Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Random Tuesday Ramblings

It’s Tuesday.  I’m tired.  Let’s be random.

  • Last night, I decided to go all domestic in the kitchen.  BAD IDEA.  It was one disaster after another.  I went for my walk right after work, then returned home to make a pot of my mom’s amazing cream of broccoli soup, and two lasagnas for the freezer.  Sounds simple enough, right?  I began this venture at approximately 6:30 PM.  At 11:30 PM, I was still up, waiting for the lasagnas to cool.  Apparently I did not properly guesstimate how long it would take, nor did I factor in the potential time lost to the disasters.  *sigh*


This was me last night.  Except, I had no man to console me.

  • Once I finally did get to bed, I couldn’t frigging sleep.  Of course.  It was a night of tossing and turning.  I know I actually did sleep, but it was one of those nights when it really didn’t feel like it.
  • Then…THEN!!  I woke up this morning with a sinus headache.  What the frig. 
  • Needless to say, I’m ready for the weekend… Very much looking forward to Oktoberfest on Friday night, Lynn & Steve’s wedding on Saturday, and Tanner’s baptism on Sunday!  (Is it seriously only Tuesday?!?)
  • Speaking of Lynn & Steve… They are officially my heroes.  I’d been trying to figure out how I was going to swing this Saturday night.  I mean, I want to have one or two beverages, of course, but then, how to get home?  Normally, I would just wing it – sleep on someone’s front lawn, if I had to (that’s allowed in Shawville, right??) – but because of Tanner’s baptism Sunday morning, I figured it was best that I get my butt home somehow.  So… Lynn & Steve to the rescue!  The Bride & Groom announced on Facebook last night that there will be a bus to take all of us poor drunken fools home after the reception.  Excellent!!


My heroes…the soon-t0-be newlyweds!

  • Tonight, I get to go dress shopping for this wedding. I.hate.dress.shopping.  Please, Shopping Gods, look down upon me and help me find something quickly, without much pain involved.  I beg of you.
  • Funny thing that happened this weekend:  My 3-year-old niece Danica was sitting on my knee, pretending to read the wedding thank you card I got last week from my friends Lindsay & Ryan.  I pointed out Linds in a picture on the front, and said to Dan, “Who’s that?”  And she said, “uuuum…LINDSAY!”  And so I pointed at Ryan (she doesn’t know him as well), and asked, “Who’s that?”  To which she replied, “uuuuum… CASSANDRA!”  We believe this to just be a name she really likes, but she had us laughing. (Ryan is super-impressed with this story, too.)

The lovely picture of Lindsay and “Cassandra” (www.juliecbutlerphotography.com)

  • A few of you have asked to see my new ‘do.  Honestly, guys…it’s not as drastic as I thought or expected it to be.  My hairdresser didn’t seem to want to go as short as the picture of Tyra, so I think it’s basically just the same cut I got earlier this summer, maybe a bit shorter.  So you can look at that picture again. ;)

  • A few of you have also asked when I’m going to post a video of myself playing guitar and singing.  And to you, I say… You crazy.  I’m terrible.  You don’t want to see that, trust me!!!
  • Yesterday, I told you all about one of my favourite Hip songs, “Wheat Kings”.  Now I’m totally going through a Tragically Hip phase, and discovered this little gem on my iPod yesterday – one of those songs that I’d totally forgotten about.  Love it.

  • I’d like to give a big shout-out to all my pals who did the Army Run in Ottawa on Sunday morning – I knew quite a few who completed the 5K and a few crazy people who actually did the half-marathon.  I think I’ve been inspired…I don’t ever imagine I’ll be a “runner”, but I think I might actually want to attempt the 5K next year.  (I’ll be walking, but whatever! haha!)  Way to go, guys!! :)
  • I think it’s time for another coffee.

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VandyJ said...

I totally agree that it should be like Thursday or something. It's been a long week already.

Lindsay said...

Ha Ha I think Ill say to Ryan tonight, "I love you too, Cassandra". ha ha

I did find your hair very dramatic! I kept looking at you and thinking how different it looked!

You could totally run the 5 k! You have a whole year to train! xo

Stacy Uncorked said...

And now Ryan will forever be known as "Cassandra" - or "Cassie". ;) Too funny!

This has already been a long week - and it's only Tuesday? Here's hoping it speeds by quickly, your sinus headache runs away with mine, and the weekend gets her before we know it. Your upcoming weekend, however, sounds way more fun than mine! :)

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Jodie said...

I LOVE LOVE new the do! It looks great on you!! It sounds like you have a crazy busy weekend, always to best!! I hope you find a pretty dress! If I was there... I would totally go with you! I love dress shopping... shopping period! :)

Stacy said...

I love the new do and I am sooo impressed that Tanners baptism means that much to you - awww!

Regarding the sleep issue - come and live at my house - WE.DO.NOT.SLEEP...tanner seems to sleep from 8 pm - 11 pm and then he is up EVERY.SINGLE.HOUR after that...at least once an hour!!

Stacie said...

I still think the hair is cute! And I had forgotten for one brief moment that it is only Tuesday...thanks for the reminder, no really...

Steph said...

Yeah this week blows!

Picture! Picture! Picture!

Nicole said...

Ok so I think it's a little crazy, but I've tried it for a little over a week, probably close to 2 weeks (minus being sick at my house this weekend) and it works. http://sleepyti.me/
Plug in what time you get up in the morning, try to get to sleep at one of the suggested times and you'll be more awake. if you try it, let me know if it works for you. It has for Mark and me and one of the gals here at work who suggested/recommended it.

Emmy said...

You can totally do a 5K- it really feels awesome to accomplish one. Sounds like you will be able to have a very fun time at the wedding ;)

Hope you feel better soon.

Oh and maybe it is just on the phone- but the new font color makes it kind of tricky to read

Connie Weiss said...

Little kids are so funny!!

Impulsive Addict said...

You are so crazy for coming home on a week night to make stuff for the freezer. I'm not that brave and I stay at home.

Wait. Maybe I'm just lazy. M better be lucky that I cook one dinner a day. Forget doing any more! =)

I LOVE your hair! Super cute! And I totally feel your pain when it comes to dress shopping. It sucks balls. Good luck!!

Thanks for linking up, my dear!