Friday, October 19, 2012

These are better days… :)

There’s nothing better than the anticipation of a big, fun weekend.  I’m ready to get this one rollin’!

But first… Confessions!


Linking up with Aubrey at High-Heeled Love while Mamarazzi continues her break :)

I confess… that I’m really looking forward to hanging out with friends tonight, enjoying good food and company as we celebrate our October birthdays.  It will definitely ease the sting of jealousy over not getting to see Springsteen tonight!

I confess… that the only reason I titled this post “These are better days…” is because that’s the Springsteen tune stuck in my head this morning.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  These really are better days… :)

I confess… that I had to laugh when all of my comments yesterday were from blog pals saying they either didn’t like The Boss that much, or didn’t really know many of his songs.  I admit that at one time I wasn’t that familiar with him either, but I’m so glad I bought that Greatest Hits CD way back when!  It was definitely worth the $10!


I confess… that I’m so very very excited for Car Rally tomorrow… like, almost as excited as I am on Christmas Eve.  (Okay, not quite…but close.)  C’maaaaan 2nd place!!!

I confess… I’m also looking forward to spending time with family on the special occasion of Neve’s baptism on Sunday.  It’s  a big day for our babe!  My Aunt Marion once said a girl only gets to wear two white gowns in her lifetime… Can’t wait to see Nevie in her first one on Sunday :)


I confess… that I totally screwed up my TV viewing last night.  I thought I had it all worked out (without a PVR – I thought I was amazing)… I planned to watch Big Bang at 8, Vampire Diaries at 9, and I was going to stay up late to watch Grey’s at 10.   Last week, TVD was on at 9…this week, it was not.  Totally missed it.  *sigh*  I’m craaaaaving Damon!!!

damon 2

I confess…that I actually fell asleep during Grey’s and totally missed the last 15 minutes.  So I guess the odds of me staying awake for it at 10 PM were probably slim anyways.

I confess… that I’m eating pizza twice today – lunch AND supper.  The good news?  I love pizza.  Bring it.

I confess… as much as I’m loving fall, I’m kind of antsy to start listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies.  I get a little shiver of excitement thinking about busting out the JB Christmas CD again!


I confess… that I’m so very excited for my friends Brenda, Wayne, Brittany & Cowan, as their new house is arriving today!  I said yesterday that I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced that level of excitement – the arrival of my nieces and nephew would probably be the only thing I could compare it to.  I got to see part of it on the truck yesterday.  Can’t wait to see the whole thing on its foundation… and even better, can’t wait to be sitting inside enjoying a Caesar with you guys!! :)

Well, that’s all she wrote for this Friday!!  Have a great weekend, and for those of you who will be on the Rally – see ya there! :)


VandyJ said...

Sounds like you have a full slate this weekend. Have fun!

Aubrey S. said...

I confess that I haven't seen either episode of Vampire Diaries this season. I need to get on that this weekend....need me some Damon in my life.

Thanks for linking up with Friday Confessional this week. Have a fabulous weekend.

Nicole said...

I watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas songs almost year round. And Grey's was good. I won't spoil it for you unless you want to know, but it was good!

Kara said...

Should I tell you that Chris is going to see The Boss tonight.....

Caroline said...

Love the Boss too! Hope you have a great weekend, sounds like you have lots going on! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more... I have my christmas CD's ready, cant wait to start playing it at home
I am your new follower, will be great if you follow me
Abi K

Ducky said...

We had a pizza marathon this week...dinner, breakfast, lunch then breakfast again. There's just something awesome about cold pizza.

HickChickBritt said...

Um so what's a car rally? I feel like it is something right up my alley, but I have never heard of such a thing.