Monday, October 30, 2006

And then, Tyler & James Got Lost...

Sunday night's episode of the Amazing Race was a bit of a blur for me, as we were in the midst of some commotion here at the Young house. Just about the time the show started, Kara, Chris, & Caden arrived to spend the night, because they had no power at home. And someone was a little cranky and did some heavy-duty howling. Then someone got a little tired, and I had to crank the volume down wayyyyy low so that he could sleep.

But here's a re-cap of what I did catch:

With my boys Tyler & James departing last for this leg of the race, they had some serious ground to make up. At first, it seemed hopeless, as all the other teams effortlessly made it to the Roadblock, while Tyler & James travelled around in circles and got lost. Apparently, following directions is not one of their strong suits.

The alliance of Kentucky, the Bama girls, and the Cho brothers adopted a new and annoying group name for themselves - as if their individual team nicknames aren't annoying enough - and they shall henceforth be known collectively as the Six Pack. I don't know why this bunch get under my skin, but they do. Truthfully, I think Dave & Mary are sweet people who probably deserve the money more than anyone. The Cho brothers are down-to-earth guys who are taking the time to enjoy the experience, and I admire them for that. The only team I truly detest in that alliance is the Bama girls, and they've tainted the entire group for me. They seem to have bickered with everyone who isn't in the Six Pack, and they kicked off this episode by getting into a rather animated argument with my hot boys. Don't mess with my men, ladies, or you'll have to deal with me!

Back to the race...At the Roadblock, teams had to swim out to some boat and get their next clue from the skipper or someone like that. Fortunately for Tyler & James, who arrived at the Roadblock long after all the other teams had jumped into the water, some of the teams weren't very masterful in the art of swimming, so they were able to make some quick ground right off the bat.

I'm not sure what happened between that and the Detour, (although I'm pretty sure Tyler & James got lost again), so I'm going to skip right ahead to what happened at the Detour. Teams had to chose between digging through some big mountains of salt for a salt shaker, or they had to take a boat ride out to an island where they would search for a sail for their boat with the help of a very vague-looking map.

(Oh, and by the way, if you're wondering what part of the country the kids were in this week...I have no flippin' clue. Wherever they were, the people seemed to be pretty fluent in English).

Beauty Queens Dustin & Kandice chose to search for their sail, while the rest of the teams opted to dig through piles of salt. However, they quickly discovered that while there were many shakers hidden in the snow-like heaps, most had pepper in them instead of salt. It didn't take long for most of the teams to change their minds and head for the island in search of sails; only Dave & Mary decided to stick with the task of digging through salt. Until Mary freaked out and told Dave she was going to do the other task, with or without him. But by this time, they were already well behind.

On the island, you'll never guess what happened. Tyler & James got lost. Again. However, they already had enough of a lead on the rest of the group - with the exception of the Barbies who were already on their way to the Pit Stop - that they were able to gain some ground anyways. But first, they flopped in some deep hay in front of the sails. Ah, yes, a good ol' fashioned boobie-trap. See, this year's Amazing Race is so lame, they've stooped to adding in these silly little obstacles that have the racers giggling rather than crying out in frustration. It really hasn't been a very interesting show so far, except that I get to see two hot boys for an hour every week.

Tyler & James hit the mat in second place, effectively returning them to the upper echelon of contenders for the $1 Million dollar prize. They were followed by Rob & Kimberly, the Bama girls, the Cho brothers, and in last place came Dave & Mary. I was shocked, however, when Phil offered them a reprieve for the second time! Definitely didn't see that coming again so soon! So next week, Dave & Mary will once again be marked for elimination and will have to finish in first or else be whacked with a 30 minute penalty. Those people must have horseshoes up their butts or something.

It's going to get interesting to see what happens when the Six Pack are forced to turn on one another. We got a glimpse of that this week, with the three teams duking it out in the bottom half of the rankings. With the Cho brothers in the lead of the Six Pack, Dave & Mary were following, just ahead of the Bama girls, and Mary was heard saying, "When we get there, we're gonna wait on the girls" - I don't think any team has ever held back to purposely tie for last place with another team. I would have loved to see how that would have been dealt with. However, it never happened, because the Bama girls jumped ahead when the Chos and Kentucky both stopped to get directions. And there was no way they were going to wait for anybody to catch up to them. As much as I dislike those girls, at least they understand that they're in a race! You're not there to make friends, people! Come on!

My only other observation was that, while my early impression of Rob was that he was a complete dickhead, I really do think I might have been wrong about him. He did flip out a little this week, but I'm starting to think he has reason to get frustrated with Kim. She can be a real ditz when she wants to be. You'd think at times she was deliberately trying to make him spaz out. He's a pretty strong guy for not trying stick her back up on a horse and directing her into another tree branch.

So that's enough yapping about the Race. I hope everyone has a spooky Halloween with lots of tricks & treats!


Sharon said...

Awesome recap of the race Jill. But you forgot to mention how 1. the Barbies ran their car into another van or something and smashed it up. and 2. Rob and Kims car broke and wouldn't shift. So they had to get a replacement. And they were in Europe this week.

