Thursday, October 04, 2012

This & That Thursday.

So.  This is basically like Random Tuesday, except it’s Thursday.  So I’ll call it “This & That Thursday” instead.  It’s like alliteration.  Or something.

  • This morning, I invited my mother to go to the movies with me tomorrow night.  Her response?  “NO!!!!”  As if I was inviting her to come with me to watch someone get raped or murdered, or something equally horrible.  Then she says, “You probably want to go see one of your Halloween movies.”  Yes, sure, Mom.  That makes sense – me taking you to a ‘Halloween movie’.  *sigh*
  • For the record, the movie I want to see is Trouble With The Curve.  It’s about baseball.  AND Justin Timberlake is in it.  It’s, like, made for me.  Clint Eastwood is also in it, so I thought, you know… a little something for Mom, too.  But nope.  She’s having none of it.


  • Have I mentioned how excited I am to eat turkey on Sunday?  Really frigging excited.  I love turkey.
  • Question to my fellow bloggers:  What the heck do you do about spam?!  In the past few weeks, the number of spam comments I’ve been getting has at least doubled.  I’m getting about 50-100 robot comments a week.  (except for that one bizzare night when I came in and had 200 of them that magically appeared overnight.  awesome.) Usually, I go into my dashboard about once a week and just clear them all out, but it’s getting redic.  If I get one more “hi! my name is kavin and your site is so amazing!  so much informations, help me write my school report.  thank you so much!  i will bookmark in my favourites.  Please see my webpage also”  (on my post about how much I love Christian Grey or my post about my pet goldfish)… well, I just might scream.  Where do they come from?  How do I get them to stop?  I really don’t want to have to do the annoying word/number verification.  Is there another way to get these robots to VAMOOSE?!
  • Interweb Robots:  If you are reading this, please kindly stop leaving me stupid comments.  Thank you.
  • It’s gonna be pretty ironic when the robots start commenting on this post telling me how great my informations are.
  • Tonight is the return to Zumba.  The first night of the fall session, and because I don’t do the summer session, I have not done Zumba since last spring.  Not even on my Wii.  Betcha this is gonna hurt.
  • I’m starting to get really ticked off at Old Navy.  I placed my order with them on Monday – and have yet to receive the email notification that it has shipped.  Get it together, Old Navy.
  • You know, I’m proud of one of our local radio stations, Hot 89.9, for making a world-wide splash after hanging up on one of the guys from One Direction last week.  Apparently Rush was all lined up to do an interview with one of the guys in the group, but the PR lady gave him a list of about 50 things he wasn’t allowed to ask – things like “anything to do with the X-Factor, who writes the songs, who’s your best friend in the band, what’s your favourite colour, blah blah blah” – basically anything that didn’t have to do with their current new single and upcoming new album.  So when Rush got the guy on the line, he simply said something like, “Pleasure to have you here today, so nice of you to join us, and have a great day.” *click* I thought it was awesome, and I love that One Direction is now issuing public statements trying “clear up any misunderstandings”.  Sure.  Whatever.  You go, Rush.

Hot 89.9

  • Is it just me, or is this another insanely long week?  Each day, I’m like, “Holy crap, it’s only Tuesday.”  “Holy crap, it’s only Wednesday.”  “Holy crap, it’s only THURSDAY!”  I’m so ready for the weekend.  Again.  I’m glad it’s a long one.  Dragging my ass out of bed each morning is getting increasingly difficult.  I need sleep-in time.

Have a great day, friends :)


Nicole said...

My food blog was getting a lot of spam, not nearly like yours apparently, but I took it off where Anonymous couldn't post anymore and I haven't gotten any in a while. It's sad to do that but... you might give that a shot...

Stacy said...

mine was gettign spam too and that is why i had to add the letter thing ya know...after you comment, you have to type in the letters - that stops the spam

Sarah said...

I can't wait for Turkey..again, I did have turkey dinner # 1 last Saturday, then this saturday is turkey dinner #2 and sunday is dinner #3...thank god I love it.

It has been a long week - but it's already friday eve ;)

That sucks about the spammers, I think you should add the word verification thing, it's not that bad...

Kara said...

Guess I better invite you for turkey dinner - eh?? And for the record - it will make you even more sleepy!!

Nathan said...

Turkey is pretty amazing and I've been craving it lately! I'm not sure what to tell you about the spammers. I'm fortunate to not have them. Do you list your blog on public search engines? I have mind so I don't and that could be it, but I'm not sure? What happened at the radio station sounds pretty awesome! Anyway, enjoy that turkey!

VandyJ said...

Enjoy the turkey, we get ours next month.
As to the spammers, go with word verification for a while. The should clear them out and then you can get rid of it after the spammers go away and bother someone else.

Jillian said...

that is awesome about what that radio host did I wish the local mj host had a few rules about what she could ask request callers (lets just say last time I called in I pretty much confessed my love for one direction on air. I can't wait for turkey either! I'm going home tonight!!!

Anonymous said...

My turkey is going in the oven after lunch, yum. At least with the the hot tub rave Sunday you won't have to worry about sleeping in and missing church! Personally, I hate the word verification as they are hard to read (I'm getting old}, but understand if you need to do that, I'll still have something to say!

Nancy said...

Sorry, I hit the wrong button, its not anonymous here, its Nancy!

Jodie said...

Enjoy eating your turkey this weekend!! I have to wait another month... :(!!! I just I can just live through you!! About the Old Navy shipping, it happens to me all the time. Sometimes their shopping is fast.. other times it takes them weeks!!! I don't know why that is!