Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Tuesday Random

  • It’s one of those days… Overcast, gloomy, and the rain started to fall a few minutes ago.  In a perfect world, I’d be snuggled up on the couch at home with my quilt and a book, or an old favourite movie.  Today, I’m thinking Blue Hawaii.  Ohhhh how I wish!


  • So, as some of you may recall, I have recently been re-watching all of the seasons of Friday Night Lights, because I discovered I had the fifth and final season on my DVD shelf, still in it’s wrapper, never watched.  I finally finished it on Saturday afternoon, and it was so bittersweet saying good-bye.  Like, kinda made me cry.  I always have this problem with TV shows.  I just have to keep reminding myself, You can start watching it all over again today if you want, Jill.  Tim Riggins will be in your life forever, if you want him.

tim riggins

tim riggins 2

  • Yes, please.
  • You want to know what’s weird?  I was so excited to start Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries once I was done with FNL, but I just can’t seem to get into it.  What is wrong with me?  I mean, this is IAN SOMERHALDER we’re talking about, people.  DAMON SALVATORE!!!!  But all I want is my Tim Riggins and my Matt Saracen back…



  • Saturday is hair-chop-off day.  I’ve realized I’m probably always going to be the girl who is never satisfied with her hair.  I’m always going to want to go shorter or longer.  Right now, I’m dying to go shorter.  The Season-2-of-FNL-Tyra-Colette-bob is my current goal.  I’ll probably have it for one week before I start trying to magically make my hair grow faster again.



  • My mom thinks the Tyra bob is a bad idea.  But then again, my mom always thinks whatever I do with my hair is a bad idea.
  • Speaking of my mom.  Yesterday, she and my uncle took my poor little Rav to my uncle’s mechanic in Ladysmith to give ‘er the ol’ once-over.  Like, how much longer can Jill drive this thing before it completely dies in the middle of the road kind of check-up.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the mechanic thinks it’s good to go for another while.  He’s going to change the front brakes next week (funny, of all the things that I thought might be wrong with it, brakes weren’t even on the list) – but otherwise, he says to keep driving her, everything’s good to go.  Sweet.
  • Then.  THEN.  My mom took my car home and decided to clean it.  She was apparently a little grossed out by how dirty I’d let it get, both inside and out.  The last time it was cleaned, my dad did it.  So that was quite a while ago… We’re talking at least a year and a half ago.  Dad took pride in clean vehicles, so yes, I know, it would horrify him to see how bad I’ve let mine get.  Mother knew this, and so she decided to rectify the situation.  The thick layer of dust, excessive number of water bottles and CDs rolling around, and the exploded bottle of sunscreen did not impress her. She claims she spent about 4 hours cleaning both the interior & exterior.  She thinks I owe her about $100.  I say that I didn’t ask her to clean it, so I’m hoping she’ll settle for dinner out on Friday night.
  • PS – For the record…I love my mommy.
  • You know, I sometimes forget how Twitter works.  That it’s not like Facebook; that it’s not necessarily your good buddies reading all your stuff all the time.  It could be strangers.  Last week, in the midst of the iPhone 5 hype, one of the radio DJ’s in Ottawa, Hot 89.9’s Mauler, tweeted that he was wondering if it was time to switch to iPhone and leave Blackberry behind.  I replied to him, “iPhone users annoy me.  I’m sticking with Blackberry as long as I can…”  (Sorry, pals who have iPhones.  But I’m sick of everyone telling me how “superior” they are to my Blackberry.  I like my Torch just fine, thanks.)  Anyways… Mauler retweeted me.  And then I got a deluge of replies from randoms ragging on me for being an imbecile.  Like, it almost made me cry they were so mean.  I realize that my calling them annoying wasn’t very nice of me, but they basically called me the Blackberry Bitch From Hell!!!   SO MEAN.  Needless to say?  I despise the iPhone even more now…


  • I know that some of my favourite bloggers and real-life friends are big iPhone peeps.  Please don’t hate on me in the comments section and make me cry.  You know I love you all.  Despite your phones. ;)
  • Baby girl came to visit last night, and I wish I could bottle up the cuteness and carry it with me all day.  She’s reached the stage where she’s trying to talk, and “tell stories”.  She coos and smiles at you, like she’s really trying to tell you something.  I tried to take a hundred pictures of her, but the flash on my phone makes her eyes pop out of her head… poor babe!  (But still… SO CUTE!!)

Neve 4

Let’s end on that cuteness, shall we?

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VandyJ said...

Not an iphone user here--I have an HTC vivid. It's nice but it still intimidates me sometimes.
Cute, cute baby!

allstarme said...

Yeah I don't like iphones or their users either!

Jo said...

Cut your hair! The Tyra bob is lovely and if your mom has something to say you can tell her that you could have shaved it all off, like I did.

Cute baby!

Nancy said...

I have an old flip phone, that's good enough for me. I love to flip it open like a phaser on Star Trek. can't wait to see your hair on Sunday!

Nicole said...

My husband had a blackberry when we got together. I wasn't impressed... lol, but I really is just preference. I've heard (this is Android vs iPhone) that if you prefer the android operating system and then switch to iPhone, you'll switch back to Android and same with iPhone, you start with iPhone, try android, you'll switch back... so if you love your blackberry, more power to you :) I'm going to go beat the printer now :) bye

Nicole said...

I will give his old Blackberry pluses though because it had a flash on the camera where my original iPhone 3GS didn't. And I did get pretty good at navigating his Blackberry. It was just different than what I was used too.

Nadine Hightower said...

I wanted a blackberry but becuz the company is going outta business the salesclerk directed me to a samsung android phone. I'm not a fan of touch screens and I missed my keyboard of my dumbphone. But all that being said, I do like this last phone. I just have to wipe off oily fingerprints all the time.

Shawn said...

I didn't watch FNL or Vampire Diaries but he's a hottie that's for sure.

My car is pretty ratted out right now, I must clean it before I pick up IA tomorrow, she'll judge me for sure!

I love my iPhone but would never judge anyone else for not, that's crazy! There are several things that my friends Droid does that my iPhoe does not. People just need to chill out!

Lourie said...

Come and see us...we are still warm and sunny! ;)

I have an iPhone and PC. I say use whatever the heck kind of phone you want. Let's all be friends here.

My car needs cleaning...every time someone gets out, a Diet Coke can falls out! HAHA

CUTE CUTE baby!!

Impulsive Addict said...

So many of my friends watched and LOVED Friday Night Lights. I think Rebecca Darling (fellow blogger friend) even met a character from there on the soccer field at her daughters game. Anyway, despite all of their rave reviews, I NEVER WATCHED IT. I'm not sure why either.

Ok, so I'm sorry you had a bad experience with twitter peeps ragging on you about the iphone. I love it and probably won't ever change but that's just because I hate change. Learning a new phone stresses me out and I've had an iphone since like 2006. Screw those bastards! Enjoy YOUR phone! =)

Thanks for linking up, sweetcheeks!

Mrs. Match said...

ugh I hate when people internet rant. And even though I think the iphones are cool and all ( I don't own one, can't justify the expense) I think their users are SO annoying!! So I'm with you girl. I have my dumb phone and I'm proud that I'm not shelling out a huge amount of $$ every month in cell phone bills.

Chell said...

Love that cut... but wait... maybe because that's like the cut I have right now. I am totally the same way with my hair... when short, I want it long, when it's long, I want it short. LOL

I don't think I will ever get one. I don't do crackberries though either.... I love me some droid baby. :)