Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Jill's Discovery of the Day: YouTube

For the past few weeks, people have been asking me, "Hey, did you catch Wade Redden on ET! Canada?" The answer to that question is no, I did not catch Wade Redden on ET! Canada a few weeks ago. It has bothered me a great deal. As one of Wade Redden's biggest fans, it troubled me to know that people across the country were invited into his home and given a sneak peek at his everyday life, but I, somehow, missed it.

Wade's been a hero of mine for years now, ever since he first laced up for the Ottawa Senators as an 18-year-old rookie. He turned twenty-nine this past June, so that means for eleven years I've clipped stories about him out of newspapers, visited fan sites on the Web to absorb every little detail that I can about him, taped interviews with him off of TV, and basically been obsessed with every teeny, tiny aspect of him. Finding out that he had been featured as one of ET! Canada's Hunks of Hockey, and that I had missed it, was devastating to me. I don't know if I've ever missed something of such high importance on TV.

Today, when I had a little downtime at work, I plugged the words Wade Redden on ET! Canada into my Google search engine, hoping maybe for some details of the interview, maybe even a transcript of what was said in the featurette. And that's when I found it.

Today's big discovery. A little sumthin'-sumthin' called YouTube, baby.

The entire inteview, the entire tour of Wade's home, the introduction to his new girlfriend, and the brief segment of him playing guitar and singing The Hanukkah Song - all right there, on my computer screen, for my viewing pleasure. All courtesy of my new best pals over at YouTube.

Do you guys realize how big this was for me? I mean, a two-minute segment on ET! Canada is not exactly something I could ever get back otherwise. It's not like they ever show re-runs of those entertainment/celebrity gossip shows, or that it will ever come out on DVD for me to buy. Finding the interview on YouTube was like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I was in heaven!

Alright, I'll admit it - today was not the first time I've ever heard of YouTube. I'm a frequent visitor to Dave Navarro's Blog, (for updates on Rockstar and Dave's band, The Panic Channel), and he frequently provides links to stuff he's found on YouTube. I never bothered checking any of it out, though, because I figured that without high-speed, it would take forever to upload.

It did take quite a while for the 2-minute segment to load, but it was well worth the wait. Wade pointed out some of the renovations he's made to his new Ottawa pad, introduced us to his new girlfriend Danika, and when the interviewer spotted his guitar sitting in the corner of the living room, she somehow convinced him to pick it up and play a bit of Adam Sandler's holiday classic. (Wade led into it by saying, "This is for all the Jewish people out there". I have no idea if he was joking or not, but it cracked me up. Oh, and people who saw the original airing warned me that Wade's a terrible singer - I actually don't think he was all that bad). Then, in closing, they asked him how it felt to be Canada's first hockey hunk. Wade got a little shy, and said, "Oh, I don't know if I'd call me a hunk...Maybe a hulk!" Then he squeezed his bicep, shook his head and laughed. And I swooned.

I couldn't have been happier to finally see this segment that I thought I'd never have the opportunity to view. I was especially pleased to see that Wade was looking happy and healthy. After his mother's death last spring, any photos or TV interviews I saw of him following that, he always looked tired and pale. Now, even through the grainy YouTube quality, I could tell that his cheeks were ruddy again, and his eyes had that old sparkle back. It may have taken the love of a woman other than me (which does make me an eensy-weensy bit jealous), but I was thrilled to see Wade back on his feet and smiling again. Last year was difficult for him, but I can tell that he's turned the corner, and it did my heart good to hear his deep laugh and feel his charm oozing through the computer screen. It reminded me all over again why I'm such a big fan of his.

For any of you who wish to check it out, click on this link:
And once again, my most sincere thanks to the folks over at YouTube. They really made my day!



Sara said...

hi guys

I'm not sure if Graham is coming out Saturday night or not...I told him he could...he probabaly will, we just can't go on a rip and spend alot of money since last week-end was costly. Plus, I went to the dentist yesterday so that was 114 bucks, plus I have two bday gifts to but within the next couple of weeks, and next visit to the dentist will cost me 350 bucks at least cause I need a new mouth piece (that I will have to wear ALL the time apaprently!)I am chipping pieces off my teeth during the day now too.
Anyways...I will persuade Graham to come out is what I was getting at. Oh- and I am happy to hear that I'm not the only one who goes to bed at 9pm!!! I can't keep my eyes open any longer past that.
Stacy- hope you are feeling better!
Jill- Happy to hear about your WADE sighting!!
Have a nice day everyone

Sharon said...

