Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Confessions

Kicking off the weekend by cleaning out my closet…and linking up with Mamarazzi!


I confess…that despite regretting my Thursday night ball park beers last week, I had every intention of doing it all again last night.  Didn’t happen.  I drank a bottle of water instead, and I guess I feel much better for it today.  I guess.

I confess…that despite knowing how badly we need the rain…I’m secretly quite delighted that today and tomorrow are to be hot and sunny.  More time to improve on my tan.

I confess…that I’m looking forward to spending my evening with my momma.  We’re going out for dinner, and then I’m going to pick a movie from my shelf for us to watch.  Girls night in!

I confess…that I was super-jeal of all the Facebook statuses yesterday from my peeps who were off to see Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan in TO, Dean Brody in Pembroke, and John Mellancamp at Bluesfest in Ottawa.  I miss being the Concert Queen of the World. :(

jason aldean

I confess…it’s been a Bob Marley kind of week.  This one’s my current fave.

I confess…that after completing my post for the Liebster Award yesterday, I was pretty certain nobody would play along…so I was excited this morning to see that a few of the ladies I tagged had actually done it!  Thanks, guys! :)

I confess…that when Britt texted me yesterday to say she’d heard Magic Mike 2 is already in the works…well, I smiled.  I hope my boyfriend Channing Tatum dances even more for me.

I confess…that despite Channing Tatum being my boyfriend, I literally LOL’d when I saw this on Jenny’s blog MFAMB yesterday:

“i was going to show you pictures of channing tatum's hot body and tell you how much i enjoy looking at him.

even though his ears stick out and he kind of looks like a giant penis with arms and a face.”

I confess…that I also LOL’d yesterday when I over-heard my co-worker Pat asking if LOL stood for “Lots Of Love”.  It’s hard to catch Pat actually looking embarrassed, but in that moment…he totally was.

I confess…that I so can’t wait for one week from today.  In one week from today, I will be off to Belleville for the weekend with my mom, my sister, and my bro-in-law for the wedding of a family friend.  Can’t wait to bust out the road tunes, the hotel room rum & cokes, the dining out, the relaxation, the wedding fun…the getting away.

Happy Friday, dudes. :)


VandyJ said...

Getting away is awesome! we are looking forward to our epic road trip later this summer.
Channing Tatum is yummy.
I'll be doing the award thing next week.

Nicole said...

I was actually working on the award from yesterday, I just don't have it done. I'm a total slacker :(. Don't take it away from me... LOL :) please??

and yey for water, er I think!

Caroline said...

Have fun with your momma! I'll be seeing mine tomorrow for a family reunion lunch.

I wish I had a road trip, any trip, planned! Enjoy the anticipation this week, and I hope you have a great trip!

Caroline said...
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Anonymous said...

I want to drink some beer too; been wanting to try some new summer beers. But I know I am better off with water, all in all.

Kara said...

Ha - Pat not knowing lol is as bad as me not knowing - lmao - had to ask a co-worker about that one this morning and she pulled out her old texting cheat sheet, as she has a teenage daughter. Who knew - there are cheat sheets for texting!!!

Aubrey S. said...

Yay for a girls night in. I hope y'all have a lot of fun.

Thanks for the eye candy. It was just what I needed this afternoon.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Stacie said...

I so need a few good sunny days and enough time to get a tan! I am downright pasty.

Connie Weiss said...

Oh Magic Mike I'll love you!

Beth said...

Yay girls night in! Have a great time...and I LOVE that quote about Channing Tatum. Cuz it's so true. :)