet).

But let me tell you, what a rush! I absolutely love it. Sure, I was nervous as hell beforehand, thanks in large part to the fact that I had to do a brief duet with Mark to kick off the show. (If I ever hear the words It ain't me, babe, no, no, no, it ain't me you're looking for, babe again anytime soon, I might kill myself). But once that part was over, it was all fun and games. The ad-libbing was in full force, and it was absolutely impossible to sit up there and not laugh at some of the stuff the rest of them were coming up with.

So this year, my character was a little more fun to play than the bumbling clairvoyant I had to be last year. I got to do a little line dancing, talk with a twang, make fun of "Johnny", and do a little flirting all at the same time. It will take me a while before I stop greeting people by saying Howdy, y'all!! In the end, Lynn in the role of Chloe was the murderess - never saw it coming. I was floored. She did an awesome job; everyone did! I'm going to miss going to practices and hanging out with the gang - we made a good team.

Today, I've got a hangover and very sore feet from prancing around in my c'boys all night, but other than that, I think we can call Murder Mystery 2006 a success.

But now I really, really have to go to bed.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

It ain't me, babe. No, no, no - It ain't me you're looking for, babe...


Stacy said...

Good Morning! Nice recap of the Murder Mystery Jill - i really enjoyed the show, even if we were like at the back of the room, but it worked ok for Ricky, not so good for me being so far away from the bathroom. Oh well - it was all good. The dinner was really good too - especially the cheesecake. I got some pictures Jill, i tried to get some of at least all the characters but they seem dark on the camera but I'll see when I go and get them developped. There is a nice close up (showing a little cleavage) with you and Ricky at our table. Yesterday, i had my final baby shower (hopefully) in Campbell's Bay. Everything went over well - I was a little shy as I didn't really know everyone, but the sisters made me feel comfortable. I got lots of gifts there, pretty much everything else we needed. It took our car with the 2 backseats down and my parents car to bring everything home. The stroller is really nice - you'll have to come and see the little cheerleading outfit from Auntie Cindy when she was in Tenessee - it is the most adorable thing ever! A lot of clothes - diapers -wipes - Swing - odds and ends - lots of blankets - Pooh Lamp - Pooh Mobile - Pooh projector that goes inside the crib and lights up on the ceiling - she got her first cute little frilly (sorta) dress - I'm sure what she'll wear when we get 3 mth old pictures!! Anyways im all alone at work today so I'll be checking in a lot today!
Have a good day

Jill said...

Hi Stacy! Glad you had a good time on Saturday night. And we really can delete that miserable cleavage shot...But I can't wait to see the others that you took! I also have to stop in for a visit and get the rest of the souvenirs you saved for me! I almost stopped in yesterday, and then I remembered about the shower...That's great that you pretty much got everything else you needed. Did Hollie end up going with you? I was kind of glum yesterday, with Murder Mystery over, and I was thinking, "Now there's nothing to look forward to." But of course, there's Madyson to look forward to! Oh yeah, and Christmas...hahaha...
Anyways, things are pretty quiet around here today too, so I'll be checking in sooner rather than later!
Have a good day!

Sara said...

hi guys
Well I might be checking in a few times today also, I didn't go to work- I have a very sore throat and I just feel like I have aches and pains. So I called Tara and she hardly has any kids today cause they are sick too so she told me not to bother coming in. So I might decorate some more around here this afternoon.
Jill- I thought you did a great job Saturday night and I enjoyed it more than last year. I thought it was funnier. Graham said he liked last years better though. The food was good too, except the waiting part (everyone knows I'm not good at waiting for food!)I liked the Johnny Cash music. I agree about your character Jill- it was a more interesting and fun role for you to play. I must comment on the NOISY RUDE ppl at the back of the hall- grow up. It was so annoying and everyone was giving them dirty looks.
Stacy- sounds like the shower went well. I have yet to see your things. It's nice to have Madyson to look forward to after Christams is over. I always get so sad when the holidays are over. So Jill you're right about Madyson keeping our spirits up!
Have a good one guys!

Stacy said...

