Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I got my camera back… prepare for the photo dump!

As you all have probably heard by now, I “lost” my camera the night of Lynn & Steve’s wedding. (Which is code for I got drunk and set it down somewhere and didn’t even think about it until the next morning.)  The following day, Lynn texted me to say she had found it.  (I was so very happy & grateful!) 

Unfortunately, I hadn’t seen Lynn since then, so I have been camera-less for a few weeks.  UNTIL I finally saw the new Mrs. on Saturday at the Car Rally, and she returned it to me.  Just in the nick of time, too, because it was Nevie’s baptism on Sunday and I would have been so sad if I didn’t have picture-taking-capabilities!

But before I move on – here are a few of the pics from Lynn & Steve’s big day!

IMG_6946 Gettin’ hitched!

IMG_6969 The first dance as husband & wife – I loved how the kids all lined up to watch!

IMG_6993 With my friend Amy – for those of you who had asked to see my wedding ensemble!! ;)

IMG_7004 The bride & groom having fun on the dance floor with the kiddos

So for those of you who were expecting this yesterday… Here, finally, is the weekend re-cap :)

  • Friday evening, I had a group of friends in for a pizza party to celebrate our October birthdays.  For a few hours, my house was literally a hive of activity – friends chatting, littles running around, and babies to hold.  It was such a fun evening!  Of course, at this point I still didn’t have my camera back, so I only took a few shots on my phone.  This one is my favourite.  I call it “These boys have priorities…”


Evan with his son Landyn, Graham with his baby boy Daniel, and Ryan with… his plate of food ;)

  • Everyone packed it in fairly early that night, as many of us were participating in the annual Quyon Lionettes Car Rally the following day.  It’s literally one of my favourite days of the year.  We travel all over local backroads searching for clues, and answers to questions they’ve given us – kind of like a giant scavenger hunt, I guess you’d call it.  This year, the organizers did an excellent job.  The theme was “Canada”, and the route was set up as though we were travelling across the country, answering questions about each province as we entered that section.  It was like a great big history/geography lesson – and I was super-impressed with how smart my team was on our Canadian trivia!
  • As usual, Stacy, Ricky, Sara, Graham and I had a BLAST!  We’ve been going in the Rally together for years now, and we all work well together as a team.  We always hope to finish in second place (first place has to organize the rally the following year, so we try to avoid that! haha!) – this year, we fell short again, tying for 6th place with a few other teams.  But that’s not bad, considering there were over 50 teams participating!
  • It seems every year we have an “incident” that we laugh about for years to come… And this year was no different!  I think I’ll forever remember this as the year Ricky backed the truck right into a ditch on a very narrow dirt road, and all of us laughing hysterically as he told us to “hang on!!!” as he revved the truck and lurched us out of that ditch!  (Not to mention the lad in the yellow sweatshirt who was pointing and laughing at us, who will forever be known to us as “The Banana”.)
  • Our goal is usually to beat our friends and family who participate in the Rally, and one of our main targets this year were our friends Sharon & Wayne, Brandan & Amanda, and Jason & Mandy… However, when they were announced as the first-place winners, we were kind of glad we didn’t beat them! Ha!!  Congratulations, guys – looking forward to what you put together for next year!!
  • Saturday was such a great day, but the weekend fun wasn’t over yet!  Sunday was our beautiful Baby Neve’s big day… her baptism!


Baby Neve with her Godfather Uncle Troy, Daddy, Mommy, and Godmother Auntie Steph

  • We’re probably entirely biased, but it felt like such a special day.  Our student minister Nancy had a beautiful service planned, and Neve was literally a little angel all day.  She looked so lovely in her flowing white gown, and spent the entire day wide awake and surrounded by her doting relatives, close friends, and church family.  Here are some more pictures from Nevie’s baptism:

Neves baptism 006[3] Photo from Lindsay – Nancy asked Caden and Danica to help pour the water into the baptismal font

IMG_7018 Nancy baptizing Neve while her parents and Godparents look on

IMG_7023 Nancy taking the newly baptized babe on the traditional tour to meet her church family in the pews


Nevie with her daddy

IMG_7038 This was the most upset I saw her all day! haha!  She was such a good girl :)


Luke, Amanda & Neve with the cake her Grandma Young made

IMG_7110 What a cutie!!

It was such a wonderful weekend spent with family & friends.  I’m sure you all can understand why I was a little on the tired and cranky side yesterday, and had nothing better to do but whine about how much I hate cereal, right?!

Happy Tuesday :)

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LeeLu Creations said...

The Banana! Ha ha, I so have a visual in my head that will probably be there the rest of the day. That car rally sounds super fun. I don't know why we don't do that kinda thing down here...at least not in my circle, lol.

Random thought alert!...And speaking of Banana, when we go to the beach, they have this long banana float that can hold like ten people and they pull it on a jet ski out in the ocean. It's kinda hilarious just watching it. :)

VandyJ said...

You'd probably call us bananas too--one of the colors for our university is a yellowish goldish bright color. Brown is the other color. Lots of people opt for the yellow. Game days are kind of bananaish around here.
Car Rally sounds fun.
Looks like Neve had a lovely baptism.

Jodie said...

Neve is such a doll she did look like an angel in her first picture!! What a wonderful time!

Miss Angie said...

Awe, great photos!

Chell said...

Well no wonder you left your camera at the wedding...lol is that 2 drinks at one time in your photo?

Neve is a little doll!

Jo said...

You are right Neve is a total cutie!

Anonymous said...

Glad your camera turned up. Those kinds of losses feel so bad!

Nicole said...

So glad you got your camera back. Question, how did they know it was yours?

And why student minister? I don't think I fully understand that term.

HickChickBritt said...

Haha, so you were double fisting it at the wedding. No wonder you didn't remember your camera! So I have done something similar to a car rally. It was at a car show that we took my old truck to. It was more of a poker run though. My husband got so frustrated with it all though and for some reason my truck kept trying to over heat, so really it wasn't a very fun time. The idea of it sounds fun though!

Steph said...

Double fisting it I see.... I thought you changed your ways. ;)

Little Neve is adorable. Congrats to her!

Stacie said...

Love how Ryan is gazing just as lovingly at his plate as the others are staring at their kids!

Mrs. Match said...

The older I get, the more I look forward to family get togethers. It's so nice to be around family and little ones!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Your car rally sounds like so much fun! I participated in one years ago but had forgotten all about it until now - thanks for the memories! ;)

So glad you got your camera back in time for the baptism - love all the shots! What a little cutie pie!

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Recently Roached said...

You always lose the good things when you're drunk! :) Glad you got your camera back. The wedding sounds/looks like a blast!

Impulsive Addict said...

I would be LOST without a camera of some kind. I'm so bad about taking pics of EVERYTHING! I'm glad you got it back! Whew!

Beautiful bride! I love going to weddings!

What a little cutie! Love love love that last picture!!!

Thanks for linking up my friend!

Kara said...

Love all those pics!!

Nancy said...

Thanks for such a wonderful post, Jillian. The pictures are priceless. It was a really special day for us all. Neve is just such an amazing baby, what a sweet natured little angel she is. LOVE the pictures!!!!!
For whoever wondered what a student minister is, tell her I am studying to be a minister and only have 6&1/2 month to go before I graduate!!!