Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday Thoughts. The Internet is an asshole.

The Internet is being a total douchebag here these days – just about as assholey as an Internet can be – and it was down all day yesterday.  So you know what that means.  It means I have a lot to say today.  Lucky you guys.

  • So my plan for yesterday’s blog was to do one of those “What I’m Wearing Wednesday” posts that I never, ever, ever do, because I’m anything but a fashionista, my friends.  And truthfully, the pictures I have were not actually of clothes I was wearing on Wednesday, but they were clothes that I was looking for opinions on.  So let’s do this now, shall we? 

Skinny jeans from American Eagle – Yay or Nay?

IMG_7167 To be honest, with the boots on, I can barely even tell they are skinny jeans.  I think it’s because I have giant elephant legs or something.

Belted Permafleece jacket from Old Navy – Yay or Nay?

IMG_7169 The jacket is getting total mixed reviews from my friends and family.  I think I’m keeping it anyways.  It was only $20.

  • Thank you to my mom for being my photographer, even though I did tell her she wasn’t very good at it.   For the record, she voted “Yay” to the skinny jeans (shocked) and “Meh” for the jacket.  I also don’t like those boots as well as I thought I would.  I want a brown pair.  Like all the cool girls wear. 
  • And PS, I hate all my fat, but most especially my fat face and multiple chins.  ugh.
  • Seriously, though – that first outfit?  Is it presentable enough for Chad Brownlee on November 6th?  I’m just not sure…
  • I went shopping last night for Halloween Candy.  To Wal Mart.  Have I mentioned lately how impatient I get at Wal Mart?  Like, I wanted to punch everybody in the nose.  Including the crying babies.  And the lady who needs a service dog who was stuck in every aisle I went down.  AND the service dog too.   It was a frigging zoo.  And the Halloween candy section?  Complete mayhem.  I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.
  • You all should know that I’m putting a freeze on my credit card again.  I’ve gone way over-board lately with the on-line shopping.  I had to remind myself of this last night when I was completely de-railed by the Magic Mike display of DVDs that Wal Mart so conveniently set up to distract me right in the middle of the aisle.   I was all like, “Get in and get out, only buying things on the list, the sole purpose of this mission is Halloween candyOooooh Channing Tatum!  Oooooh Magic Mike!.  I want!  I need!  I MUST HAVE!!!” 


  • I was even holding it in my hand, reasoning that $18.94 was a pretty good price for so much deliciousness to be see on my very own television screen, when Sensible Jill (she’s the complete opposite of Sadie, by the way) popped up and said, “NO!! PUT IT DOWN!!  ASK FOR IT FOR CHRISTMAS!!  IT IS NOT ON YOUR LIST!!!”
  • I listened.  Miracle, I know.
  • Now, for the record, the credit card freeze is only just beginning now, actuallyBecause I kind of did use it this morning.  To buy tickets to the premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2.  Now it’s time to get EXCITED!!

breaking dawn part 2

  • I wasn’t really feeling the BDPart2 excitement until today, because two members of my usual Twilight crew had indicated they weren’t all that interested in doing the late-night viewing of this installment, and when trying to pin down a time to go see it opening weekend, we were unable to make conclusive plans.  Then I told my girl Britt that I didn’t think we were doing the midnight premiere, and she looked at me like I had just told her I’d killed her puppy and ate it for lunch.  That one look put the premiere plans back in action for me!  As it turns out, a local theatre is showing it at 10 PM on November 15th.  Tickets are purchased!  Can’t WAIT!!!
  • Back to the no longer spending money topic… I sunk quite a chunk of change last night on Halloween candy.  Partly because I want to be known as one of the “good houses”, and in order to buy enough candy to be a “good house” to approximately 150 kids, it’s not cheap, dudes.  And partly because I bought enough to hand out treats to more like 180 kids instead of 150.  That’s right.  I bought extra just for me.   Apparently, 1 Jill = 30 little kids.  I’m so good at math.


  • Last year, I was on a pretty serious diet at Halloween time, so I only bought candy that I didn’t really like in order to not tempt myself.  This year?  Not so seriously following the diet, unfortunately.  So I only bought stuff I LOVE.  Brilliant.
  • Saturday night is officially my Scary Movie Watching Night.  I’m contemplating renting Scream 4 (haven’t seen it yet), and also breaking out some of my favourites:  Halloween H20, Pet Semetary, The Exorcism of Emily Rose…  Who wants to come for a sleepover???

There is so much more brewing around in my head, but I think this is enough for one day.  Happy Thursday, pals!


Sarah said...

Internet here at work is extremely slow too. Trying to google is unberable, so. slow. ugh.

Love the skinny jeans, it hard to see the boots though...Try something like this maybe?..but cheaper LOL

As for the jacket, looks good in the picture!

Sarah said...

Internet here at work is extremely slow too. Trying to google is unberable, so. slow. ugh.

Love the skinny jeans, it hard to see the boots though...Try something like this maybe?..but cheaper LOL

As for the jacket, looks good in the picture!

Nicole said...

Ok so your post title had me cracking up! Like the look, however I think I am with you on the brown boots. I like the jeans and the coat/jacket though.

I have a surprise birthday party this weekend I'm throwing for hubby. i was up at 5am freaking out about details. In fact I was ready to start sending text messages at 5am but realize I probably shouldn't. People might not be happy with me.

Oh and something is wrong with my phone. Today it's eating up the battery and I have no internet and only 1 bar of signal... maybe the internet does suck ass.

Jen said...

I love the skinny jeans....(and I hate skinny jeans...hahaha...) But, guess I'm going to have to get myself some skinnys and boots seeing as that is all EVERYONE is wearing...
And I really like the boots! Where did you get them? I like the grey...saw a cute outfit on Pinterest with grey boots.

Kara said...

Well if you decide you don't need 30 kids worth of candy for yourself, I haven't bought candy yet - you can sell it to me!! lol....

VandyJ said...

I like the coat, the jeans look good with the boots.
Have fun with your scary movies, I can't bring myself to watch any scary movies.

LeeLu Creations said...

You are hilarious! Like the skinny jeans with boots. Like the coat, especially paired with a fun scarf.

I can't believe you turned down Magic Mike! Don't think your bro is gonna get you that for Christmas, lol. :)

Stacie said...

Cannot believe how expensive freakin' candy is! I might be the cheap house with Smarties...

Jillian said...

love the skinnies! I wear skinnies all the time and love them! I hear ya on the halloween candy I don't think I'm getting any kids for halloween but hey thats not stopping me from buying candy! cannot wait for Nov.1st thats when I'll go to town on candy buying! And I applaud your no Magic Mike....I don't think I could do it...I love Channing too much!

Jo said...

I would die without the internet!

Chell said...

I will get halloween candy on my way home from work on Wednesday. I like the jeans and boots :)
The jacket is a must keep.... I think I bought the exact same one this last week! LOL

Nancy said...

I like the jacket, maybe need to get one myself. I need an in-between one as last year's is too big and the cold air comes up the bottom. I haven't bought my candy yet, but for sure little coffee crisps are on my list.

Connie said...

I like the jacket!!

I haven't bought ANY candy yet. I'm waiting until Wednesday morning and then I'll get what's left.