WOW SB I haven't seen you on the blog in a while!
Jill, I am glad you found the interview, I can just imagine what that would have been like missing it and then hearing everyone else blab about it.
Last night I watched Top Model. Surprisingly, AJ got the boot because she just wouldn't work with what she was given. I think that Jaeda was definetly a weaker talent, but I guess Tyra is the expert.
I really like how Brooke did with the snake, she worked it!
Tonight is Survivor and the SENS game, I will go back and forth until 9:00 but that is my inevitable bed time!

Hope everyone has a GREAT day!

stacy said...

Morning Guys - still feeling a little grogggy - its just the stuffinness i really can't stand. I liked AJ, i just cant believe that Jaeda is still there, she has been in the eliminating spot like how many times now....and they still give her a chance - AJ does really good pictures, just lastnight wasnt her night. And what about Melrose - i personally think that all the other girls have a jealousy issue, thats all. I think Melrose does an awesome job, and I'm sure she does it spite everyone else - she knows she is being watched and she knows the other girls cant stand shes going to go with all she has...i think she'll take it all home! Tonight is Survivor - and the sens game for those interested in watching hockey - the only time i watch hockey is when i want to fall asleep on the couch on Ricky. LOL. Anyways have a great day everyone, in this rainy, dull day AGAIN!

Jill said...

Hi guys-
Sara: that really sucks about your dental expenses. It's getting around to the time when I should be going to see Dang again, and I've never gone to see about my wisdom teeth, so he'll probably kill me. Anyways, I hope Graham comes out this weekend, and I hope you can keep your peepers open after 9 on Saturday night (I know we were all having trouble doing that last Saturday night) - It's making me sad to think it's the last night for Steve Agnew ever. Anyways, hockey's on tonight but I'll try to give you a call on first intermission.
Sharon & Stacy: Glad to hear you guys liked your episode of Top Model. I watched One Tree Hill - does anybody else watch it? It's really good this season - Brooke's been pretending she's pregnant when it's actually Haley who's expecting, but she's afraid Nathan will be mad so she's been getting Brooke to cover for her until she figures out what to do. And Peyton has a stalker - she's just discovered she has a brother, but the guy who showed up and is taking zillions of pics of her is not her brother. Because Peyton's never met him or seen him before, she doesn't realize it. It's getting pretty creepy, and judging by scenes from next week, Peyton's finally going to find out the truth, and I'm going to have nightmares!!
Hope you're all having a ducky day!

Stacy said...

Ive watched One Tree Hill on the odd occasion and i did see lastnight that brooke was pregnant but i didnt know it was actually Haley. i just read the info. it is hard to believe that steve agnew is going to be done for good - not like we see them often but i mean, seriously, besides the Rivals there will be no good bands left at Gavans - it dosent really matter because soon enough i wont have time to go out!! Maybe by the tiem Ricky is over his "baby fright" - we'll have a girls nite out and he can watch her ALONE and maybe by then there will be a new band featured chez Gav's.
Well talk to ya's later - having lunch

Jill said...

Stacy: Yeah, all along they've been leading us to believe it was Brooke. At the end of last season, all the girls' purses got mixed up so they knew someone was pregnant, and Brooke finally admitted it. But then last night, she broke down at Tric and started drinking, and Haley told her she couldn't drink, and Brooke said, "I'm done being pregnant, Haley, I can't do this anymore" - so then Haley told Lucas that it's actually her expecting the baby and that Brooke was just covering for her until she figured out how to tell Nathan. Honestly, kids at that high school are way more advanced that we were in high school - Haley and Nathan have already been married twice, now she's having his baby, and they just started their senior year! LOL

Sharon said...

I LOVE Melrose on Top Model. I think the other girls are just overly insecure because she's so awesome at the challengers. Especially last night when the ET people, she really rocked it. Where as everyone totally flubbed it. I don't watch One Tree Hill.

Anyways, Wayne called me, he's picking me up for lunch SURPRISE! And I think we will go to Pizza Hut because the lady here at work had that and it smelled SO good!

Toodles for now!

Jill said...

Mmmmm...Pizza're so lucky, Sharon! The one big downfall of working in Quyon - NO LUNCH OPTIONS!! It's either Mohrs, Mae's, or Marie-Joe's these days, and after awhile they all kind of lose their appeal. Hope you have a good lunch!

Sharon said...

