Friday, December 15, 2006

Why I Can't Trust My TV

You all have likely heard about the problems I've encountered with my TV in the past few months. First, Global messed up the Rockstar:Supernova finale, then CTV showed episode #2 of Grey's Anatomy when it was supposed to be the season premiere. Because both shows were of high importance to me, I was completely frustrated with both mis-fires.

Well, last night I suffered through another TV catastrophe. As I mentioned yesterday, it was the Quyon UCW Christmas Potluck, and I was attending with my mom as her guest. Before departing for the party, I set a tape for The O.C. Chrismukkah episode at 7 PM, knowing I would be home in time to re-set the VCR to catch Survivor at 11 PM.

Upon returning home, Luke was in the midst of watching a miserable hockey game, where that hero Ray Emery that I was bragging about just a few days ago apparently couldn't stop a beach ball. (Wait - that's not being fair. I didn't see the game, and judging from what Luke said, the loss could not be blamed solely on him. Apparently the absence of Daniel Alfredsson & Wade Redden, as well as the fact that several players were playing sick, was really their downfall vs. Nashville).

In any case, I asked him if it would ruin his life terribly if I interrupted the hockey game to watch the episode I had taped of The O.C. His reply: "The O.C. wasn't on tonight." Uhhh...yeah, it was dumbass. "No, it wasn't. When I went to where The O.C. was supposed to be on, it wasn't on." So I rewound my tape a bit and found a wonderful episode of Jeopardy in progress. Rewind a little further, and there's E-Talk Daily.

So by this point, it's 10 PM, and another channel was showing The O.C., but when clicking on it, it was actually E-Talk Daily again. I was ready to scream, so I turned it to Santa Claus Is Coming to Town and that calmed me down a little.

Now, both The O.C. and Survivor were scheduled to air again at 11 PM, so I decided to stay up and see if it was actually going to be The O.C. Chrismukkah episode, or yet another exciting tandem of E-Talk and Jeopardy. If The O.C. did not air, I was planning to switch over to Survivor. Because I promised our lovely Blogger friend Sharon that I would tape The O.C. for her, I had to honour my commitment, and skip Survivor if The O.C. was actually on somewhere.

At last, at 11 PM, after Kris Kringle had wed Jessica and the Burger Meister was de-throned in Somberville and the legend of Santa Claus was in full swing, I was finally able to find a channel airing The O.C. So the Chrismukkah crisis was averted. However, I still have no clue what happened on Survivor, so if anyone watched it and can provide me with a detailed re-cap, it would be much appreciated.

Finally, the moral of the story is this: Do not trust your TV. They're messing with my mind. They're ruining my life.

It's a good thing it's almost Christmas and I'm in a cheerful mood, or else I'd be trying to sue their asses!


Sharon said...

Jill, I am sure you have probably already gotten my e-mail and you will probably punch me repeatedly because of it. But I can shed some light on the Survivor episode as WAyne filled me in.

For the reward Challenge, they had to carry mudd but not with their hands and fill a bucket as much as they could in 10 minutes.

Ozzy won with Pavarty in 2nd and Yul in 3rd. They got to go to a spa or something I think.

Ozzy sent Adam to Exile Island.

Ozzy also won the Immunity challenge and Pavarty went home. I am really beginning to think that Ozzy is going to win. He just has to win the Immunity Challenges which is a sure bet and then he will for sure win over Yul.

The season Finale is on Sunday. Again Jill... please don't hate me!

The drive in this morning on the 148 was majorly accident prone. Stacey, I don't know what time you travel through. But at 6:05 there was a car majorly screwed up from hitting a deer. But it looked like everyone was okay. But there were like 10 cars all over the highway so I really had to squeeze to get through. Then just past Nugents there was another fresh deer on the side of the road. Then past the mountain road on the straight stretch where its flat there was a car upside down in the ditch. So I drove the speed limit. But it was crazily traumatic.

Jill said...

Sharon: Just sent you an email, don't worry - I won't punch you And thanks for the Survivor Re-cap. Sounds like Ozzy's really the dominant force in camp now, winning everything. I was happy to hear Adam didn't leave, although one would have to think his ass is on the line next with "Poverty" gone. I'm thinking it will probably be Yul & Ozzy, final 2, unless Ozzy loses next Immunity (one would have to think they'd cut him next, seeing how strong he is).
As for the accidents - we've been watching a steady parade of L&J trucks going passed with smashed up cars on them all morning. The latest was a yellow Hummer that looked like Mitch Quintal's...We've heard that in that car pile-up due to the deer, there was one killed & 2 seriuosly injured, but that's just rumour as of now...Hope everyone made it to work safely!!

Kenny said...

Jill if you were as smart as me you would have known the The O.C was on at 800 due to no Grey's.

Sharon said...

Its this darned weather, the deer think that it's spring time!

Sharon said...

Greys was on ASN at 9:00 though.

Jill said...

On the guide, where it was saying "The O.C.", they were showing E-talk & Jeopardy. It was another Bell Expressvu screw-up. Some channels were right, others were wrong. Story of my life.

Grey's was a repeat, it was not a conflict for me.

I was quite happy, though, that I got to see Santa Claus is Coming to Town. I can't find my tape of it, so I got to tape it again, and now I'll have it FOREVER!! ;o) One of my faves...

Stacy said...

Well we did see the first accident just by Hugh Hammonds and the car that was thrown in the ditch didn't look like anyone would have survived - but we saw no deer - we were held back for a bit - then just up by nugents, we did see a deer - a buck actually and a fair size but we did not see a vehicle around there - but Hollie did mention that Vicky said one was Mitch Quintal's yellow hummer

Jill said...

The one by Hugh Hammond's was supposedly because of a deer...Still no word here on whether or not anyone was actually killed, but some of the cars that went by looked completely totalled. One was missing it's back end. If I hear anything, I'll update you guys!!

Kenny said...

JIll I finally just read the complete (I'm more of a skimmer through(except for the FNL Re-caps))And realized that you said not to trust your TV.

Jill TV knows all. if TV says jump you say how high,.

Jill said...

If TV told me to jump, I'd tell it to get bent. That damned thing sucks. Every important show in the past 4 months has had something wrong happen to it. And there's a bunch of Sens fans in the Ottawa area who probably aren't too fond of their TV's these days either, as half the city paid to watch the PPV game vs. Detroit when it was being shown for free on Centre Ice. (Didn't affect us - it was blacked out in Quyon).

Friggin' TVs suck.

Stacy said...

Well i'm off to do some more christmas shopping - Jill - Ricky and I are going to his sister's tonight so I'll talk to ya tomorrow sometime before the party. Have a wonderful afternoon everyone!

Jill said...

I guess you're already gone, but have a good time tonight and I'll talk to you tomorrow! YAY - it's the weekend!!!! ;o)

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