Wednesday, July 18, 2012

If you really knew me…

Happy Wednesday, dudes. 

I’ve decided to forego the weekly We Want To Know Wednesday questions for something a little different.  I saw this post by one of my favourites, Jodie at Ramblings of a Fabulous Brunette, and I thought I’d play along.

Of course, many of you already do “really know me”, so most of this shouldn’t be earth-shattering. ;)  But I’ll try to dig up some stuff that maybe not everyone knows.

If you REALLY knew me…

  • you’d know that I have a giant Ottawa Senators flag pinned up in my room that my cousin David gave me – he got it from Chris Neil.
  • you’d know I’m afraid of the dark and still need a night-light.
  • you’d know that I detest being called “Gilly” – I tolerated it from my Dad, and I still tolerate it from my cousin Dale.  But that’s IT.
  • you’d know that I have a birth mark in the centre of the top of my left foot.
  • you’d know my absolute favourite supper served at my mother’s table is spaghetti.


  • you’d know I hate – HATE – steak!
  • you’d know I love to be in the water, yet one of my biggest fears is drowning.
  • you’d know the only piece of jewelry I always wear is the Celtic ring on my middle finger of my left hand – given to me by my Aunt Marion.


  • you’d know that the little scar on that same finger is from when I burnt it on a tea pot working at a local restaurant as a teen.
  • you’d know that my lack of self-confidence can be crippling.
  • you’d know that when I put my mind to something, I friggin’ do it.  The problem is actually putting my mind to something…
  • you’d know that I’m stronger than I thought I was two years ago.
  • you’d know that I pee a lot.  Like, a lot.
  • you’d know I’m terrified of being alone forever and never having kids of my own.
  • you’d know that I loooove to sleep.
  • you’d know my biggest weakness is chips & dip.


  • you’d know that I actually prefer Lays Wavy chips to Ruffles.
  • you’d know that when I’m nervous, I feel like I could puke.  I will do anything it takes to make that feeling go away.
  • you’d know that I adore my nieces and nephew more than anything else in the world.


  • you’d know that I can’t decide what my absolute favourite song is because it changes – weekly, sometimes daily.
  • you’d know that I had a really bad dog when I was a kid; his name was Jake.  I think he ruined my love for all dogs.
  • you’d know that I kinda sorta maybe think vampires are real.
  • you’d know that I *think* I love scary movies, until I start actually watching one – then I regret it.
  • you’d know my true alcoholic drink of choice is rye & Diet Pepsi – but because rye makes me forget what I did the night before (and maybe makes me a little crazy), I now drink rum.
  • you’d know that my non-alcoholic drink of choice is plain old water.  I drink tons of it every day.
  • you’d know I have ZERO patience.
  • you’d know that Christmas Eve is my favourite day of the year.
  • you’d know that my favourite number is 6.  And yes, that is because it’s Wade Redden’s number.

wade redden

So…did you learn something about me that you didn’t already know?  Or am I friggin’ open book and everyone already knew this stuff? ;)


Lindsay said...

Great list! Great new picture of all the kiddo's! Neve has changed so much already! Caden is starting to look like a little man! Wow! xo

Nicole said...

Never have heard of rye in the form of alcohol, just bread. And what is a celtic ring?

Anonymous said...

Chips and dip are my weakness too! Yeah for the Senators, love that your a sports/hockey fan!

VandyJ said...

I can forgo the dip, but love chips.
I have birthmark on my leg that only shows up when I have a dark tan.
Love all the tidbits about you.

Kara said...

Better move the you desperately want kids one and the sleep one further apart on your list - trust me they don't go together. Hmmm - I could share more about you, but we'll save that for your wedding day:)

Connie Weiss said...

You hate steak?

What the heck?

I pee a lot too.

Emmy said...

Lot's of stuff I didn't know. I love chips and dip! Though I do like Ruffles. Mmm now I really want some and can't think of anything else!