Friday, September 07, 2012

Hungover Friday Confessions

I would rather be in bed right now.  Instead, I’m here.  Confessing.  Somebody get me a damned medal.


I confess…that I seem to be getting more reckless and irresponsible in my old age.  All week, I’ve been psyching myself up for a very busy weekend – Lynn’s bachelorette bus tour tonight, Community Day tomorrow, and working at the UPA Farm Tour at Mountainview on Sunday.  Maybe toss a birthday party for my brother in there somewhere.  So what do I do to rest up and prepare?? Get drunk at the ball field on Thursday night.  How clever of me.

I confess…that coffee is my best friend this morning.  On my second mug now.  Thoroughly enjoying the Starbucks Instant Mocha from my friend Sharon.  Mmmmm…


I confess…that I may have volunteered to work at the UPA Farm Tour on Sunday, but I have no idea what UPA stands for.  Unidentified People of Agriculture?  Ultimate Producers of Agriculture?  United Plans for Agriculture?  Really not sure, but because it’s a farm tour, I’m thinking Agriculture must be the “A”.

I confess…that this Shawville Fair Beer Tent Cold has become rather legendary this week.  I think everybody and their brother has it. Considering the events planned this coming weekend, and the fact that not much rest and relaxation time is on the schedule – I’m wondering what kind of epidemic might be next?  Scarlet Fever for everyone next week?


I confess…that I haven’t cleaned my house in a really frigging long time.  And I really don’t know when I might get around to doing it.  Maybe in October.

I confess…I’ve been really good to plug in what I eat into MyFitnessPal.  But I haven’t been so good to plug in the alcoholic beverages… Yesterday, I stayed under my calorie goal!  Yay!  (Except I didn’t enter the beers.  I think that means I’m cheating.)


I confess…I really don’t even like beer.  Like, at all.

I confess…that I truly appreciate all the comments and emails I got yesterday on my Single Girl Files post.  I swear, I write those posts mainly to entertain, not to get validation that I’m a worthy and lovable person – but it still doesn’t hurt to hear it.  Thanks, dudes. :)

I confess…that my travel mug today says “Chocolate, Men & Coffee – Some things are better RICH!”  And I couldn’t agree more.

coffee mug

That’s all I’ve got this morning, folks.  Have a wonderful weekend!  Pray that I survive!!!


Caroline said...

I use Fitness Pal too. I'm kind of addicted to the complete this log button (well on good days). I didn't log the 1/2 container of store bought icing that I ate yesterday. That's probably cheating too. Have a great weekend!

Jo said...

I want a mug like that!

You'll have a great weekend, you'll see and you have all of next week to recover and maybe clean your house, or not

But whatever you do, have fun!

VandyJ said...

Eh, the house will still be there waiting to get cleaned, putting it off doesn't really hurt anything.
Have fun this weekend!

Nicole said...

ooooo I wanna try the coffee, however my coffee pot is in the garage and not allowed back in the house, I won't buy a new one because I"m holding out since I think hubby is getting a Kurig for Christmas, now I have to figure out how to keep him from buying a new coffee pot!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the UPA stands for United Penis Association and you'll meet your guy there and you won't have to "stand in line." Or.. It could be just a bunch of dick heads. ;) Rock the weekend my bloggee pal!

Kara said...

Better start brushing up on your French for Sunday. UPA stands for L'Union des Producteurs Agricoles

Carly Ann said...

I've never had the mocha instant one, I will have to try that!

Stacie said...

I need to get on the Fitness Pal...maybe after the baby comes. Have a great weekend!

Jolene said...

OH my gosh! You are so funny!

I hope you enjoy your busy weekend even if you are worn out to start with.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

*giggles* You are making me laugh this morning....

That Starbucks instant mocha sounds does it taste?

You have a busy weekend, my friend. I hope you enjoy it hangover-free!!!

Nancy said...

Ha, ha, Kara, hopefully everyone is bilingual! I'll get Reg to read for you at church, Jillian.