Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Go Camel Go!

A few days late, but here's a re-cap of Sunday's episode of The Amazing Race.

With the last leg being a non-elimination leg, it left us still with 7 teams competing for the $1 Million grand prize: dating couple Peter & Sarah, dating couple Rob & Kimberly, models/recovering addicts/hot boys Tyler & James, friends Lyn & Karlyn, beauty queens Dustin & Kandice, brothers Erwin & Godwin, and coalminer and his wife Dave & Mary. Having finished last in the non-elimination leg, Dave & Mary were told they had to finish first this leg or else they would suffer a thirty-minute penalty that could prove to be costly in this close race.

The teams kicked it off by learning they would be flying from wherever the hell they were to Kuwait. In one of Phil's special little twists, they weren't given a written clue - just a cellphone (or Blackberry? not sure...) with a short video message from that silver-tongued devil himself instructing them to find some towers that were shown to them. Hmmm...How would they possibly figure this out? Oh yeah. The Internet. Or ask someone. Or look it up in a book. Gee, now that was hard, eh guys? Duhhhhhh!!

After teams found the location of the towers in Kuwait City, they had to ride the elevator to the top, and await for it to open at 11 am, which left all the teams logjammed together once again. After being allowed in to get their clue, they were given the option between a Roadblock or a chance at the Fast Forward. Dave & Mary had no choice - they had to go for the Fast Forward. The front-leading teams at the time were Peter & Sarah, Dustin & Kandice, James & Tyler, and Rob & Kimberly, and they all opted for the Roadblock. It dictated that one team member must climb an outer ladder up the side of one of the towers where they would retrieve a satchel of puzzle pieces that they had to put together back on the ground to discover the location of their next clue.

Despite their strong alliance with the Cho brothers and the Alabama girls, Dave & Mary clearly stated that no one was going to roll over and give them $1 Million, and they'd have to work hard and earn it. Apparently, they were wrong, though, because Erwin & Godwin purposely helped them get away from the towers and then told them that they weren't going to challenge them for the Fast Forward. Huh?? I mean, I like those guys - they seem like genuinely sweet people, who are all about the experience and not the money, but are they stupid?? The move left them in last place, and with the two of them fearing heights, it seemed like they were doomed.

The challenge once again proved quite easy for everyone, except for Erwin, who had to pep-talk himself through it, but he did make it. Back on the ground, Kimberly struggled with her puzzle, but I was extremely proud of Rob for not roaring at her. He seems to have really learned to control himself, and I'm liking him more and more each episode. And he's definitely getting cuter. The Barbies, the Hot Boys, and Peter & Sarah made quick work of their puzzle, and conveniently, there was a completely bilingual man nearby who told them what street their puzzle told them to go to.

Meanwhile, Dave & Mary were at the Fast Forward, and I still have no idea what exactly they had to do. They got all dressed up in astronaut suits and stood near a big fire. Then they got to go to the Pit Stop. Now that was difficult.

After racing around trying to screw each other up while looking for their next clue in a row of shops, teams were presented a Detour. They either had to fill up ten bags of camel feed in the hot desert sun and pile them on a pallet, or use a voice-controlled robot camel jockey and race a camel 100 yards or something like that. Is it just me, or are some of the challenges just ridiculous? Neither of these activites were difficult. Okay, so maybe working in the hot sun is tiring, but it didn't seem to be much of a challenge filling the feed bags (except for the Barbies, who missed the part where they had to fill their bags to a certain level, so they had to do some re-filling). The camel racing one was absolutely retarded. They had to strap this robot onto the back of a camel, then shout into a walkie-talkie to get the camel to run. It didn't matter what they shouted: "Go, Camel!" "Giddy-up!" "Sens Rule!" Whatever, it didn't matter, those camels just got up and lurched off and ran like the wind. Sooooo tough.

Once again, though, my hot boys did their best to make a mess of it. They got lost looking for the feed bag challenge, and ended up racing the camel, but by then, almost everyone else had completed their tasks. Fortunately enough, Peter & Sarah had a complete meltdown, as they argued steady and also got lost. They thought they had gotten lucky upon accidentally coming across the arrow to one of the challenges, only to discover they had landed at the Fast Forward, which was already long gone. They turned up on the mat in last place, where the Philiminator put the kaibosh on their Amazing Race dreams.

