Thursday, July 26, 2012

It’s OK…

I’ve seen It’s OK Thursday posts on many of my favourite blogs over the past year, and I think I’ll play along today for the first time!


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It’s OK…

  • that it rained last night.  Boy, do the farmers ever need it around here!
  • to have a bit of a carb overload this morning – toast with jam for breakfast, and a co-worker brought in fresh bagels and cream cheese for everyone.   Screw the diet today.
  • to anxiously anticipate the end of the work week…Vacay, here I come!
  • to wonder what the HELL Kristen Stewart was thinking when she cheated on Rob – EDWARD FRIGGIN’ CULLEN!!!! – with an old married man.


  • that I lazed in bed an extra ten minutes this morning and had no time to properly straighten my hair…Curly frizzy hair on a gloomy, rainy day is acceptable, no?
  • to have a crush on Conway Twitty.  Really.  It is.  The man has such a sexy voice.
  • to not know if Conway Twitty is alive or dead.  Note to self: google this later.
  • to miss Christian Grey.  Seriously, I wish the series had never ended.
  • to watch episodes of The Vampire Diaries every night, just to get my Ian Somerhalder fix.


  • that I’m a little afraid to go to the movies after the Aurora theatre shooting.
  • that I get mad when people tell me I’m almost 30.  I’M NOT EVEN 29 YET, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!
  • to wallow in sadness a little today, on the 2nd anniversary of my cousin Jeff’s passing…


Our last cousin staircase photo

What are you saying “It’s OK!” to today?


Stacy said...

We are not almost 30 LOL

Anonymous said...

Conway, Elvis and Janis are all together. He died June of 1993 but you can still love him.

On another note...hugs to you today xoxo

MiMi said...

Holy crap. That picture of Ian should come with a warning! HOT!

Alyssa said...

HA! I said, "Screw the diet today" too! It's just been a bad week for me!

Connie Weiss said...

I won't be going to a movie theater for a while.

I have a hard enough time with crowds the way it is.....

Beth said...

Psh, you aren't 'almost 30' until you're 6 months away from it! Not that being 30 sucks...on the contrary, I love it! It's like a smarter, more put-together 21.

Also, totally agree about Conway Twitty's voice.
And have you watched Lost? I love Ian's sweet guy routine when he was on the show. *le sigh*

Stacie said...

Love toast and jelly for breakfast. And really not sure what Kristen Stewart is thinking.

Nicole said...

Conway Twitty passed away in 1993. I just googled it for you :)