Monday, October 22, 2012

I hate cereal.

This is the day that I should be re-capping what an awesome, fun-filled weekend it was with family & friends.  But, as per usual, I have not uploaded my pictures yet.

(The good news is I actually have pictures to upload, though!  I got my camera back on the weekend!  Woo hoo!  Thank you, Lynn!!)

Anyways.  So I’ll save the photo dump for tomorrow, I guess, and instead, I’ll tell you about cereal.  And how much I hate it.

I really really really hate cereal.


ew. ew. gag. puke. 

I stop in at my mom’s place every morning on my way to work.  People laugh & mock me for this, saying, “Your mom still makes you breakfast!”  Um, no.  I do not have a lavish spread of bacon and eggs and pancakes every morning, you donkeys.  It’s usually a bowl of Cheerios or a piece of toast.  More often the bowl of Cheerios.  So relax.

My mom does make me eat breakfast though.  When left to my own devices, I usually skip it.  She insists.  Most important meal of the day, you know! and all that crap.

Cereal makes me want to barf.  This morning when I walked in and saw it sitting there, I had to fight the urge to cringe.  And then I sat down and started shoveling it in as quickly as I could without gagging, just so that it would be over.

“Mom.  I hate cereal.”

“Me too.  It takes me half an hour to eat it because I dislike it so much.”

So there.  My mom and I both hate cereal, but our tactics for dealing with it are complete opposites.  I slam it down as fast as physically possible without vomiting it back up, while she drags it out as long as physically possible because she hates eating it so much.

I know people who love cereal.  They’ll eat it for supper.  Some people don’t even buy it because they’d eat it all if they have it in the house.

To those people I say…I don’t get it.  I just don’t get it.

Now.  For the record, I think I would be more willing to eat it if it were Froot Loops or Lucky Charms.  Those are definitely much more fun cereals.  If you toss in some bright colours and marshmallows and sugar, I’m down.

froot loops lucky charms

But I’m stuck with the somewhat healthy crap.  (I find Cheerios the most tolerable of the healthy crap).

Oh, and have I mentioned I hate milk?  I guess that doesn’t help either.

So there.  I hate it cereal.

Happy frigging Monday.


Jo said...

I'm one of those crazy people! I love cereal! I could live on it!

In our house it's 2 for 2 ... Himself & Cat hates it and Tiger & I love it ....

Kara said...

Wow - I was hoping for a much more inspirational blog this Monday morning. I think both of you should eat your cereal dry - you have both had milk allergies in the past and that would explain why you hate it so much. You would never catch me eating an egg - right?????

VandyJ said...

I hate cereal with milk. I don't mind munching on the dry stuff from time to time, but can't stand it with milk. Something about the sogginess and the way the milk tastes after, it just makes me cringe.
Turbo and Nick will eat cereal but I don't.

Sarah said...

Maybe you need to try a new cereal, I reccomend Vector it's my new fav. I actually crave it.

Anonymous said...

I eat my cereal dry most of the time. When I do put milk in it, I dont drink the milk at the end...I hate milk too! I munch on Honey Nut Cheerios, Apple and Cinammon Cheerios and Froot Loops at work all the time!

Nicole said...

hahahahaha. I think I'd eat cheerios before fruit loops and definitely before Lucky charms but I dislike marshmallows. Mark and I have been eating Special K, well we were, now we have 2 boxes but not eating them because no milk and that's the only time I drink white milk is on my spoon with cereal. I don't just love it but it's ok.

Stacy said...

captain crunch is MY FAVE...i put milk in my cereal but very little and i have to eat it rather quickly cuz i hate the sogginess too!

Brenda said...

Use yogurt instead of milk!!!!!!

Beth W said...

I grew up on cereal, so I have a fondness for it. However....if you and your mom both hate cereal...who not have a breakfast of muffins? fruit? yogurt? Why go for something you dislike? Cereal is not a superfood, and most cereals aren't actually healthy so....stop forcing yourself to eat something you hate! :P

LeeLu Creations said...

Girrrlllll! I love me some cereal, specifically Frosted Flakes and Oh's! Now I can't get them out of my head and will be thinking about them all day!

HickChickBritt said...

Haha I can't stand the sugary cereal. I don't really eat cereal that often but when I do, it is the kinds without sugar. Now that I think about it, I don't even know the last time I had a bowl of cereal. I take oatmeal every morning for breakfast. I also eat that sans any sugar, just plain old quick oats.

Anonymous said...

oh my, how funny. I LOVE cereal. I could eat it all day :)
Thanks for following, I'm following as well.

Abi K

Nancy said...

Cereal is part of my diet plan. I eat Cheerios but add Bran Buds for fiber and to make it last longer in my belly. No Sugar, 1% milk. I used to eat toast and peanut butter every day, But, thanks, now I want a peanut butter and banana sandwich!

Janette Johanson said...

I love that you call people donkey's! Very funny-- but unsure why you both dont snatch something more appealing to eat instead of this drawn out disgusting meal! poor thing! and you hate milk!? What is wrong with you!?haha! My husband doesn't like it much either but between me and 3 kids we easily pack away 3 gallons a week. you crack me up.