Thursday, October 11, 2012

Operation: Let’s Get Jill a PVR.

You know how exciting my life is right now?

This morning, while having breakfast with my mom, I was trying to think of newsworthy items floating through my brain to share with her.  And all I could think of was stuff that I watched on Lost last night.


My mom’s eyes kind of glaze over with complete disinterest when I talk about my TV shows like they are real life things happening to me, so I didn’t bother.  But honestly, it was all I could think of to talk about.  It’s consuming me.

Remember yesterday, when I said my plan was to rent What to Expect When You’re Expecting?  Well, the store didn’t have it on the shelf, of course.  I rented 30 Minutes or Less instead, and did not really love it.  So really and truly, the highlight of my night was Lost.

I’m almost done Season 1.  I’m addicted.  This show is like crack.  (and yes, I realize everyone else in the world went through this years ago, like when the show was actually on TV.  This should not come as a surprise to me.) I’m already trying to figure out how I’m going to find the time to finish watching Season 1 tonight.  (And so very thankful I have Season 2 already in my possession, ready to roll.)

And thus, my dilemma of the day.

As I’ve mentioned many, many times before, I am a Flintstone, I live in the Stone Ages, and I do not have a PVR.  And it is totally ruining my LIFE.

I’m all tired and whiny today because I had to stay up an hour past my bedtime last night to watch the new show Nashville.  It’s about country singers.  And Connie Britton is in.  It’s, like, made for me.


Normal people with a bedtime of 10 PM-ish?  They would’ve just set their PVR’s and watched it another time.  But no.  I don’t have one of those fancy new-fangled machines, so I had to stay up to til the ungodly hour of 11 o’clock to watch this new show. 

(And I didn’t even really like it.  Hayden Panettiere annoyed the hell out of me.  And I wanted to hear more singing.  I was disappointed.)

Tonight, I thought I had an impossible task on my hands:  trying to squeeze Zumba, The Big Bang Theory, The Vampire Diaries, and Grey’s Anatomy, all into one night.  With a PVR?  Simple.  Without one?  Well…something was going to get cut.

As it turns out, I don’t think Grey’s is actually on tonight (what the frack is up with that?  Two episodes into the new season and they decide to take a break?!?) – so it’s now doable.  I will get home from Zumba before 8, watch Big Bang then, and then Damon shall be at 9. 

But throw Grey’s into this mix when it returns, and it’s impossible without a PVR.

So.  This is my new mission.  I need to upgrade.  I need a satellite receiver with a PVR.  Like, STAT.

I’ve been on the Bell website already this morning, trying to figure out what my options are and how much it’s going to cost me.  My main concern is that they only seem to have HD PVR’s, and I do not have an HD TV.  Is this a problem?  I do not know.  I think I need to call them.

I’m frigging on it, dudes.  Time to get out of the Stone Ages.


Holly said...

You can use an external hard drive. My cousins gave us one for our wedding gift (best give EVER) and my my understanding, it's an external hard drive and is like 150$ (ish).

Anonymous said...

We also do not have a PVR and Thursday's are my favorite night for TV too :(

Sarah said...

OOOh Fun, if you are getting an HD PVR,you should get a new HDTV to go with it :)

Kara said...

We have an HDPVR and as you well know - we don't have an HD TV. We got ours as a promotional upgrade for no cost - you might want to ask them if they will upgrade u for free.

Stacy said...

PVR is highly learn to watch everything later just so you can fast forward the commercials!

VandyJ said...

They are called a DVR down here and truly, I wish we had one for all the TV's in the house--it's so convenient when there's nothing on. Just find a show you have recorded and watch that. Our right now only works with the TV's in the basement. We will be upgrading one of these days.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I want to see the new Beauty and the Beast that starts tonight I think after Vampire Diaries! :D

Anonymous said...

Get a new HDTV! It's definitely worth it!

Jo said...

Time to updgrade! Go on spoil yourself!

Nancy said...

I hardly watch anything but the news live anymore. I PRV all my shows and zip past the commercials. Hope you get it all figured out.

Nicole said...

The Vice-Presidential candidate debate was on at 8 (which is normal Grey's time in my neck of the woods) so I think that's why no Grey's last night.