Yes Jill - i have your souvenirs so you'll have to stop in and see things - Sara you too! Now that i have things in order, its time to get things washed and organized cuz everything is kinda just thrown in the room right now, although it is in nice piles and seperated - i know where everything is. Tomorrow night - we're going to go to Wal Mart and get the crib set and then i can set up her bed - then we're going to get some shelves so i can put diapers and stuff on - when i bring back one of those bouncers, I'm going to get the bath tub i think with that. I still havent found the decals, i found things at Canadian Tire but they were stencils and looked more like a border, not what I'm looking for! Ricky and I were talking about maybe going to see Deck the Halls on Friday night - if you guys wanna come, we can make it a nice evening of movies and dinner or something - up to you's!

Sharon said...

Well Jill from what you told me yesterday, what I read in the Blog and what Jocey said, I think it was a total hit!
Saturday I finished my Christmas shopping with a really expensive day. But everything is done and wrapped and I can't wait. I almost let the cat out of the bag about the last gift I got Wayne but I covered well with a Jocelyne Story buying that item for Dan... gawd, fun gifts are hard to keep a secret! That's why I hate surprises and I hate keeping surprises... it would probably be better if I just bought all my presents at the last minute so that I don't have time to slip about what they are.
I brought in my Christmas cards to work as I am staying late to go to Aqua Fit tonight. Mom is meeting me at lunch and we are going to bus to Rideau seeing as that's quicker than driving. She wants to go to Christmas Street. So I told her we would bus.
As Jill has already witnessed I was on a baking rampage yesterday. I made 74 scones (+ a 75th huge one that I cut in 1/2 and gave to Wayne and Brandon) They are for the cookie exchange and they are kind of big for the jars I got so I think only 8 will fit so to make the dozen I will get some kisses to fill the void. That was Lindas idea and it's good so I will do that.
Brandon came over and then Laura and Rob came over. It was just visitor central. Then we went over to Waynes parents place to do laundry and I helped milk and then watched the Race. I was QUITE dissappointed when the Blonds came in last but were savaed by the non-elimination round... sometimes they make me mad. It's sad to say but I am rooting for the guys or Rob and Kim to win.

So that's all here. I always check in a lot on the blog!

Jill said...

Sara: Sorry to hear you're not feeling well - but you deserve a day off to rest! Hope you have a good time decorating!
Yes, the only big complaint I've heard about Murder Mystery was the noisy gang at the back. It's really too bad, because it ruins it for anyone who is near them. Last year, when I was standing at the back, I could hear everything perfectly, but this year I was straining to hear over the noise.
I've heard a few people who liked this year's better than last year's - but Luke said he thought they were both good, but so completely different that he couldn't compare them. I was more happy with my role this year, but on the whole, I don't think we had as many "extravagant" characters, when I think back to Cecile as the busty blonde, Nathan as Mohammed, Angie with the leather & spiky hair, etc....Definitely stranger characters, but I think I had more fun this year, mainly because we were a tight group and we all got along so well, and we were all closer in age. And the Johnny Cash stuff was fun.
Anyways...sorry for rambling on about it. It's one of those things, once it's over I just want to keep rehashing it all!
Stace: I'll drop in to see everything tonight if you're going to be around! Or would I be interrupting Bingo? I could wait until another night...whatever suits you! And I'd love to go to a movie and/or dinner on Friday night if you don't mind me tagging along! Just let me know the plans!

Jill said...

Sharon: I can't believe you almost slipped! After our secret transaction that we made, I thought we were out of the woods! LOL...
And look for my thoughts on the Amazing Race tomorrow!
What did Jocelyne have to say about Murder Mystery, other than saying she enjoyed it? I just want to know everyone's opinion!!

Sharon said...

She said it was really good. She really enjoyed it but thought that when the people were getting drunk, some of them she could tell they were add libbing because they forgot their lines. But other than that she really liked it and she said she had a good time.

And Sara I hope you are feeling better, this whole cold weather, hot weather, dry weather wet weather thing just does everyone in! I hear it's supposed to freezing rain in the morning... which means my drive in to work should be a special one!

Stacy said...

Yes - by the end, people were definetly forgetting their lines ("i need my lipstick" "i need a drink") but i mean it makes it funny, i never see that as a problem, at least they're not standing on stage looking stupid, going uuggghhh....whats my line...anyways i think it was overall good.
Jill: tonight is bingo night but you're more than welcome to stop by - Bingo is at 7 until 7:30

Jill said...

