Friday, July 06, 2012

Hello, Friday.

Friday Confessions.  Linking up with Mamarazzi.  Here we go.


I confess…that the beers at the ball park last night seemed like a good idea at the time.  This morning?  Not so much.  A tiny Friday morning hangover to kick off the weekend. Ugh.

I confess…that I was starting to wonder if Friday would ever get here.  This has been the friggin longest short week in the history of the world.

I confess…that I have eaten at the chipstand 3 times this week.  THREE times.  That’s not cool.


I confess…that I have no idea why I bother spending almost half an hour in the morning straightening my hair when there are chunks of it that clearly want to do their own thing.  Stupid naturally-curly hair.

I confess…that I was looking forward to tonight all week because I’m planning to make jello shots for our Canada Day Committee wrap party tomorrow.  Now, I’m kind of thinking I might just rather have a nap.

jello shots

I confess…that I love this hot, dry weather.  I’m not allowed to say that around here (apparently it’s not conducive to growing sod. who knew.)…but I love the sun, I love the heat, I love my tan, and I love that I get to float in Lindsay’s pool tomorrow.  I’m holding off on the rain dance.  The crispier my lawn gets, the less I have to mow it.

I confess…that I really need to get off my ass next week and be more active.  Since the “eating healthy” thing isn’t happening right now, I should at least be upping the exercising, no?

I confess…that a co-worker asked to see my hacked-off thumb, and when I peeled back the band-aid to show him, I was highly embarrassed to realize it barely looks like a nick.  Swear to God, it bled like a mother-trucker.  He doesn’t believe me.

I confess…that I showed my friend Brenda the blister between my toes last night, and she warned me to keep an eye on it for infection.  So now I’m paranoid.  They’re probably going to have to amputate my foot.

I confess…that I’ve watched Magic Mike clips on youtube every day this week.  Seriously, watching Channing dance is one of my greatest joys.

And with that…Happy Friday! :)


Lindsay said... the no rain! No rain tomorrow but tonight would be great and everyday next week!!

Mmmm.."Chad" dancing....yum! ha ha!


Anonymous said...

I wish I could find some good poutine down here but alas, no. The one place in town who makes it is a vegetarian place so it's not quite right!

ashley said...

That poutine looks AMAZING! I will no doubt be finding a chipstand this weekend...wish I lived closer to Mae's.

Love that you are slightly hungover this morning...funny girl! :)

Have a great weekend.

Connie Weiss said...

Just watched the clip.

It's not even 8am.....feels wrong.

I have no idea what else I was going to say.

Jodie said...

I confess... I've watched the same clip since the day I saw the movie!! I thought someone would have put the longer clip up by now!! Come on people!! lol!!

Have a good weekend!!

VandyJ said...

I think a friend or two or three of us are going to see Magic Mike on Wednesday.
You gotta love those cuts that bleed like nothing and then look like a paper cut.

Aubrey S. said...

Thanks for a little clip of Channing dancing. I needed that in the middle of a slow Friday morning.

I confess...that much like your beers, I will probably regret tonight's margaritas. For now though, that's getting me through the workday and jujitsu this evening.

Happy Friday! Have a fabulous weekend.

Nicole said...

Sometime if you're ever feeling spunkey, I have a Mai Tai recipe on my recipe blog today that is toooooo die for!

Caroline said...

The jello shots look really pretty! I've never made any, and I confess I've only had one.

Thank you for the idea of watching the Magic Mike video. Big Brother is watching here, but I'm going to get a peak tonight, at home, by myself.

Steph said...

Ummmm... jello shots.

Mindy said...

Those J-ELLO shots look amazing! Happy belated Canada day!

Magic Mike....ahhh..let me get off here and dream of Channing and his hot dance moves!

Mindy said...

Those J-ELLO shots look amazing! Happy belated Canada day!

Magic Mike....ahhh..let me get off here and dream of Channing and his hot dance moves!

D said...

Everything looks delish!

Stacie said...

Ugh, I have given up on my hair. For years, I tried to curl it under and it would flip right up, now I just go with it!

And I was reading so fast that I thought you had named your blister Brenda...I thought, boy she sure is attached to that thing!

Jolene said...

Soo many places need rain right now. Good for you being able to swim and get a tan. :)

nancy said...

Lol, how is Brenda the blister doing?