Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Wedding Day! Love Day! So Here's 10 Things I Love!!

Anybody else get up early this morning to watch the Royal Wedding?!

*sigh* I sooo wish I was a princess. It was absolutely stunning. I loved every minute of it. I could gush about it all day, but instead, I'm going to celebrate William & Kate's love by sharing with you 10 Things that I Love!

A few days ago, Ashley at The Johnstons tagged me in this post, so of course I'm up to the challenge!

1. My family - Not surprisingly, this is number 1 for many of us! I honestly don’t know what I’d do without them – from my parents, to my siblings, right through to my aunts, uncles, and cousins. I’m a pretty lucky kid to come from such a great family tree. I’ve talked so much these past months about the dark times both sides of my family have gone through this year; I’m so proud of all of them for sticking together through those dark days, and being there for one another. We’ve lost some special people – and if there’s anything good to come of that, it’s that I think we’re now stronger, tighter, and take every opportunity to show our love for one another. Family is everything.

Schock Family cousins at Paula & Jory's Wedding

With my sister Kara and brother Luke

A rare Young family cousin photo, last Canada Day

My niece Danica and nephew Caden

2. My friends – Again – where would we be without friends? They’re always there for me when I need them – there to make me smile, or to listen to me when I need to talk, for dinner dates, movie nights, drinking games, craft nights, and book clubs. We have so much fun together! They all mean so much to me!

A bunch of us at last year's golf tourney

Sara's Bachelorette September 2009

Quyon Flyer buddies in Michigan last summer, playing Flip Cup

With my "Vault" Girls on St. Paddy's Day 2008

3. My bed – Ever since I got my queen-sized bed about two years ago, I’ve been in love with it. So big and comfy! After sharing a double with my sister in my younger years, then cramped up in a day bed after that, this bed is literally like being in the lap of luxury!

4. My iPod – Anyone remember when my iPod was stolen a few years ago? I had the sads. Big time. I don’t think I could pick one song as my all-time favourite, but with my iPod around, I don’t have to.

5. Food – That’s right. Food, in general. I love it. I could never, ever give it up. It’s why I’ll probably always be a fat girl. The quickest way to my heart is through spaghetti, pizza, Chinese Food, McDonalds, poutine, chips & dip, or cheeseburgers. Oh, and did I forget to mention that my weakness is JUNK food?

6. This laptop that I’m typing on – J’adore. Don’t know what I ever did before I bought it. It makes being a blogger SO much easier!

7. My guitar – It’s nothing special, but it’s special to me. It was my Aunt Marion’s, and she passed it on to me when I expressed an interest in learning to play. My good ol’ Yamaha. Someday I hope to get a new one – a really nice one – but Aunt Marion’s will always be my favourite!

8. Friends – No, I’m not putting my friends again – the TV show! I own all 10 seasons on DVD, and I keep them in constant rotation. I wish that show had lasted forever.

9. Movie theatres & Popcorn – I would go every night if I could afford it. I would see every movie ever made in theatres. I love it there. And I love movie theatre popcorn. There’s nothing quite like it.

10. Wade Redden – You didn’t really think I could put together a list of things I love and not include him, did you? He’s a lot harder to keep track of now that he’s no longer with the Sens – or in the NHL – but he’ll always be #6 in my program...and #1 in my heart.

So now I'm supposed to tag 10 bloggy friends, but I think many of you have already done this - if you haven't...TAG! You're IT! :)


Lindsay said...

Ha ha we had the same post idea today!! Love....ah.....xo

Jill said...

haha!! I wrote mine the other night and saved it for today! Didn't even know til I posted it that you had done the same, little bugger! LOL

Amanda said...

I love movie theatre popcorn!! Nothing beats it!!

Nicole said...

I love Friends (both friends and the tv show) too! and food, oh how I'm missing food right now! AND you're right about movie theater popcorn... what's really weird is it doesn't matter what theater you go to, it all tastes the same!