Monday, April 11, 2011

The Single Girl Files: Friday Night Depression Club

There's nothing worse than feeling all alone while you sit back and watch the rest of the world couple up and fall madly in love all around you.

That's why we single people cling to each other. We seek out other sad, depressed, lonely people, and we find comfort in knowing there are others out there who feel the same way. We exchange stories of past relationships gone wrong, or commiserate over crushes that were never fulfilled, or bash the happy-in-love people whom we envy so deeply.

Sometimes, we even form a club.

Yep. It's true. I was one of the founding members of Friday Night Depression Club (Quyon Chapter), going back seven or eight years now. It started out with my friend Sara and I, hanging out at Gavan's on Friday nights, and often lamenting our status as single girls while we drowned our sorrows with beer and liquor, just waiting for a "busload of hot men" to magically roll in. (It rarely, rarely, happens at Gav's.)

Sara had recently split from her then-boyfriend, while I was, of course, perpetually single, and, as usual, wondering what was wrong with me. We added another member, a guy we both knew who became a friend and joined our "single person support group" after breaking up with his long-time girlfriend.

The three of us found ourselves sitting around on Friday nights, week after week, usually complaining about being single, suggesting possible dating candidates to one another, and laughing at ourselves for being so pathetic.

Somewhere along the line, we started calling it Friday Night Depression Club, and it was actually something we all began looking forward to - Friday nights, drinks, live music, and good friends to empathize with and console.

I think we even had an official club photo taken one night.

Good times.

Of course, the problem with a Depression Club is when members start dropping out - aka, finding new love, and leaving behind the sad-sack losers who can't seem to catch a break on the dating scene.

Guess who is the last-standing member of Friday Night Depression Club (Quyon Chapter)??

Oh yes. You guessed it.

It's been a long time since we held a Depression Club where I wasn't the only member attending. In fact, I've pretty much stopped attending meetings unless there's a big event going down at Gavan's, because there's no fun in hanging out at the bar alone. The whole scene is just tired and old. And usually, the only single people who come through the doors are about ten years younger than me. Ick.

I miss the good ol' Depression Club days. Friday nights were the highlights of my week; the day I most looked forward to.

But those days are long gone, and now all that's left are fond memories.

That being said - if anyone out there is wishing to join the club, and is not 17-years-old, I'm still the President and CEO, and will accept any applications of hopeful (or hopeless??) new members.

Especially if you're male. And handsome.

Thanks in advance.

(Thanks also to Sara who suggested that I do a Single Girl Files post on Depression Club. I forgive you for abandoning me & the club to get married and have babies! ;))


Stacy said...

Well we could have Friday Night Depression Club still - get the girlies and all go out one night!!

Nicole said...

You don't wanna be part of the Cougar club??

sara said...

Oh it was fun! I do have an official picture somewhere.. we all look pretty happy and not so depressed! Seriously, my friday nights now of going to bed at 9pm seem a little more depressing when I think of it!

Nancy said...

I am depressed reading this!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Girl I love your humorous/serious posts. I just came from you Carrie Underwood post.

I was one of the last of my friends to get married so I had many lonely Friday nights. Or, even worse! A date with a guy I was completely uninterested in.

Though now I miss those days! Can't wait for you to find your true love. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl,

I hear you. Pretty much the name here since I split up with my love. Although I am not in your neighborhood, I really do hope you still have this club and I could be a part of it.

Lonely Heart