Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The fabulous randomness in my brain today.

  • Is it possible to still… STILL…be hung over?  I swear, I still feel like a bag of crap.  Hey.  Maybe I have the flu??  Maybe it wasn’t too much booze on Saturday night at all.  Maybe that just happened to coincide with me coming down with the flu.  Yeah… that must be it.
  • No.  I don’t have the flu.  I think today I feel like crap because instead of detoxing last night, I only fed my body more crud.  I was still feeling half-dead, so rather than exercising and eating a healthy dinner, I lay on the couch, ate chips and pizza, drank Diet Coke, and slept.  Not my wisest move…but I really didn’t feel like doing much else last night.
  • I tried watching The 5-Year Engagement last night.  And it felt like it lasted for FIVE FRIGGING YEARS.  Or at least five frigging hours.  I know that part of the problem was I kept falling asleep, and then waking up and skipping back to the last scene I remembered watching, but honestly… longest.movie.ever.  I was not nearly as entertained as I’d hoped to be.


  • Oh!  The fashion show!  I haven’t reported on that yet!  So.  I was an “official dresser” for the very first time at the fashion show at Oktoberfest on Friday night.  Each of the dressers were given two models to outfit for the evening.  All the outfits were pre-selected and organized, so basically all I had to do was get my two ladies into their clothes, and make sure each outfit was hung up neatly after being discarded.  It was actually a lot of fun, and my mom said it was one of the smoothest shows she’s ever been part of.  Oh, except for the fact that one of the models ALMOST DIED.  No, I’m not exaggerating.  Okay, maybe a little.  But one of the girls did fall down the flight of stairs heading to the stage.  Thankfully, it wasn’t one of the older ladies.  Thankfully, she only suffered some bruising.  And thankfully, she was not one of my models.  She was my mom’s.  Totally her responsibility.
  • As always happens with the turn of the season, I’ve had a recent urge to revamp my fall wardrobe.  I don’t think I’ve bought new jeans since I was in Midland two summers ago, and everything in my closest just feels old and out of style.  Enter:  American Eagle and Old Navy on-line.  I dusted off the ol’ Mastercard, and placed two orders in the past few days.  I pray that at least some of it fits.
  • My riskiest purchase?  A pair of Rockstar skinny jeans from Old Navy.  I read on someone else’s blog that they are the comfiest jeans in the history of the world.  I, however, have professed to hate skinnies ever since they became trendy.  I mean, a big girl?  Wearing skinnies?  Not cool, right?  I don’t want to look like a sausage stuffed into its casing.  When I told my friend Lindsay this, she said I could pull off the look if I paired the jeans with a pair of high boots.  So.  I ordered a pair of boots from Old Navy, too.  I have a pretty good idea that it’s all going to be returned…

rockstar jeans

  • Over the weekend, I started watching Lost.  It’s one of those TV series’ I totally missed out on, so I bought the first season, based mainly on the fact that Ian Somerhalder is it.  Two discs in, and I’m hooked.  Totally confused, but hooked nonetheless. 
  • Ian Somerhalder is younger, obviously, and skinnier, and not as hot as he is as Damon.  But still, decent eye candy, when paired with the likes of Matthew Fox.  Worthwhile, I’d say.


  • I missed Musical Monday yesterday.  I was still in that hangover haze, and the only thing I could think to talk about was Sadie, and totally forgot it was Musical Monday.  So here is my offering this week:  “Hasn’t Hit Me Yet” by one of my most beloved bands, Blue Rodeo.  Doesn’t matter how many times I hear it.  It’s one of my all-time favourites.  Another Canadian classic.

I think that’s all she wrote today… Happy Tuesday, folks!!

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Jodie said...

I don't even know where to begin!! First off, you are gonna LOVE Lost!! It's hands down one of my top 5 favorite shows!! You are gonna rock the Old Navy jeans and look great! AE has some really awesome clothes out this fall!

Lindsay said...

I can't wait to see/hear about the clothes you order since you know I went and spent WAY to much money myself at old navy! ha ha! I think you are going to rock the Rockstar skinnies!

Nicole said...

I'm still on the fence about the whole Skinnies fad.... I have two pair, one doesn't really fit and the others were big in weird places... so I threw them in the dryer to shrink them. We'll see.... but hopefully you like yours! I like them with boots, they look ok, when girls wear them with flats, I'm not digging that all that much.. but i'm not really a fashionista either.

Stacie said...

I'd be worried about the pizza and chips, but you did say the Coke was Diet, so in my world it all balances out!

Impulsive Addict said...

I wish I was hungover. My turn is coming quickly!!

I wanted to watch that movie. Maybe I won't get it after all since you weren't impressed.

M won't let me purchase skinny jeans. Not even for Emma. He HATES the look of them. He makes fun of every person wearing them. I didn't like them at first, but they're growing on me and now I can't even try them out! Boo to him.

Girl, Lost is CRAY CRAY! Let me know what you think when you finish it!

Thanks for linking up!!

HickChickBritt said...

You do too have the flu, it's called the brown bag flu. Haha that's what Chris always calls it. Hopefully you are feeling better and a good night's sleep tonight, and you will be ready to take on Wednesday. Ha, now I have to go back and read about you escapades.

Stacy Uncorked said...

There have only been a few times I've been hung over like that - I would have thought the pizza and chips and diet coke and sleeping would have eliminated it. ;)

I would never be able to wear skinny jeans - even at my skinniest I sport Swenson Thunder Thighs. Don't think it'd be pretty in skinny jeans. :)

I wanted to see the 5-Year engagement because of the stars - guess I'll pass unless I need to be put to sleep. ;)

I watched LOST the entire time it was on - it does have confusing moments, but it's definitely addicting. :)

Crazy Christmas in September, Maytag and Oster Rock, and a Pessimistic Princess Nagger

Mrs. Match said...

I'm sad to hear that The 5 Year Engagement wasn't that good. I love Jason Seagull.
Sorry you were so hungover. That's the worst feeling ever. Pregnancy is sort of like a hangover that doesn't end-just something to think about when you get baby fever. ;-)