I think that's the first time I've seen a couple get tossed from the race where they both stated that they no longer wanted to be in a relationship with each other. Usually, no matter how much fighting and ridiculousness that goes on, at the end of the day they say they love each other and the race showed them how strong they are as a couple, blah, blah, all that mushy bullshit. Apparently not so for Peter & Sarah. Good for her - he was an inconsiderate, arrogant asshole, especially in regards to her physical disability. She'll be far better off without him!

So the Hot Boys finished in 6th place for the second week in a row. They'd better get their act together next week or I could be losing my favourite team! I have no idea how they're losing to teams like Erwin & Godwin or Lyn & Karlyn, or even Dave & Mary. Hopefully their luck will change next week!

Have a good day everyone!


Anonymous said...

I don't watch the Amazing Race.
I just wanted to be first again.

Sharon said...

Well I am glad that Sarah is not going to stay with Peter because he is a complete Idiot Stick! And I really like Erwin and Godwin. They really enjoy the experience and they are out to make friends not just trying to get ahead. And they are doing really well. If they win the race, it will be a true win.

Now... Last night I stayed up until 10:20 watching to the very end of the hockey game... I would like to give you my personal re-cap even though Jill will have a thorough one probably in tomorrow's blog.

Now I didn't see much of the first period because I was putting away clothes and what not... so I will start in the 2nd.

* I was tickled pink to see McGratton get in a scrap with Belak and just wallop the crap out of him. If there's one thing I like about watching the SENS, it's watching McGratton lay a beating on someone... preferably a TO player.

*Now, after a goal made by Patrick Eaves, the camera angle show Wade Redden tapping Eaves on the butt. Now don't get me wrong but I thought that was only done in football, which leads me to believe that Wade might have a little bit of fairy in him.

*Tucker picked a fight with Eaves... which was a poor match and he shouldn't have done that. it gave Eaves a Gordie Howe Hat trick though. Tucker should watch out though because in the 2nd intermission Chris Neil can be quoted saying "We'll take care of that later" LOVE IT! But it wasn't taken care of in the 3rd boring period so hopefully tomorrows game will show them laying a beating on Tucker. He's such a dill hole... who picks on the smallest player... only an Idiot Stick!

*Once again, Gerber was fish flopping on the ice Hasek style and TO tapped in the puck. They were mentioning how Emery is one of the best goalies in the league right now as far as STATS go... well why don't they put him in nets then!

3rd Period

This period was much less eventful than the 2nd. Gerber made yet another screw up by not saving the goal but allowing a rebound that he lost track of giving the leafs their 2nd goal of the night.

Neil scored another Goal!!! Love him too!

The refs weren't calling the Leafs on anything which was making me mad and Darcy Tucker kept going around and roughing everyone up... So Fisher took care of that. Cindy Rendle would have loved it as she really likes Fisher.

Well that's my view on last nights game. Tonight is Top Model. I am quite excited. I probably won't be viewing the Blog tomorrow as I am off for a Doctors appointment. BLA. But I will catch up on Friday. Don't you worry! LOL

Stacy said...

Lastnight there was nothing on TV, i hate tuesday nights now - however you hockey fans had a hockey game to watch i guess. I was in the kitchen baking cupcakes for a Halloween Bake Slae we were having at work today and did some laundry etc...tonight is AMerica's Next Top Model (i guess its just Sharon and I that watch this). Anyways I'll check back in later!
Take care,

Jill said...

Sharon: LOVED your re-cap! I highly disagree with the whole Wade being a fairy thing, but other than that, I pretty much felt the same way about the game! I HATE Darcy Tucker so much I could spit. I HATE him, HATE him, HATE him!! He's such a coward - picks on one of our young kids who is NOT a fighter, but cowers when McGrattan, Neil or Fisher go anywhere near him. What a chump. Aside from that, though, I thoroughly enjoyed the game! Looks like my old team is getting back in form!
Thanks for the entertaining rundown, Sharon!
And good morning to everyone else! :o)

Priscilla said...

I hate Darcy Tucker too, not like I know that much about hockey, but I call him a bully. And Chad always disagrees, but I guess last night proved that he's a bully by picking a fight. I especially liked when Mikey put his arm around his neck and pulled him down after he got the penalty for hooking. It gave him an extra 2 minutes, but the Sens seemed to have no problem killing it off. Jill- looks like we will be going down by Aylmer Friday night, so I guess I will be using that parking spot. I think we will be leaving Shawville at 4:30. And we will probably be back before midnight I would imagine. Thanks eh!

Jill said...

