Friday, October 27, 2006

Battle of Ontario: Round 4

It's going to be hard to re-cap the Sens game last night, seeing as how I was only able to catch the third period, and by then the Sens were in mid-ROMP!! ...But I can't just let it slide by without commenting on what I did see.

Of course, I was conducting Church Movie Night in my basement with my mom, the minister, and my Aunt Mona. Trust me, it was all I could do not to tell them all to go home 'cause I had a hockey game to watch!! With all the hype surrounding this game, I was sure I was missing possibly the most exciting game of the year. And it's still only October.

So I set up a system with my dad and Luke - stomp once for an Ottawa goal, stomp twice for a Toronto goal. It took awhile, but when they started stomping, they didn't stop. You would have thought they were dancing up there or something.

They reported back to me afterwards that in the first 10 minutes of the game, Ottawa ran Darcy Tucker steady, which did my heart good. God, I hate the little puke-face. Apparently there was a little scare after Ottawa went up 3-0, when T.O. answered back with 2 goals, but after that, the Dany Heatley Show began, as he pumped in a hat trick to send Ottawa on its merry way to victory.

The third frame was actually quite boring. With the score 6-2, the game was out of reach for the Laffs, and the Sens were on "coast mode". Jason Spezza did score a beauty - after waiting and waiting, he was almost on the goal line before snapping one in from an impossible angle.

So the night ended with a 7-2 score for the Sens, and according to the boys, there were no fights in the game, although if Chris Neil had had his way, he would've tangled with Mother Tucker right off the opening face-off. But the little twerp really is a chickenshit, so he ran the other way.

And I'd like to know how come I'd never heard of this Joe Corvo guy until my team picked him up - 1 goal, 4 assists last night, and man, is he fitting in nicely! My only great concern right now is that Wade Redden has yet to show up for this season, and he left the game last night with a "lower body injury" (which, in Sens-speak, means he pulled his already-tender groin.) All the goals in the past 3 games, and all he has to account for himself is one assist. I have faith that he's going to pull through this personal slump and establish himself as our #1 defenceman; he just needs a little time.

I'm so glad to have my team back. They really did give me a scare those first few weeks, but it appears the slump is officially over, and all it took was a few nice romps over the Devils & the Leafs to get us back in SENATORS MODE.

What a relief!


Priscilla said...

I watched the hockey game instead of Survivor last night, because wasn't it just never before seen footage and stuff? The game was way more exciting. Mike Fisher had a nice goal too. Darcy Tucker looked frustrated that he kept getting knocked down, then they showed him spitting blood. Chad said he wished someone would have knocked out Neil's 3 teeth, and apparently Tucker is not a bully since on Tuesday night he picked a fight with a bigger guy than him. But I said it doesn't matter what size the other guy is, if you pick a fight you're a bully. We discussed this last night on the phone, he called me during the 1st intermission, then in the second period when they scored 2 goals I held the phone out so he could hear the horn blowing on the tv. My mom was even watching the game, she thought the horn blew for Toronto goals too so she would keep asking who scored, but hey, at least she was watching it. She likes seeing Bryan Murray, and she always says he was her gym teacher, then he swears, and she says did he swear?

Jill said...

PK, tell Chad he sucks, and so does his That's funny about your mom - my mom thinks she's close personal friends with Bryan. She always thinks she knows exactly what he's saying and what he's thinking. The best, though, had to be at the start of the season, the first game she said, "Hey, Bryan got glasses!" which I thought was ridiculous. How could anyone notice such a small detail? But then I was at Sara's not long after and her mom said, "Bryan got glasses, eh?" Ah, the joys of having a celebrity from your town!

Priscilla said...

I think Corvo is the guy with all the tattoos, am I right? On the post-game show on A Channel last night they did a profile of Bryan Murray, they showed the Shawville sign, and the sign that says hometown of Bryan and Terry Murray. He was at the RA at some point, they showed him signing kids jerseys and stuff, all the adults were standing and clapping. Karen here at work said she thinks he was here last year, and he brought 2 players with him. She thought one might have been Redden, but I said you would have been there if Redden was in town.

Sharon said...

Well I watched Periods 1 and 2 of the game last night. And Joe Corvo's injury was not one of the groing but of the upper thigh. He accidentally blocked a shot while he was in front of the net and it hit his outter upper thigh pretty dead on. So not to worry, I am sure he will be back in the next game.

Wayne and I were discussing staying power with the players... because if we ever got a Jersey, who's name would you put on it. I chose Fisher because he has really come out for me this year... and because Wayne doesn't think McGratton has staying power. He chose Spezza because he likes offensive players better because when he plays, he's on the offensive. But it was a good 2 first period... the manager or whatever of officiating was there because of all the things that weren't called on Tuesday. So maybe that's why they weren't really starting any fights.

Jill, as for the In Safe Hands tonight, I didn't think it would be so late... and I am getting up early tomorrow morning, so I think I will pass. I feel bad... but maybe next time they are "in concert"

Anyways, nothing is on TV tonight because it's friday and Friday nights suck!

I was in Shawville yesterday... went to the doctors... quite uneventful but I have to go for more blood work in February.

That's all I guess.

Jill said...

PK: Corvo is definitely the one with all the tatoos. And I don't think Wade Redden was in town with Bryan Murray at any point in the past 2 years 'cause I DEFINITELY would have been there. I do remember Monique Atkinson telling me way back, years ago, when Wade was probably in his 2nd or 3rd year with the Sens, that he, Alfredsson, MacEachern, Prospal, and a few other guys rented snowmobiles at Campbell's in Bristol & toured the trails in the area and they stopped for food and drinks at Johnny K's. What I would have done to be sitting in that bar when they walked in the door...
Sharon: No worries about In Safe Hands, I'll just accompany the Lukester! As for "staying power" with the Sens - it's kind of an unpredictable thing, but if you like fighters, I'd say Neil has more likelihood of sticking around for years to come than McGrattan. Fisher, Spezza, Heatley, Redden, and Schaefer (he scored a 4-year deal this past summer) will all be around for at least awhile. I was lucky - I, of course, got Redden put on my jersey the second year he was in the league, and I've still got him here, so it worked out really well.
Anyways, back to work! Have a good weekend, ladies!

Sharon said...

Yeah I don't want Redden and I didn't want Alfredson either. I think Fisher would be a good one and my mom would be so jealous... because she LOVES Mike Fisher. She thinks he's hot.

Jill said...

And he is. The Senators, in my opinion, have one of the more attractive teams in the NHL. Redden, Fisher, Spezza, Phillips, Neil, Schaefer & Vermette are all hot. I also argue that Alfredsson & Heatley are handsome boys (but people have argued with me about them - Alfie's hotter now without all the clown hair, and I think Heatley's missing tooth is charming). Also, new guys McAmmond & Corvo (despite his bad teeth) are also quite cute. And Denis Hamel is hot too. Oh, and Ray Emery - YUM! That's why we had to get ride of Zdeno Chara - he was just too much ugly for this team.

Sharon said...

Yeah but no teeth is the whole beauty of the NHL. If you have a full mouth of teeth, then you are too new. I think Heatley is a good looking stud. Not so much Alfredson though. I don't like his face too much. But Spezza is good and you have proof because he's in a commercial. They only pick hot people for advertising!

Jill said...

True enough! I'd also like to add McGrattan to my hot list. He's got the big hulking fighter thing going, and often his eyes are black or he's got cuts from fists hitting his face, but he's got a sexy grin and twinkly eyes. His what I call devilish hot!