OK - I'll come visit when I get home from Curves then.
And you're right - they warned us ahead of time not to worry about our lines. After all, we basically just have a little paragraph, and as long as you get the main points across, we're allowed to ad-lib as much as we want. That's what makes it funny. And people got more laughs out of Lynn "checking her lipstick" than anything else, I thought! Anyways, it was fun!
But I think I might've already mentioned

sara said...

Yep- I thought Lynn and the lipstick was great. I bet it was hard for Lynn to stop laughing and carry on.. she can get carried away with laughing!
I put up both my trees this morning with much help from Matthew. So we are ready for Christmas.
Sharon- is Wayne going to play hockey Sundays with the guys? I noticed he wasn't there yesterday neither was Brandon or Adam but they were apprently working on Brandon's house. Just wondering.
Matthew enjoyed his first game at the arena. He thought we were on TV, and then he wondered if any of the guys playing were Leafs. And he kept opening his shirt to show off his Toronto shirt. He wants to be a goalie now cause Graham had to play nets yesterday. So now we are supposed to buy him pads and stuff so he can be a goalie too. I swear he likes Graham better than me! He bawled his eyes out yesterday when we left for Aylmer, and said "brothers are supposed to live together!" (Graham is now he brother he thinks.
My throat is still sore, I kinda thought it would get a bit better as the day went on but no luck yet. Oh well could be worse. I have been around way too many sick kids this year. I'm actually lucky I never get more than a cold.

Jill said...

Sara: Man, I wish I was at home putting up Christmas trees! Things are very slow today, and I'm still very tired from my crazy weekend. Actually, if I was at home, I'd probably be napping, not putting up Christmas
I guess I'm going to have to go shopping on Saturday. I was so excited a few weeks ago to get a few gifts bought, but now it's almost December, and I still have a whack more to buy...ugh. So if anyone wants to come on an adventure to Bayshore this Saturday, just let me know!

sara said...

Yeah, it was nice to get the tree and everything up but now I'm zonked so I might relax and watch Oprah for a bit. I finishe dmy report cards and got some stuff planned for school too. I love having a day off to get stuff done. Sorry but i don't think I want to go to Bayshore, I'm trying to avoid shopping in the city on week-ends. Thursday nights in renfrew seem to be my thing. I feel like I have got most of it done and I know if I shop too much more I will keep adding more things which I can't afford! I still have my sparks to do and I have a plan for Susie that I will kinda make with the kids. And I started shopping for my mom too- she has lots to do so I figured I could pick stuff up for her. Then there's handy Dad who I also shop for cause he never knows what to get mom.
I am sorry I'm such a rambler today...

Sharon said...

Hey guys,

Sorry to hear your throat is still soar. No Wayne didn't know about hockey on Sundays, he had heard about planning it but didn't know when it was going to be. So he told them to call him because he doesn't check e-mail ... but no one ever did... but I will check his e-mail later today to see if they sent anything...

Brandon couldn't find his hockey equipment, that's why he didn't go, he stopped in at our house to see how it was coming along... but I think Wayne is going to try and get up there on a weekly basis... try and arrange something with Brandon, that way he gets out and stays in touch with his friends... Anyways... maybe he will be there next Sunday, me and his mom told him he should go and just take sunday mornings off milking.

Jill said...

Sara: Don't worry about rambling! The Blog is keeping me entertained and awake today! lol...
I'm kind of looking forward to going to Bayshore on Saturday. I know once I get there I'll probably hate every second of it, but I like going shopping in December...kind of helps me get in the mood! And there's a few things I need to get there that I can't get at Wal-Mart, so I think it's better to go now than in mid-December.

priscilla said...

Chad and I both liked the murder mystery, although the end seemed to drag on forever. That is my only complaint. I am so tired today. Last night was my first night housesitting. The dog and the cat kept us awake all night. Bailey scratched and whined and barked, and the cat kept pounding on the door wanting to get in, and then he would meow really loud because he was mad that he couldn't get in. We didn't have any trouble with the rabbit though. He behaved himself except for one rip that he took across the floor and pooped all along the way. He was easy to catch and put back in his cage, then I had to vacuum. I had told Mark that I wouldn't want to take him out of the cage, but he said that we should because then when he does get out he will go wild. So one overnight done and 5 to go!

Anonymous said...

nice recap of the murder mystery. sounds like some fun shit for sure.
I'd also like to remember that those words you were singing were written by none other than Robert Zimmerman aka Bob Dylan...