No problem at all PK!
And yes, Darcy is a big-ass bully. Just thinking about him makes my skin crawl. I loved it when Mike stuck his hand in his face and pulled him backwards. Even though it did give him an extra 2 in the box, it sent a message & I don't even think the Leafs got a shot on that 4-minute power play. People are always telling me that Tucker is the kind of guy you hate to play against, but love to have on your team. I wouldn't take him in a million years. I'd become a Leafs fan before I'd see him in Sens uniform!!
Should be an interesting game tomorrow night, that's for sure!

Stacy said...

I actually did see the fight, or A fight between McGratten and someone - but I just can't get over that McGratten (however you spell his name) doesn't learn his lesson yet. He is a always fighting it seems. Oh well...I guess that's the way some play.
Any plans on for the weekend? Not much on this end, taking it easy.

Sharon said...

McGratton fought Belak. And that's just who McGratton is... and that's why I love him! Wayne said that a good match would be McGratton and Hal Gil... I just love seeing him pumel anyone. I think it was him that Tie Dome went after last season. Like what was Tie Dome thinking... it might not have been McGratton... maybe Neil... don't quite remember... but as long as Neil and McGratton Scrap I will root for them!

Jill said...

Sharon, it was McGratton who fought Domi last year - many people pinpoint that fight as the end of Domi's career in the NHL. It proved that he could no longer fight with the big boys.
Stace: McGratton's not supposed to learn his lesson - that's his job on the team, just to fight and light the fire under the team when they need it. I'd say he clearly beat Belak, and I only wish he could have got his paws on Tucker and bashed his face in!
I'm terribly sorry about all this hockey talk for those of you who aren't interested...But I've kept it to a minimum until now, haven't I? I'll make a deal with yas, though...Because we've already talked so much about it already, I promise I won't recap it again tonight, how's that?
As for the weekend...Looks like it's gonna be a dull one. Luke mentioned that In Safe Hands are playing at the Lions' Hall Friday night, so I may go with him & Kristen to see them. Saturday I have no plans, except that I may possibly be babysitting Caden. Other than that, I'll probably watch some of my favourite scary movies to get in the mood for Halloween. In fact, that may be exactly what tonight's blog is about - my favourite scary movies. Prepare yourselves, it's gonna be spooktacular!!

Stacy said...

Haha Jill - i dont think i really actualyl saw Scary movies, other than like Scream and those movies -like Freddie Kreuger and the Jason movies and stuff, no idea. Jill, remember way back when - Tracey McColgan's birthday party down in Ralph's room and we wanted a scary movie and the only one we could get at St. Laurents (that was a while ago if that place was still open) anyways, we could only get this cheesy scary movie called Jacko or something....lol! Oh the good times. Well write about your scary movies and maybe i'll have to check some out - depending on your reviews of them!

Jill said...

LOL - I remember that movie at Tracey's in Ralph's room! Some guy got his head chopped off and it rolled into the grass, and it was SOOOOOO fake! The killer was a pumpkin head or something, wasn't it? God, that's funny! Ah, the memories!
Most of my favourite scary movies are recent ones that get bad reviews, but I've watched a few of the "old" horror movies, and I really don't like them.
Anyways, now I actually have to think about this and decide which ones I'm going to pick! I love having a project to work on!

Sharon said...

Jill, what time is In Safe Hands playing at? And what does it cost. Maybe I will go with you. If that's okay with you. I have never seen them play and Wayne works at night milking the moo moos so it would give me something to do. Let me know.

Jill said...

Sharon: I'll talk to Luke tonight and try to get some dets. I know they had booked all the bands thinking they could play at the RA Hall in Shawville like they usually do, but then they found out that it was already being used for something else, so they moved the show to Quyon. They will be the headliner, which means they'll be the last band to play, and I'm not sure what time that would be at, but maybe Luke will know. I asked him the other night how much it costs to get in, and he said probably $5-$10 but he wasn't sure. I'll let you know, and then you can definitely come with if you want!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how much it would cost but it would definitely be between $5 and $10. According to the website the show starts at 6:30 but they would be the headliners and would play last so they probably wouldn't play until at least after 9.


Jill said...

Merci beaucoup, petit frère!
So Sharon, if you wanna come, I'll probably go down around 8 or so...I want to go to Curves after supper, so by the time I got groomed and everything, I'd be ready to go by then. Just let me know before Friday!

Anonymous said...

I really hate Darcy Tucker. What bugs me the most is he is the dirtiest player out there yet everytime he is hit with a CLEAN HIT he flops on the ice like he's dying and then he yaps to the ref cause they didnt call a penalty. He could score 100 goals and he'd never win anything. Why? Cause he's a loser.