Monday, September 17, 2012

My very first “Musical Monday”: Wagon Wheel

Alrighty.  My Friday confessions last week kind of ended up being just me talking about all the music I’m loving these days.  I realize that’s not the juiciest kind of confessions in the world… but it’s what I was feeling.

One of my commenters detected my clear love for all things musical these days, and recommended I link up with Miss Angie at My So-Called Chaos for her Musical Mondays linky party, and I decided to take her advice.


I did a lot of yapping last week about how I want to start playing guitar again, and you’ll all be happy to know I wasn’t just talking outta my ass.  I actually did play guitar this weekend.  Quite a bit.  My fingertips are still pretty soft, and it hurts, but it’s all coming back to me.  It’s been fun to go back and re-learn some of my old favourites -  as well as pick up a new one - in just a few short days.

Remember when I said that my cousin Kenny asked me to learn the song “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show?  Turns out, it’s actually super-easy to play.  I’ve been working on it all weekend - listening to it obsessively on my iPod, and practicing it on my guitar.  It truly was my weekend project, and “my song” for the past few days.

I’m still having trouble remembering the words, but I’ll get it in time for Christmas Eve, Kenny.  Promise.

Pleasantly surprised to discover the lead singer is a wee bit handsome. Bonus.  (I do apologize, though, for the hoochie dancing “exotic ladies”.  Between this Old Crow Medicine Show video and and the porny Green Day on Friday, I just can’t win.)

And I realize I just posted the Chad Brownlee version on Friday, but…well…you can never have too much Chad Brownlee, in my humble opinion.

Headed down south to the land of the pines
I'm thumbin' my way into North Caroline
Starin' up the road
And pray to God I see headlights

I made it down the coast in seventeen hours
Pickin' me a bouquet of dogwood flowers
And I'm a hopin' for Raleigh
I can see my baby tonight

So rock me mama like a wagon wheel
Rock me mama anyway you feel
Hey mama rock me
Rock me mama like the wind and the rain
Rock me mama like a south-bound train
Hey mama rock me

Runnin' from the cold up in New England
I was born to be a fiddler in an old-time string band
My baby plays the guitar
I pick a banjo now

Oh, the North country winters keep a gettin' me now
Lost my money playin' poker so I had to up and leave
But I ain't a turnin' back
To livin' that old life no more


Walkin' to the south out of Roanoke
I caught a trucker out of Philly
Had a nice long toke
But he's a headed west from the Cumberland Gap
To Johnson City, Tennessee

And I gotta get a move on fit for the sun
I hear my baby callin' my name
And I know that she's the only one
And if I die in Raleigh
At least I will die free



I don’t know if Rolly knows this song, but if he doesn’t, I’m going to introduce him.  I think he’d love it.

My favourite is that last line – And if I die in Raleigh, at least I will die free…

What are YOU listening to this Monday?  Head on over to Miss Angie’s and link up! :)


Sheena said...

Jill, Have you heard Bria sing this song? I love her version.

Miss Angie said...

Oh that was such a fun song, and I love the first video-they look so great!

Thanks for linking up doll! :)

Jill said...

Sheena - The first time I ever heard this song, it was Bria playing it at Relay for Life in June! She does an AMAZING job. I aspire to be even half as good as Bria someday!! She's so talented.

Stacie said...

Not my favorite song--probably because I used to have cubicle mates who played it to DEATH--but I'll cheer for you when you master it on the guitar!

Aubrey S. said...

Really liked this! They remind me a bit of O.A.R., dontcha think?

Glad you decided to join in the party.

Sarah said...

Love Wagon Wheel was definitly my song of the summer!

Anonymous said...

I discovered OCMS a while ago and have liked them since; they have a lot of talent!

Nicole said...

One of my friends little girls loves Wagon Wheel so much to the point Mark learned it on the Guitar to sing for her :)

SherryD said...

K - I purposely created a Google account so I could add a post to this blog today. You have no idea how much my sister and I love, love - no - I mean LOVE this song! We're after my dad to learn how to play it too! This totally calls for a friday night/pints/sing-a-long once you've perfected it! A must!

Jill said...

Sherry, I'm so excited that you created a Google account - just for ME!!! haha!! How about I just let you guys sing and I'll play? ;)

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