Thursday, September 27, 2012

Getting To Know YOU!!

It feels like it’s been another long week.  Anybody else?? 

Most of the time I feel like time flies by so quickly, but this month?  September?  It can kinda suck it, as far as I’m concerned.  It’s been dragging on for. ev. errrrr.

So.  I wasn’t really sure what to post about today.  My first idea was to whine about the NHL lockout.  I haven’t done that yet.  It’ll have to be dealt with some day…

But instead, I keep seeing this little “getting to know you” segment showing up on other peoples’ blogs, and I thought it sounded like fun.  It’s time for ME to get some feedback from YOU, the little lovelies who come by and check out my posts, whether it be faithfully every day, or from time to time, when you have a chance.

These questions are for YOU – you can either leave me a comment, send me an email {jillianyoung6(at)gmail(dot)com} or even hit me up on Facebook if you’d like.  Feel free to answer any or all of them.  I look forward to hearing from you :)


Who are you? 

Do you blog, too? Leave me your link.  I want to follow you!

Do you remember how you found my blog? A link-up? Another blog?

How long have you been reading?

What keeps you coming back to my blog?

What would you like to see me blog about more?

What is something we have in common?

Tell me a fun fact about yourself!

And now, because you’re all being little dears and sharing with me, I thought I’d make up for it by telling you 10 Random Things about ME Right Now.

Ready?  Here ya go:

  • By the time this week is over, I will likely have eaten more lasagna than any Italian person in the world.  (This is not based on any scientific findings, just my own assumption.)

Lasagna - Messy 500

  • My least favorite time of day is 6:25 AM.  That is the time my stupid alarm goes off, and I literally hate my life until I get to drink coffee.  My second-least favourite time of day is Scary 3 AM Time.
  • My left shoulder has been aching for a day and a half.  I could not for the life of me figure out why, until this morning it dawned on my that it’s from carrying my heavy shopping bags on Tuesday night.  I do not, however, consider this a sign that I bought too much stuff.
  • Between listening to The Tragically Hip, Blue Rodeo, and Chad Brownlee on my iPod this week, I feel like I’m doing my part in supporting Canadian music.  I love them all.
  • I really, really want Elena to pick Damon.  Like, really, really want it.


  • Yesterday afternoon, we celebrated Mountainview’s 35th anniversary at the office by toasting with little plastic glasses of champagne.  People kept putting glasses in my hand, and I wasn’t really counting, but I think drank three or four of them within a half hour.  And I’m pretty sure I was a little bit drunk.
  • The wedding I’m attending this Saturday will be my 5th – and final - wedding of the year.   I love weddings, so this makes me a little sad.
  • Yesterday, I said two little prayers, for two different little situations that have been bothering me this week.  One was answered; the other was not.  When I think back on it, though, I’m pleased about the one that was answered.  It by far makes me happier than the other one.  (Cryptic enough?  Yeah.  I know.  Sorry.)
  • I’m super excited to go to Oktoberfest Friday night.  The band playing is Ambush, and one of my biggest regrets in life is getting so drunk at Jared & Holly’s wedding that I was pretty well passed out by the time Ambush took the stage and don’t even remember them.  I will not be doing that on Friday night.
  • One of the best parts of my week so far was getting to eat at McDonalds on Tuesday night.  Yes, I realize how sad that is.  But I love Big Macs.


It’s almost the weekend.  Thank God.


Anonymous said...

I kind of miss fast food sometimes.

Jillian said...

Who are you?
Hi I'm Jillian, I'm a library tech student/geek living in the prairies
I blog over at Confessions of A Geeky Bookworm pretty much just my ramblings on life, music and drama

I found your blog via your post on Bryan Berard and just kept reading!

I feel like we're very similar people and I find it interesting to read for the most part.

just keep doing what you're doing but a lot more posts on music would be fantastic!

we're both music lovers and I have diet woes too

Fun fact: I'm a singer-songwriter/actress/playwright/crappy guitarist/library tech student and earlier this year I paid a visit to the home of Wade Redden (haha my little brother graduated from Hillmond this past spring and I went out there for his grad (there's a big sign saying he's from there right at the main road))

Stacie said...

Here is what I can tell you about me right fat pregnant feet are so swollen that just one of those fries would probably make me explode, but man, do they look good!

Nicole said...

Who are you? Fred Flintstone :)

Do you blog, too? Leave me your link. I want to follow you! Nope never blogged before in my life :)

Do you remember how you found my blog? A link-up? Another blog? I stood on my head stacking bb's with my nose and found you :)

How long have you been reading? Forever and a century :)

What keeps you coming back to my blog? Seeing if that fish is still alive :)

What would you like to see me blog about more? dang it I can't come up with a smart allic answer here...

What is something we have in common? We have 10 fingers and 10 toes

Tell me a fun fact about yourself! I'm a smart ass :).

No truthfully you found me first, that's how I found you. I've probably been following 2 years or better now. I keep coming back b/c you're cool. I do love your Single Girl Files (although I used to always think it was flies) stories, makes me not feel as bad about some of my own misadventures. Something random about myself, I can wave with 2 of my toes independently from the rest of my toes :) Oh and I'm Nicole :). I blog at Life's a Beach, just in case you forgot :)

VandyJ said...

a. VandyJ
B. Yep, you know me!
c. Found you through Mamarazzi or Shawn and Impulsive's link up or something like that.
d. Around two years or so, I think.
e. You write fun stuff, you visit me too.
f. Anything as long as it's interesting.
g. In common? music, reading
h. I'm a geologist and an avid reader who chases little boys around the house.

HickChickBritt said...

I am Brittin

Yes I blog and you follow me!

I found your blog from when you posted some funny comment on Nicole's blog.

I have been reading for about a month I guess.

Oh I come back because you are so funny! One of those people that I wish I knew in real life!

Definitely blog more about your funny drunk experiences, because I am going to start living vicariously though you! K?

The love of Chad Brownlee and fast food. (I totally feel you on McDonald's being the highlight of your week. I get so excited if I get to eat out!)

A fun fact, well I am not very fun(lately)Man someone really should have told me that getting married and having a kid puts a damper on your funness! HHmmm...I am 5'11" and have pretty much been a giant forever. I went to a really preppy high school and I would wear a cowboy hat and boots to school everyday, needless to say I went looking for a fight each and every day. Yep I know I am a badass haha. I only got suspended twice and expelled once. The horrible thing is my husband was the same way. You know how they say your kids are worse, oh dear lord we are in trouble with Hayes!!

Jillian said...

heres the link to my blog

my musings on life, music, drama and the library tech life

Anonymous said...

I'm MiMi, yep I blog too. I found you thru Mamarazzi - I think. I love your blog is the every day real life. I don't know how long I've been reading but I'll be reading as long as you blog! I would like to see more of your music. I have an upside down kidney. :)