Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WWTKW: Any ol’ excuse to post pictures of hot celebrities…

I love this week’s We Want to Know Wednesday questions ~ all about celebrities!

Linking it up with Mamarazzi & Crazymama


This week’s questions:

The Lovely One wants to know:
{one} What Disney character do you most resemble and why?

And it got Mamarazzi, wanting to know...

{two} Who was your teenage celebrity crush?
{three} What celebrity would you love to be BFF with?
{four} Who is your celebrity look a like?
{five} Which celebrity/celebrity couple would you want to portray you/your honey in a movie about your life?

My answers:

{one} What Disney character do you most resemble and why?

Easy.  I’m Ursula.


OK, that might be a bit of a lie.  My boobs aren’t nearly that big.

{two} Who was your teenage celebrity crush?

It would be very very hard for me to pick just one.  I was always a Tom Cruise girl, and I recall going through a big Ryan Philippe phase.  There was also Ben Affleck, Jared Leto, Freddie Prinze Jr….

But I think the biggest teen celeb crush I had was on Chris O’Donnell.


I fell in love with him after seeing Mad Love, and literally became obsessed.  I bought all his movies – even the Batman ones – and I used to clip pictures of him out of magazines and stick them all over my high school agendas.  It was a pretty serious affair.

chris odonnell

Of course, I also considered Ottawa Senators d-man Wade Redden a celebrity, but that was more than just a crush.  That, my friends…that was the love of a lifetime…

Wade Redden 2



*sigh*  I miss him so…

{three} What celebrity would you love to be BFF with?

Ian Somerhalder.

ian somerhalder guitar

What?!  I think he and I would make GREAT pals!!  I mean, he plays guitar, so do I…sometimes…

{four} Who is your celebrity look a like?

I honestly don’t think I have one.  I have never had anyone tell me I looked like a particular celebrity. 

Oh, wait.  That’s not true.  Back when I used to take Karate, one of the little girls in the class told me I looked like Izzie from Grey’s Anatomy.  I have no idea what kind of drugs that thirteen-year-old was smoking, but I thanked her profusely.  I’m assuming it was just the way I had my hair tied up or something.   I will probably never be compared to Katherine Heigl ever again in my life, but I’ll take it.


(I have never ever looked like this, not even in my wildest dreams)

{five} Which celebrity/celebrity couple would you want to portray you/your honey in a movie about your life?

Well, if Katherine Heigl’s available, I guess she should play me.  Obviously.

Actually, I really do love her.  I just watched Life As We Know It for the fifteenth time the other day, and maybe it’s because she got to hang out with Josh Duhamel the whole time, but that’s one of my favourite movies that she’s in.  I think she could play me well – funny, bubbly, sarcastic…  And I know she’d have to have a few cheeseburgers before we could really be twins, but whatev.


And…well…we all know I ain’t got no honey.  But if I’m getting to pick someone to play mine in a movie, I’m going with Channing Tatum. 


channing tatum 2  Channing-channing-tatum-15143085-500-464


Now, if only he could sing like Conway Twitty, I’d be set…

Happy Wednesday, kids. :)


Jo said...

I have developed a serious crush on Channing Tatum :)

Nicole said...

Ok, why Ursela? and yeah Channing Tatum is hot ;)

VandyJ said...

Channing Tatum could play Nick any time, but then I'd want to play me ;)

Funny, I went with witches as my Disney look alike too. Not a princess girl here.

D said...

Channing Tatum? Lucky!

Anonymous said...

Okay. I'm a die hard Red Wings fan but your hockey boy toy is smokin'! :D And Channing Tatum.. Totally hawt!

Emmy said...

Oh I like your answers! And girl you are so not Ursula!

~she~ said...

Your Ursula answer totally made me laugh out loud! Great movie, great breasts!

The older I get, the more I resemble her too...the uncontrolled gray hair, the weight gain, the sagging breasts, and the PMS temper. Darn! I want to change my answer now!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Ursula. Nahhh.

LeeLu Creations said...

Girl, Channing Tatum and Ian Somerhalder...Yum! And those eyes on Chris O'Donnell are to die for. How have I not noticed until now?? And how was Channing Tatum not on my radar until all this Magic Mike hype? Which was totally worth the hype, lol.

Stacie said...

Ursula? Wasn't she evil? That is not you at all!

HickChickBritt said...

Hi I just found your blog from Nicole @ That's life. And you are just too funny! I look forward to reading more of your blog!

MiMi said...

Those hockey players are hot!
I love that Chris is (as far as I know) still married to his wife who is not a celebrity and has a pretty normal life!

Beth said...

I can see your eyes, more so.

And also...Chris O'Donnol! I totally forgot about him. Yes, he was a major crush back in the day, too. He was in some romcom with brides, I memory on this is hazy. But it fueled my romantic fantasies for years.

And, of course, Ian S is a step up. ;)

Mamarazzi said... much man candy. i love this whole post!!

thanks so much for linking up, especially this week. tee hee.

oh and you are WAY cuter than that shizzle!

Nancy said...

Really, Jillian, Ursula? No way....Belle is more like it as you love to sing and read and have a wonderfully kind heart.