Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Play-by-Play of Survivor, Idol, and Hockey

Alrighty. We missed the Survivor/Idol Mash-Up last week because I didn’t get to watch them until I Youtube’d them over the weekend. Basically, what we missed was Phillip unjustifiably playing the race card on Survivor and seeing Julie sent home, and I don’t remember what the theme was on Idol, but Stefano looked super-hot and was sent home anyways...Booooo.

Please note – I might miss some of both shows this week, as I’ll be checking in on the Habs game whenever possible. And yes, I will be cheering for the Bruins.

Here’s my take on this week’s Survivor:

I feel sorry for Steve. Not just because he’s my guy in Stacy’s pool. I feel sorry for him because last week Phillip painted him a racist, and I truly don’t believe Steve was prejudiced towards Phil at all. He called him “crazy”. Phillip thinks it’s because of the colour of his skin. Uh. No, Phil. It’s because you are, quite literally, cuh-ray-zayyyyyy.

Phillip’s Cherokee great-uncle was back with a wonderful premonition – leading him to the shorts that Julie hid on him last week. Thank GOD. That was not just a horrible joke to play on him, but on all of us. The less we see of Phil’s pink undies, the better.

Steve! Quit calling Phillip crazy! You big friggin’ racist!!!

Remember that Redemption Island Superstar Matt? The one who rolled through the first round of duels and got back in the game only to get voted right back out again? He’s falling apart. He’s in tears. He’s crumbling. He’s worrying his Redemption Island cohorts Mike & Julie. Seems like the only thing the guy has left is his faith. Is he really talking about quitting...?

The duel this week is Survivor Shuffleboard. Matt seems more concerned with shooting dirty looks at Andrea than winning. After a weak start, he stormed back and got his 3pucks in the end zone, securing his spot on the Island for one more week. Mike was able to do it too, and they said good-bye to Julie, who joins the jury.

Around this time, it started thundering & lightning at my place, and I began to worry I was going to get electrocuted by my laptop.

Check-in on the hockey game – tied 2-2!!

I know I say this every week...But oh my sweet Lord, Grant is HOTT. Yep. Two T’s.

Challenge time! And I looove the log roll game! Always a good time. Immunity, milk, chocolate cake, for the winner, and a twist for the whole tribe to be revealed at TC. First round: Grant, Ashley, Ralph, and Phillip move on. Second round: Grant and Ralph move on. Final round: Grant ditches the shoes and after an intense showdown, he puts Ralph out of the game, and wins all the goodies. He stays loyal and asks Rob & Andrea to join him for 2 minutes in cake heaven. By the time they’re done, they literally look like a baby on it's first birthday – cake from ear to ear.

The twist is causing havoc at camp, as Rob is strategizing based on possible scenarios of what the twist is, while Steve and Ralph are plotting to vote Rob out and sway some of his tribe to join them. But of course, Rob is the godfather of this game and his girls reported to him what Steve & Ralph were planning. Not gonna fly with ol’ Boston Rob!

Rob’s past is coming back up, courtesy of Steve, in an attempt to haunt him – but all that comes of it is that he really loves Amber, his wife, who actually beat him to win the All-Stars season. Awwww.

It’s time to vote, and despite Steve’s best efforts to sway the old Ometepe tribe, they band together to vote Ralph off to Redemption Island. So long, Ralphie.

What’s up with the TWIST?! Ahhhhhhh! Another challenge and vote, RIGHT NOW!! Oops. I mean, after the commercial break...

Check-in on the hockey game – After 40 minutes, still tied at 2!

...aaaand we’re BACK! It’s a memory game. Jeff shows the cards with symbols on them in a series, and they have to show them back to him in the order he asks for them. Rob is, of course, Mr. Super Puzzle Dude, and he takes Immunity. Straight to the vote – no time to chit-chat – and the old Ometepe tribe stay true to one another as the last Zap Steve is voted off to Redemption Island, where a gang is really starting to gather for the next duel. Can you call it a duel when four people are going up against each other? We’ll ponder that further next week...

Idol time!

Only one old man can pull off a sparkly silver outfit. And that man is........

Steven Tyler, of course.

The theme this week is songs from the Carol King songbook. I’m sorry but is Carol King really well-known enough to base a whole theme on? I could be sounding extremely musically ignorant, but I didn’t even think I knew her until they played the Carol King montage. Can’t we just have an Elvis week instead?

Ryan announces that the Idols will not only be doing their standard solo performances, they’ll also be doing duets.

Jacob’s solo is up first. Looks like he borrowed a jacket from Don Cherry. And he’s pulling out the Carleton-from-Fresh-Prince-of-Bel-Air dance moves. Besides all that, though, I enjoyed the performance. The judges liked to hear him scat and see him shake his tail feathers. A fun way to kick off the show!

Check-in – still tied at 2...

Lauren’s working on hitting the high notes and gets a visit from Miley Cyrus during her mentor session. Whoopi doo. Who is this dude sitting on the stage? He doesn’t play an instrument or back-up sing or anything. Is he a prop or something? Very strange. Her singing was great, as usual, but the weird guy on the stage that she was leaning against and fawning over distracted me. Seriously, did I miss something? Who IS he?

Ryan talks to him. Apparently he was just a prop after all.

Check-in – 3-2 Boston with the go-ahead goal from our former beloved Sen, Chris Kelly! Yayyyy!!

Duet time! Casey & Haley team up with “I Feel the Earth Move”. Their voices blend very well and they sound great together. If they decided to go on the road as a duo, they could do very well for themselves...

5 minutes to go in the hockey game -

Ahhhhhh! The POWER just went out! Thank God for battery back up on this lap top or I’d be FREAKIN’ in the dark!

OK. Maybe I’m freaking by the glow of my laptop...

Power comes back on and scares the bejeezus out of me. Phewf.

Scotty’s next, and he’s slowing things down with his Carol King song choice. It’s quite beautiful, and he’s keeping the head-swivel to a minimum, which I like. This is definitely one of my fave Scotty performances. He hit all the right notes for me.

Gah! Tied 3-all! OT...?

Back to Idol for awhile. It’s James Durbin’s turn, and I love that he’s doing “Will You Still Love me Tomorrow.” How cool is that? The start, with him in shadow and singing acapella, made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. James completely stole my heart tonight. I hope he wins.

Lauren & Scotty are next to duet it up with “Up on the Roof”. Um. Okay, maybe they should be doing American Duos? They complemented each other so well! This was excellent. Lady Antebellum-esque.

Still tied up and in OT...


Casey’s up for his solo performance, and his going the way of the blues singer, which really isn’t my cup of tea. It’s definitely up his alley though. He’s great at what he does, but I wouldn’t be rushing out to buy that album.

Our last solo of the night is Haley. She survived a technical glitch at the start and went on to do a terrific job – her song allowed her to throw in her growls, slow it down, bring it back up tempo again – what a great showcase of Haley’s talents!

One more duet, and it’s...Jacob and James? A little odd? Could I just get another James solo show? No? Apparently they thought it was a little weird themselves too. But they seem to have fun together, so that’s awesome. Ummm...I can see James’ package (pronounced in a French accent) through those white pants...Maybe not the best wardrobe choice? I couldn’t even pay attention to the performance I was so distracted by it.

I don’t even know who to send home anymore. But definitely not James.

Or his package.

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