Don't be so jealous there Jill... the pizza hut was nothing like I thought it would be... they didn't even replenish the peperoni therefore I only got like 2 peices... and dessert pizza doesn't appeal to me. But it was nice to spend some time with Wayne. I only see him about 1 hour a night on average at the most. I can't wait for saturday though, we are going to Cannamore Orchards so I will see him most of the day and all night! SCORE!

Priscilla said...

Sharon, you're funny. I don't need to read your name and I know it's you typing. I heard your song Black Betty on Chez today. So about Saturday night, I cancelled my church service to be there, so you better all come out, even the boys! And Chad needs a buddy. But Im sure he won't be bothered being surrounded by women. So I have a question for yous all to think about. How do chickens make eggs? It's been quite the discussion topic lately. Chad's mom has 12 laying hens and she gets one dozen eggs a day. But there's no rooster, and Mark my brother said that you can't have an egg if there's no rooster. But you can. Chad's mom cleared some of it up for me last night. If you want chicks you need a rooster, he fertilizes the egg and then the hen sits on it. But otherwise she just lays an egg and leaves it there. Her body just makes a whole egg each day, that's pretty amazing I think!! And how that comes about I guess God only knows.

Jill said...

Hmm..that is a tricky one PK. I didn't know a hen could have eggs without a rooster. So I guess there's no "bucking" involved? (hahahaha! good one, eh, guys?) So a chicken lays one egg every day, and if you want it to actually turn into a real bird then you need a rooster, is that right? Otherwise, there's no need for the boy chicken. Very strange.
We had a similar discussion here at work last week about turkeys, and what you call females and males. As it turns out, the male is a tom, and the female is a hen (not a Suzie, as Bill & I thought it should be). And the female turkey clicks and the male gobbles. So there's everyone's poultry trivia for the day.
Sharon: Sorry to hear Pizza Hut was disappointing! I'm glad you got to see Wayne, though, and I hope you have a good time on your Autumn Fun Day on Saturday!
PK: Don't worry, if I'm the only one who comes out Saturday night, I intend on having fun! (But I won't be the only one, fear not. And I'm sure the guys will be there to play with Chad.)

Priscilla said...

Yeah well now I'm not sure if all chickens lay eggs every day, but these are called laying hens. Maybe other types are different? When I have time I might Google it. I tried watching the Wade Redden video, but it was taking forever to load, like half an hour, so I quit trying.

Jill said...

Yeah, it took almost an hour for it to load for me. I guess you have to be a real die-hard Wade fan to go through

sara said...

Oh dear... you guys crack me up. CRACK me up...haha. I didn't even mean to say that. All this egg talk. I have a slight dilemna. My 16+ student is not working out as far as I'm concerned. She is constantly trying to be on msn, won't help me unless I come right out and ask, and she always has her other little 16+ plus coming to the door looking for smokes. Like Tuesday she was on the computer from 1-2:45, bc I didn't tell her to get off,( I was kinda testing her to see if she would eventually get off and help me with something) Today I was kinda strict, she got on the computer nad I said the kids were playing today and she couldn't, so she seemed a little pissy. Then as soon as it was snack she was on the computer...So I have to think of soemthing for her to do constantly. I was telling Graham how she won't just voluntarily help, and he said she is probabaly the kind of person who needs to be told, so today someone shit thier pants right before the buses come, and I'm trying to clean shit up and I told her to help the rest get jackets on and stuff, so when I come out of the bathroom, guess what? She's on MSN!!!!!
So I guess I will ahev to call Lynn at the high school and get her to talk to her, but I don't want this girl to hate me, so I feel bad doing this....but as many of you know my class this year is anything but an easy group, so I shouldn't have to be disciplining a 15 year old on top of it.
So now this whole situation is BUGGING me...

Stacy said...

i dont know if its me, but the timing is all screwed up on this thing. Anyways, i wanted to broadcast this - I know Jill and Sara would like to know - this is Mae's last weekend open!! I'll let ya's know for sure tomorrow but my mom said that this was her last weekend, they had a meeting and decided to close after this weekend. Thought I would let ya's all know so you can have your last fill of chicken burgers, poutines and cheese burgers. My thing when I go there, and its actually been awhile - are the jalapeno cheese sticks - they have chunks of potato - mmm with ranch dip - they are so yummy but being so close to the end of the season, they probably have none left.
Have a good night!

Anonymous said...

Before we finish this conversation i'd like Jill to give you all her description of how a rooster would go about fertilizing an egg. It has to be the same way you explained it to us last night.......... lol


Jill said...

Too late - no one's going to come all the way back down here to read your comment! hahaha!!