Thursday, October 05, 2006

Kicking Things Off In Style


Hockey time again! YESSSSSSSSS!!!

So needless to say, I was pleased with the outcome of the season opener between the Sens and the Leafs last night. Sens 4, Leafs 1. Sure, there's lots of areas my team still needs to work on, but it's only game 1, and I thought they did pretty well, considering there are a lot of new faces on the squad. Here are some of my observations of the night:

As usual, the Leafs had a lengthy, pre-game ceremony to honour the numbers of past great Leaf players. (Any great players they had were way, way in the past.) I wanted to watch as little of it as possible, so I was flicking back and forth between it and a repeat of Reba. Little brother Lukey was getting frustrated with me, so I turned back once to make sure the game hadn't started. It hadn't, so I changed back to Reba, causing him to declare that he wanted to watch them honouring the number of the great Gus Wheeler. I had no idea who the guy was, so I didn't even question him on it. I later discovered "the great Gus Wheeler" was actually Bjore Salming, one of the first European players in the league and an alumni of the Leafs. No idea where he came up with the name Gus Wheeler, but we teased him quite a bit about. Sorry, buddy, but you say something retarded like that and it's bound to end up in the Blog.

Once the game got going, the Sens didn't look so crash-hot. Patrick Eaves scored the first goal for the Sens late in the first, but had it not been for the stellar play of our new goalie, Martin Gerber, it could've easily been a 3-0 score for the Make Beliefs. Luke reminded us 40,000 times that he picked Patrick Eaves in the 8th round of his hockey pool, and he was doing all the fist-pumping and cheering of a man watching his team in the Stanley Cup Finals. Yay for Patrick Eaves. Not so much for Luke.

Anyways, the glaring problem for the Sens was that Chris Phillips and Anton Volchenkov, who are a new defence pairing now that Chara is gone, seemed completely out of synch for much of the game. Phillips especially looked uncomfortable out there. Maybe he's just getting used to the new A on his sweater. I don't know. I just keep reminding myself that Wade Redden looked pathetic in game 1 last year, and he went on to have a career season. Hopefully it'll be the same for Phillips.

Captain Daniel Alfredsson also seemed to struggle last night. He did end up getting an empty-netter at the end of the game, but he just didn't seem to have any flow to his game at all. And fancy-pants Spezza continued with his ridiculous passes, which aggravates me. I want to like the guy. Really, I do. But his bonehead pretty plays drive me insane!

Aside from those few guys, the rest of 'em were rolling really well. I loved Gerber - I thought he was awesome. (And aside from a penalty shot goal that should never have been called a penalty shot, he likely would have had a shut-out). Other new faces that impressed were Dean McAmmond with speed to burn, and Tom Preissing looking solid on the blueline, before leaving the game with a "lower body injury". (In other words, he pulled his groin, but since Dominik Hasek, we no longer mention that part of the body in Ottawa). And of course, Wade Redden was studly as ever, and he seemed to retain most of his hockey skills over the summer, so that was enough for me. My God, he's a hot man. I love him.

Chris Neil (with a beauty) and Christoph Schubert rounded out the scoring, both of them tallying in the second period, which I thought was the Sens' strongest period. It's always a great feeling to leave T.O. with 2 points - I went to bed with a big grin on my face. Hopefully I'll be just as happy tomorrow, after the two teams tangle again tonight at the Bank.

*Sigh* I'm SOOOOO glad it's that time of year again.

I did get a few good chuckles out of watching Tie Domi sitting in as a new member of the TSN Panel of Experts. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!) Everytime James Duthie said, "Now, Tie, I wanted to ask you about...", I was really hoping he'd end that sentence with : "...your expected lovechild with Belinda Stronach". (Thanks, Sharon, for that tidbit!) But instead Tie stumbled and farted away, only make half-coherent statements, and basically making as ass of himself. Oh well. I guess some things never change.



Stacy said...

Well finally - I was beginning to wonder if we were going to get a blog today - but apparently Jill is having some computer problems at home. Anyways remember last Saturday Jill, I asked you about a new song by Keith Urban - well his new song is called Once in a Lifetime and his new CD "Love, Pain and The Whole Crazy Thing" is out in stores November 7th. Also, I was checking out the Farmer's Almanac to see when we should get our first "official snow" this year and this is what i found:
For Ontario
Nov 16 - 19th - snow showers
Nov 20 - 23rd - risk of flurries
For Quebec (which I don't think we fall under seeing how our forecast is closer to City of Ottawa)
Nov 12 - 15th - Major Storm! Snow possible in Quebec.
Just wanted to give you some insight to when the snow is coming now that hockey has begun.

One more thing - I forgot to tell ya's - Magic 100 has this contest right now when you register, they call 5 names at different times of the day - anyways Monday morning, the first name called was no other than me (oh yea - the contest is an invitation to the opening of Turpin to win a Pontiac Solstice - which is a new 2 seater convertible - yea I realize we can't exactly fit a car seat in it) anyways, when they call your name, you have to call and be the first one out of the 5 callers to call and say it's you. I called right away (well apparently I was calling the wrong number) but my HR manager was also calling for me cuz she listens to that too - and she finally got through, said it was me, but someone beat me by 3 seconds...oh well - better luck next time!
Well have a good day everyone!

Stacy said...

Hey everyone - I have been looking at the Michaels website because I think I want to take up a crafty hobby to do - I was thinking maybe some Christmas Ornaments or something - anyone have ideas what kind of crafty hobby I can do? Also, I may want to take a drive out to Michaels and Ikea this weekend, maybe - anyone up to coming??

Priscilla said...

Uh oh, I hope it is not snowing on November 17th when I have to drive down to Ottawa for the Guns n' Roses concert! You know the Farmer's Almanac has been pretty accurate in the past.

Anonymous said...

Well last night I spent my night watching Top Model and went to bed because I had confidence that the SENS would win. Wayne stayed up and watched the game, but anything past 9:00 is just too late for me.

I am happy they won and am looking forward to a Friday or Saturday game so that I can watch them kick some butt.

I am really excited for some snow. The sooner the better so that I can get used to driving in it.

Something that I am going to do this year as a special xmas hobby is I am going to make my own Christmas Cards. I got 2 really nice kits at Walmart over in Ogdensburg (I am sure they have it here as well) and for 2 kits you can make 30 cards. And I think I only spend 20 $$ or something. Anyways, it's WAY cheaper than buying a bunch of pretty cards and each card is totally unique. Just a suggestions as Stacey was asking.

Last night Top Model got that much more disgusting with Monique taking her skankarific panties and rubbing them on Melrose's bed. Fortunately, the nimrod got sick and didn't go to the photo shoot and got kicked off the show. I was happy to see her go. She was a psycho... she kept saying "I wonder what I could do next" and then she would laugh diabolically.

Tonight is Survivor, hopefully it will be a little more exciting than it was last week. And I think I will just relax when I get home. Maybe cut some fabric for my wintery flannel quilt that I am going to start working now that I got Ashley's project out of the way.

So that all. Glad everyone is doing well.


Anonymous said...

Oh ya woo hooooooooo it is back and what a licking the sens got last night haha......


Jill said...

Ricky, you suck. ;o)