Thursday, July 05, 2012


  • Why do short weeks sometimes feel so long?  It’s only Thursday.  THURSDAY.  And since I’ve been asking if it’s Saturday yet since Tuesday…well…makes the week seem painfully long.
  • I’m insanely jealous of people on holidays, even though my holidays are booked for later this month.  Sometimes I think I should’ve been a teacher, just to get the summer months off.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the greatest patience with kids, so being a teacher was never really an option for me.
  • Yes, you read that right.  Me, the girl who wants babies – lots and lots of babies – has no patience with kids.  Go figure.  I do love ‘em…they just sometimes make me want to scream. ;)
  • Speaking of loving ‘em…Last night I met the newest little addition to our group.  My friends Sara & Graham and big sister Charlotte welcomed their little boy, Daniel, on Tuesday afternoon.  He was so so cute, and I felt so insanely blessed to have my arms filled with another newborn!  It’s my favourite baby stage!!  Love him to pieces!  Congratulations guys!!
  • Holding Daniel made me miss Neve…I haven’t got to snuggle with her since a brief little visit last Friday afternoon.  (She was at the Reunion on Sunday, but stayed sleeping in her seat all afternoon.)  I need me some Neve time this weekend.

Neve 2

  • Free Fallin’, on my radio this morning…I don’t know if another song can twist me up in such a whirlwind of emotion.  I hear it so rarely that when I do it kind of takes my breath away.  I smile, and I always think that it’s Troy checking in.  Then I cry.  I’d give anything to have him here again; to hear Dog sing it just one more time…
  • OK.  So.  I’m walking wounded.  I have a blister between my toes that won’t heal.  I still have this massive mystery bruise on my knee.  And last night, I almost hacked off the tip of my right thumb.  I’m an f’in catastrophe.
  • After I cleaned up my thumb and threw away the bloody potato I had been slicing for my healthy supper, I walked down to Mae’s and got a chicken burger platter.  To hell with being healthy, I almost lost my damn thumb!!!
  • Some days, I love where I work.  Just a few minutes ago, someone called asking if we sold Japanese Beetle Traps.  My boss, Bill, said, “Tell them to buy some female Japanese Beetles.  They’ll trap those suckers better than anything.”  I know I should be insulted, but really…it’s just too funny.
  • Seriously, is it the weekend yet?


allstarme said...

I hear you on short weeks. And it sounds like things kind of suck for now but you know, they'll get better. Look forward to the weekend!

Emmy said...

FYI- it is so much easier to have patience with your own kids than other people's kids. Yes they will drive you crazy at times but so much easier.

Hope the weekend gets here for your quickly!

Stacie said...

Why is it that bouts of clumsiness/accidents all come at once? A few weeks ago, I had a burn, then a cut, then stubbed my toe! I fall over air!

Nicole said...

I hear you'll have way more patience with your own kids than someone else's. I'm not real sure I've learned that yet b/c technically my step-daughter is someone else's... I didn't birth her. haha! Although I went to school to be a teacher, then I subbed for a year. I got along better with the middle school kids oddly enough. The high schooler's didn't respect me (partially b/c I was so close to their age) and the little kids... whoa! they are busy bodies :)

Kara said...

Well I don't have Japanese beetles - but the old red lily beetles could drive me nuts!

Anonymous said...

I have the "12 fl. oz." garage tape from 1990.

I need to convert it to mp3 soon.