Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday… It’s all going to get better from here.

Have I mentioned that this week has been a total pain in the ass?

Hence… I’m thrilled that Friday has finally arrived.  I’m so very ready to get this epic weekend rollin’.



I confess…that I think I may have gotten myself into quite a pickle this evening.  A few weeks ago, my mom asked if I’d like to help out with the fashion show that one of her good friends puts on at Oktoberfest, and I agreed, thinking I would be like my mom’s little aide or something.  Turns out, I have one of the positions of “official dresser” tonight – I’m responsible for getting one of the models in and out of her outfits, making her look fabulous, and making sure all the clothes are returned to their bags neatly.  Um.  Hello?  This does *not* sound like my kind of gig.  Have these people seen my disaster closet?!?

I confess… that I can’t wait for the fashion show to be over.  Then the weekend fun will really begin.

I confess… that I really can’t wait to just be at Oktoberfest tonight, in the big hall, with a drink in my hand, and hopefully running into many friendly faces.  Perhaps dancing to Ambush too.  Oktoberfest is a wonderful time of year.


I confess… that a friend and I were texting this morning about how pumped we are for Lynn & Steve’s wedding tomorrow.  Then, my friend asked, “Are you letting Sadie out tomorrow?”  And I said, “Yeah, I’m thinking of giving her a pass for the night”; to which he replied, “Oh.  Well, I don’t really like Sadie, but oh well.”  WHAT?!?!  YOU MEAN PEOPLE DON’T ACTUALLY LIKE SADIE?!?!?! 

I confess… Sadie’s feelings were very hurt.

I confess… that I might still let her out anyways, even if nobody likes her.  I mean, there’s a frigging bus to get her home and everything.  It would be a waste not to take advantage of this situation, no?

I confess… that I may be a little bleary-eyed at Tanner’s baptism on Sunday morning.  I hope that’s OK.

I confess… that this weekend of fun hasn’t even really begun yet, and I’m already kind of anticipating next weekend.  A) It’s Turkey Weekend.  And I love turkey.  B) It’s TUB RAVE!!!!  Seriously, I think that’s my second-favourite day of the year, behind Christmas Eve.  I hope Fudgie is making Caesars.

Tub Rave 2

I confess… I’m very pissed off at Grey’s for killing off McSteamy.  I figured if anyone else was going to fall victim to the plane crash, it would be Arizona.  (Granted, I did believe her to be dead for most of the episode.)  It was a tough episode for me to watch, bringing back memories of our days in the ICU last winter.  But I guess that’s bound to happen with a doctor show, right?


I confess… that I’m ready for this weekend to just START.  Like, NOW.  Let’s goooooooooooooo!!!!!

Happy Friday, dudes :)


Anonymous said...

I was SO sad when McSteamy died too - my eyes were just pouring! I wasn't sure if Arizona was dead or if she left Callie...they kept that in suspense really well though! Did you watch the new Big Bang episode??

Sarah said...

See you at Oktoberfest, i can't wait for a german sausage bahahahaa or some sort of german food! Good luck with the fashion show depending what time we get there I might get to see a bit!

Nicole said...

awe, shoot I haven't watched Grey's yet. I went to bed sick last night. Oh well I don't know how it happens so it's all good. In fact I knew going in to the season finale that someone was getting killed off which whatever :). Ok going home tonight to watch :)

Hope you have a great weekend. I've always heard about Oktoberfest but never been to one. I should sometime.

Stacy said...

good job Jilly - ruining the surprise for Nicole!
Have fun at oktoberfest - i have never been...i will be prepping for tanner's baptism...but seeing how you are letting Sadie out, I will make sure that ALL kids are there and they are extra loud and crazy just for you

Kara said...

Did Mom tell you that you have to do hair and make-up, too? Better bring the Covergirl and bobby pins along.

VandyJ said...

Hope the fashion show goes well and have fun at octoberfest.

Connie Weiss said...

I'm so pissed off at Grey's that I might stop watching it.

Who is Sadie?

I went to Oktoberfest yesterday and had a BLAST!!