Now I thought I would recap last nights episode of 7th Heaven. T-Bone is back again. He was the movie theater guy who is in love with Lucie. Apparently he's homeless and these two other homeless girls who are pot heads crashed the Camden house wanting a place to stay. The Rev. is at his wits end I think with all he has to deal with and now these pukes just show up.
Annie came home early and instead of telling her he's going to die he opts to telling her about the homeschooling and the Hamsters.
That girl who had Martin's baby was also being very needy. She wanted Rev. Camden to basically tell her if she should have a relationship with another man even though Martin likes her... like the Rev. doesn't even know this other guy. It was a little madening and I wanted to slap everyone. Hopefully the secret comes out next week! I am getting anxious.
So that is 7th Heaven for this week.
Tonight I will watch the hockey game and I think I will make the chocolate cheesecake... I saw a recipe on my philidelphia cream cheese package and I got everything to make it. So I am quite excited. I will make that or my apple turn overs. We shall see.
That's all folks.

Jill said...

Thanks for reminding me about probably the 2 most intersting parts of the race, Sharon! How could I have forgotten the girls crashing their car? Or Rob & Kim screaming at each because their car wouldn't shift? That was the point when I was sure it would be justified if Rob had strangled her. Clearly, it wasn't his fault, the car had simply malfunctioned, and he was already SO frustrated, and then to have her whiny face hanging over his shoulder squawking at him to keep trying couldn't have been too much fun. I was impressed that he displayed any composure at all!
Thanks for the 7th Heaven re-cap. Do you really think the Rev is going to die? What would happen to the show if he did?
Anyways, looking forward to the day - lots of treats already flying around the office! I'm a little Devil, but my cape stinks from being stored in a bag in the musty basement - I'll be discarding it very soon!
Happy Halloween!

Stacy said...

Happy Halloween Everyone!!
No one dressed up this year - last year at work we had a halloween costume contest thing but we have to keep it decent and plain because we deal with customers etc...but this year - NOTHING. I have my flashing pumpkin necklace on - good enough. Can't wait to see the little ones coming to my door tonight. Last year was disappointing seeing how I think i had one little kid - the rest were all older kids. I like seeing the tiny ones. I have enough chips for 90 kids i think - last year I got like 80 some and ran out so we'll see how it goes this year. Anyways going back to work - actually i dont think i have anything to do...hehe! I'll check in later!

Priscilla said...

Everyone is dressed up here at my work, except for me of course. Yesterday they talked about it, and I said that I probably wouldn't dress up, and some of the others said they wouldn't either. So I come in this morning and everyone's got wigs on and capes and stuff. So I feel kinda dumb, like a party pooper or something. But really I don't have any costumes or wigs to dress up in.

sara said...

I hate my job. I hate PARENTS is more like it....
I can't wait for today to be over and go tick or treating with Matthew tonight!
Woo hoo.

Anonymous said...

ha, just realized I wrote tick instead of Trick...haha. Whoops.

Jill said...

Oh no, Sara - sounds like you're having a bad Halloween. Don't let the 'rents get to you - just have fun with the kids at the Halloween party, and forget about the Moms & Dads. And I'm sure you and Matthew will have a great time Trick-or-Treating tonight. You should take a spin out to Quyon - I'll have a treat for him!

Just realized I'm going to have to cancel my tradition of watching a scary movie on Halloween night, because of the Sens game. Hopefully it's not too scary...

Stacy said...

Jill - are you going to have time to watch the game and see your trick or - i remember one year i was living in Aylmer, i never got kids and i came down and helped Jill - and the Young household, writes down who came and what they were dressed as - maybe that was cuz Lizzy wasnt around - anyways it was fun and she had all the cute little kids.

Jill said...

Yeah, that was a fun year, Mom wasn't home so Luke & I wrote down who all came & what they dressed as. We tried to trick her when she got home by seeing if she could pick out the "fake trick-or-treater" (I had put down in the middle of the pack that Nathan Smith came as Cory Hart.)

We get a lot of cute ones because we have a lot of little kids in our neighbourhood right now. I'm hoping Caden comes trick-or-treating tonight! Last year he was only a few weeks old, so he didn't make it out...LOL...

By the time the hockey game is over, the trick-or-treaters should be pretty well done, so it won't interfere with handing out the candy!

sara said...

I'm so dumb.. I had cute pumpkin plates and napkins for this afternoon, and I FORGOT THEM AT HOME!!!! So I burled around town to find some, BUT there aren't any! So while at the dollar store, I bought some stickers and plates, all I had was my bank card, and the lady was like "no you need to spend at least 5 bucks to use that", so I said okay, I don't want anything else, so I guess I'm not taking it. Cause that place is junky! So she when she realized I wasn't going to look for 2 more things she let me use my card. Crazy.
I wish something spooky would happen...Actually this is kinda spooky.. Mr. Aitken came in and asked me if things were okay, while staring at my 16 plus'er on the puter, and I answered YES, and he said "are you sure?" in a spooky voice. yeah...I had a meeting at lunch with her, and her went good. I found out she has a really rough life. But I guess I should go, I haven't had time to eat yet. Where does an hour and a half go to?
Hope you all have a great night!

Priscilla said...

Well I think we will have only 4 trick or treaters at home tonight. I drove my mom to work today, so that means we will have to go to the store before going home, I hope we don't miss the kiddies. We don't have any Halloween decorations up at all, I'm not even sure if we will dig our plug in pumpkin out of the basement. I guess Halloween just doesn't do it for us anymore.

Jill said...

PK - My mom was just saying the other day that Halloween doesn't really turn her crank anymore either. We have no decorations up, no Jack-o-Lantern. We're like The House That Halloween Forgot. But we still buy treats, of course, and although our trick-or-treater numbers have been down in recent years, we still get between 30-40 kids. I'm very much looking forward to it - only another half hour to go!

Anonymous said...

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