Monday, September 10, 2012

To the Superstar, on his 27th birthday.

It was a fairly jam-packed weekend of fun.  To say the very least.

After kicking it all off Thursday night with those damned ball park beers (…they get me every time…), I went on a wild bus ride through the Pontiac for Lynn’s bachelorette party Friday night; I sang the Coconut Song on-stage with Gail Gavan at Community Day on Saturday night; I worked the refreshment table at Mountainview on Sunday for the UPA Farm Tour; and then went to my mom’s to join the family in celebrating my brother getting older.

As per usual, I have no pictures uploaded yet.  So instead of a “here’s my weekend in photos” post, I think I’ll take the opportunity to talk a little bit about my brother “The Superstar” on this fabulous occasion of his 27th birthday. 

He just looooves my blog - and especially likes it when I talk about him – so, yes, this should definitely make his flippin’ day.

Yesterday, as we gathered for Chinese food and cake in his honour, it was impossible not to take a look back on the past year and marvel at all that has happened – all that has changed – in the short span of one year.  Not only for my little brother, but for our whole family.

Last year, when Luke celebrated his 26th birthday, he and Amanda had just recently become home owners.  He was still about a month away from asking her to marry him. 

By the end of November, we received the blessed news that the soon-to-be-newlyweds also had a baby on the way. And by February, they said their “I do's”, a wonderful yet bittersweet event that will forever be intertwined in our hearts and memories with the passing of our dad. 

Photo courtesy of Lestanto Photography

Then of course, in June, we welcomed the newest member of our family when Luke & Amanda brought beautiful Baby Neve into the world.

People say a lot can happen in a year.  I’m pretty sure Luke is now the poster boy for that statement.  In the span of less than a year, he became both a husband and a father.  A friend of his recently joked that he’s going to be teaching a new college course:  “How to get your life together in a year or less.”

But really, could we expect anything less from The Superstar?  ;)

Photo courtesy of Lestanto Photography

I don’t often give Luke a whole lot of praise – mainly because he mocks me and teases me relentlessly, like a good brother should -  but I have to say he’s impressed me this past year.  It was kind of like watching a boy become a man, and while I’m insanely jealous that he got to have a baby BEFORE ME – I guess I’m kind of a little bit maybe proud of him.  Sorta.

He’s good peeps.

Happy 27th, Superstar.  Please win your ball game tonight. 

And I hope this redeems me for not getting you a birthday card.

Your Palm Bay is still waiting for you in the fridge.


Lindsay said...

Ha ha ha I might have laughed out loud at the last picture of the two of you! Typical! ha ha!

Happy Birthday Luke!


Kara said...

Happy Birthday Luke- I promise not to blog about you, too. Ha! Ha!

Mrs. Match said...

Oh what a year! So many life changing events. I love the picture of him with his new family, that's beautiful. Happy birthday Luke!

VandyJ said...

HE certainly has been on the roller coaster this year. Happy Birthday to him! May the next year be just a bit less exciting.

Nicole said...

To say he's had an interesting year would be an understatement. Ok so does he really like your blog or were you joking?

Magical Mystical MiMi said...

This is an awesome post.. Happy Birthday to your brother.. What a great looking family - ALL of you! :)

nancy said...

Happy Birthday to Luke, superstar year for a wonderful man.