Wednesday, September 05, 2012


I know, I know… I’ve been doing a lot of whining and bitching around here lately.  But grant me one more day of it, OK?  I promise it won’t last forever.

You should all know that disgruntled is one of my favourite words.  And that only makes sense, considering I often find myself feeling that way.

This morning, I’ll lay most of the blame on the Beer Tent Cold that is completely ruining my life right now.  It’s not a bad cold.  But it’s super annoying.  Not enough to really knock ya right down, but just there… a sore throat, a heavy head, a general feeling of yuckiness.

Normally, the best part about a cold?  Knock yourself out with cold medication, curl up in cozy blankets, and sleep it off.  Right?

Didn’t work last night.  I mean, it sorta did, for like half an hour – I rented a movie, and was cozied up on the couch when I drifted off into a perfect sleep.  (The movie – Friends With Kids -  was weird and boring anyways.)  But then I woke up, and ended up lying awake half the damn night, all zingy and uncomfortable and FRIGGIN WIDE AWAKE.  Thank God there was election entertainment to review on my Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Oh, speaking of which.  That also adds to my feeling of disgruntlement this morning.  The Quebec provincial elections.  Which, once again, proved that I live in a dumbass province that now has elected a Separatist party into a minority government.  Awesome. 

Even more awesome is that some lunatic opened fire during the leader’s victory speech and somebody actually died.

What the hell?  I mean, seriously…  What the hell?!

So today, I’m tired, cranky, stuffed up, sucking on Halls which make my mouth taste like crap, and kind of wishing everyone would just stop talking.  About the elections, about moving away from this province, about everything.  I’m mad that it’s so damn hot & muggy outside.  Equally pissed off that it’s freezing cold inside.  I hate that summer is ending, yet wish the weather would just change already. 

And a whole bunch of other things that I’m feeling nasty about, but really, I can’t talk about them here.  Some things… just aren’t blog material.


Forgive me.  I’ll get over it.

And if I’m looking on the up-side?  Well.  At least I didn’t fall into a sinkhole yesterday.  I’ve got that going for me.


This actually happened in Ottawa yesterday.  I’m thinking that guy probably has better reason to be disgruntled than I do…


Lindsay said...

Stupid beer tent disease! Bah! Oh well, it was still worth it! :-)

Anonymous said...

This is a terrible generalization but I was shocked to hear about that shooting because I always think of Canadians as really passive! I like Canada and consider it to be America without all the crime, though I am sure crime is everywhere. Anyway, hope you get to feeling better.

VandyJ said...

Well, all it really takes to put your disgruntlement in perspective is finding someone who has it worse than you do. That sink hole would make any day a bad bad day.

Beth Wade said...

Dude, you're sick- you have total freedom to be disgruntled! Feeling ill always makes the world less fun.

Here's to avoiding sinkholes!

Nicole said...

I'm grumpy usually when I'm sick. At least you didn't have to tackle the dentist this morning like I did. I'm not in the best of moods! and I'm sleepy!

Jo said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Stacie said...

Summer colds are the pits! Feel better soon.

Nancy said...

I hope you feel better soon, Jilly!

Great word,disgruntled, maybe I can work it into a sermon for you! Yes, I am cursing the sink hole. I was stuck in traffic for hours going to and from work...I used half a tank of gas and I drive a frigging Corolla, for Pete's sake. Reg had Cara and Sancia and the van to go for eye appointments. Traffic was so slow he had time to get off, get gas, buy the girls McDonald's and get back into traffic 3 cars from where he got off.

Go ahead and grumble, but then look on the bright side!

I can't believe that man shooting in Montreal. I wonder if he wanted to assassinate the new premier. You juts don't expect that kind of violence in Canada. Guess we aren't immune.

Feel better!

Kathleen said...

I‘m disgruntled as well about the PQ coming to power. But remember 68% of the population voted AGAINST them. Here in Montreal we practically painted the island Liberal Canadian red. Same with the Outaouais and even Quebec city went CAQ, not the PQ. I have met many french Canadians who don‘t buy into this ethnocentric, racist crap.
As for the shooting, its pretty unheard of in Canada. But then again hate begets hate and all it took was one psycho to snap. That had to be the most hideous campaign ever ran in Canada. Jean Charest resigned and said “we are all blessed to be born in Canada.“ I for one am saddened to see him go.

Nancy said...

Well put, Kathleen, I agree.