Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jill, Currently…

I’m totally stealing this idea from other blogs.  I believe there might even be a link-up for it, but I’m not going to bother with all that jazz.

This is me, currently…

Current Book:  I’m reading The Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda.  It is our book club selection for this month, and while I’m not reading it as quickly as I anticipated, I am enjoying it and I’m sure it will inspire good conversation at our meeting.


Current Playlist:  One More Night – Maroon 5; Home – Phillip Phillips; Settle Down – No Doubt; Want U Back – Cher Lloyd; Wagon Wheel – Chad Brownlee; She’s So Mean – Matchbox 20; Oh Love – Green Day; I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz; Jumped Right In – Dallas Smith; Dancing Away With My Heart – Lady Antebellum. 

I literally pulled these right off my current iPod playlist.  These are the current faves.  Plus anything Blue Rodeo, The Tragically Hip, and Bruce Springsteen.  They’re all getting lots of play these days.

Current Colors:  Oh, fall!  I love the colours!  Right now, I’m digging greys, dark purple, dark blue…

Current Food/Drink: Chili!  Also thinking a lot about pizza (probably because of the upcoming pizza party on Friday night…)  And my current drinks are good ol’ water, hazelnut coffee (K-cups), and tea.


Current Favorite Show:  LOST.  As if you didn’t already know that.  I will also add in The Voice, The Vampire Diaries, The Big Bang Theory, and Grey’s Anatomy.  They are “my shows” right now.  I can’t pick just one.


Current Needs:  I need the NHL to come back, like, NOW.  I need this cold that’s threatening to just F off already.  I need Lost Season 3 on DVD.  Oh, and I need a boyfriend.  Just sayin’.

Current Banes of my Existence:  The lack of a PVR in my home, and the realization that I don’t think I can get an upgrade.  (It’s a long story, and it kind of makes me sound like a criminal I think, so I’m going to withhold that story for now.)

Also, the robot comments on my blog.

AND, my dirty fish tank.  Along with the fish that just will not die.

Current Celebrity Crush:  Ian Somerhalder, Josh Holloway

Ian somerhalder 3


Current #1 Blessing:  My family & friends… I am so very grateful for them!

family photo 2011

Jill & Neve

Current Indulgence:  On-line shopping.  I can’t stop ordering stuff from Old Navy and American Eagle.  It’s getting kind of ridiculous.  Oh, and also the purchases I made at the Silpada jewelry party I went to last night – a new ring and bracelet.  Someone take my credit card away from me.

Current Outfit:  Right now, I’m wearing my Mountainview uniform.  Black pants, lime-green golf shirt, and black zip-up sweater. All MVT’d up.

Current Excitement:  Looking forward to the weekend!!  Especially pizza party with friends on Friday night, Car Rally on Saturday, and Neve’s baptism on Sunday.  So.can’t.wait.

Current Mood:  Strangely, silly & giddy, considering I have a headache and I’m fighting off this cold.  I should be cranky, but I’m not.  Go figure.

Current Favorite Quote or Verse:  You guys already saw it posted here last week in my Friday confessions, but here it is again…


Current Wishlist Item:  A PVR.  A new winter coat.  The rest of the seasons of Lost on DVD.

Current Favorite Products:  Ricki’s nail lacquer & Revlon Lip Butter



What are you all about, currently??


Sarah said...

Here we go:
Current Book: Well I dont read much, I still have 50 Shades of Grey #2 since the summer that I have not opened up in months, kinda forgot about it.

Current Playlist: Haven't used my ipod in months, but I'm loving these songs on the radio: I will wait by Mumford and Sons , Gangnam Style by PSY, Wanted by Hunter Hayes, Ho Hey by the Lumineers, Hard to Love by Lee Brice

Current Colors: Black, Purples, Greys, Taupes, Browns

Current Food/Drink: Fruits and Veggies, water and Michelaub Ultra

Current Favorite Show: I can't find a good show to watch these days.Nothing in the fall schedule is interesting me, I have Been watching Breaking Amish and X-factor, nothing exicting though

Current Needs: Also for hockey to start, and I need winter tires

Current Banes of my Existence: the fact that there might be a mouse in my basement, eek.

Current Indulgence: Chocolate - friggin halloween candy gets me everytime

Current Outfit: Black V-neck sweater with purple tank underneath, grey dress pants with my taupe boots

Current Excitement: Car rally on Saturday!!

Current Mood: eerie. Saw a bad accident this morning, a guy on a motorcycle lost control and spun out, then a car turning left hit his Motorcycle, he got up and seemed ok but it was scary watching it all happen it front on me, felt like slow motion then I come to work and see emails about the Border officer who got shot yesterday...just seems like a weird eerie day!

Current Wishlist Item: New winter clothes, snow tires. Win the lottery

Current Favorite Products: Matrix Staightning spray

jenlee said...

I cannot for the the life of me quit on-line shopping either! I love everything..even when I try hating it. My credit card hates me, but my closet loves me. Glad I'm not the only one who has this addiction. Hellooo intervention :)

Mrs. Match said...

I love fall colors! Send some of that cold my way girl.
And currently for me? Well check out my blog. Big news!

Nicole said...

I had to go look up that Maroon 5 song :). Fun!! I love fall colors too! and I think I might have to do this sometime. Looks like fun.

Stacie said...

Love that Phillip Phillips song!

Jo said...

Ugh I've also been getting quite a few robot comments om my blog the last while.

Nancy said...

I am going to Sears today to look for a new winter coat. My old one is so big the wind blew up inside last winter and I froze.

I don't have an IPOD, hence no playlist. I listen to classical when I study or write. If I listen to music with words it distracts me too much and I can't focus.

outfit, ha, ha, jeans and a tulip festival T shirt.

Mood... optimistic and grateful. I need to finish two textbooks by tomorrow and write critiques about them, write the sermon for Sunday, and comment on my classmates posts. Going to hit my desk for a few hours before Sears.

Wish I had signed up for the car rally, one of these years! Excited for Neve's baptism.

Fall colours were spectacular yesterday, and I just appreciated how much I love fall and my "job"