Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Confessions. Mostly on music. And a little on cookies.

Mamarazzi’s not feelin’ the blogging these days, so Aubrey at High-Heeled Love is taking over the Friday Confessions linky party.  Let’s do it.


I confess…that I went on a music downloading spree last night. And it made my mother mad, because I was “playing on my computer” (ahem… concentrating on downloading songs) instead of chitchatting with her.  Sorry, Ma.

I confess…my cousin Kenny will randomly send me texts telling me to check out different songs.  A long time ago, he told me to listen to “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show, and I did, and I really liked it.  So imagine my absolute delight when I discovered that my new love, Chad Brownlee, also does a version of the song.  Chad Brownlee + Me = meant to be.

I confess…that might be the sexiest thing I’ve ever posted on my blog.  Ever.

I confess…that a lot of you asked yesterday what song it was that Rolly heard to make him think of me.  So I asked him, and he was like, “I have no idea, but I think it was that skinny blonde girl.”  I said, “You mean, Taylor Swift?”  And he said, “Yeah!  That’s the one!”  He said he thought the song was something about ‘our love’.  Or something.  After a quick perusal of my Taylor Swift collection, I’m thinking it may have been the song “Ours”.  But it might not have been.  We’ll never know.

I confess…that during my perusal of my Taylor Swift collection, I re-discovered the song “Dear John”.  I had totally forgotten about it, but I really really love it.

I confess…that while Rolly is a very flattering fellow, I never in a million years have sounded, nor will I ever sound, like Taylor Swift.  Although I do think I rock the shit out of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”.

I confess…that I was complimented on my voice a second time yesterday, and it kind of had me spinning for a minute.  My dear pal Stuey was in the office and he said, “Hey, you sounded pretty good on Saturday night!”  and I was all like, What the heck is going on here today?  It took me a second to remember that I was on-stage drunkenly belting out The Coconut Song with Gail Gavan on Saturday night at Community Day.  Trust me, it did not.sound.good.  And if it somehow magically did sound good, it was all Gail’s doing, not mine.  I was clearly in third place when it came to Gail’s duet partners that night – little Julia singing “The Wheels on the Bus” being the clear first place, followed closely by Audrey doing “The Ring of Fire” in second.

Gail & Audrey doing The Ring of Fire

I confess…that when I watched an episode of Friday Night Lights a few weeks ago and Devin sang Landry a funny little song to cheer him up, I totally thought it was a made-up song.  Come to find out yesterday it’s actually a real song, by The Flaming Lips.  I like it.  A lot.

I confess… that I’ve never really been a big Green Day fan – except for in Grade 6, when I thought “When I Come Around” was the best thing in the history of the world – and of course “Good Riddance”, who doesn’t love that one – but their new song, “Oh Love”, is pretty frigging awesome.  Like, my new favourite I think.  “I’m wearing my heart on a noose” might be the best song lyric ever.  It spoke to me.

I confess…that when I posted that video, I didn’t actually watch it right away.  It turns out, it’s kind of porny.  I apologize for that.  Damn you, Green Day.

I confess…that if I never see a chocolate chip cookie from Costco ever again in my life, I would be OK with that.  They are STILL floating around this office, and just looking at them makes me want to puke.

I confess…that that confession up there is complete bullshit.  I do not vomit when I look at the cookies.  I eat them.


Happy Friday, kids :)


VandyJ said...

I don't really think It's possible to hit cookie overload.
OK, I take that back--at Christmas in a doctor's office when every one is bringing cookie plates, it is then possible to hit cookie overload.

Aubrey S. said...

C is for cookie and coffee!

Thanks for sharing so much great music. If you aren't already, you should consider linking up with My So-Called Chaos for her Musical Mondays party.

I love the song "Dear John" by Taylor Swift. I could play it on repeat. Apparently she wrote it regarding her relationship with John Mayer, and he had the nerve to be upset about it. He's the worst for trash-talking and oversharing about his exes so that's a little hypocritical in my book.

Thanks for linking looks like Friday Confessional will be with my for the next two weeks.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Beth Wade said...

Music and've totally made my Friday. Thanks! :)

(I just ate a cookie for breakfast so I throw no stones in this glass house)

I want to hear you sing that Taylor Swift song you'd rock now!

Nicole said...

I about busted a gut when I read your last confession about not puking but instead gobbling them up :).

Nancy said...

Still laughing about that very porny Green Day Song, thanks for making me giggle!

Jaime said...

Don't forget that Chad Brownlee is going to be at Crazy Horse on Nov. 6. There are a few of us going, and I am really looking forward to seeing him on stage again. You have to buy tickets at Crazy Horse, they went on sale on Tuesday!

sarita edgerton said...

I spent time with my daughter downloading music with her so I guess it was a win win situation! Hooking for fun with High-Heeled love! Hop over and check it out!

Steph said...

Again, Taylor Swift is a no talent ass hat. I'm sure you are better than her.

Jill said...

@Jaime, thanks for the reminder, Linds & I are planning to go! We called on Tuesday about tickets, and we were told not to worry, to just stop in sometime in the next month to pick up the tix. Can't wait!! :)

Caroline said...

I'm going to check out your cool music! If you buy music on Amazon, they have some .50 songs right now - They have good deals weekly.

And I LOVE cookies. I ate one right after reading your confessions. Have a great weekend!!

Stacie said...

If you like bluegrassy, folksy, you have to check out The Civil Wars (if you haven't already). I love them and their song Safe and Sound with Taylor Swift is one of my new faves.

Jolene said...

Thanks for sharing all the music. I enjoyed the new Green Day a lot.

Also the cookie...last confession made me laugh so hard. Thanks so much.

Jillian said...

now I'm craving cookies...thanks a lot!! I reccommend listening to Hunter Hayes boy is he good and good looking ;), I'm also really big on the Chad brownlee lately too (lets not forget Deric Ruttan, and One Direction)