Sunday, December 10, 2006

1 Stud + 2 Hot Boys = Very Happy Jill

Here's a Double-Shot Recap Blog to kick off the week:


Off to Treasure Island we go, where Adam and "Poverty" were fuming over the departure of Candice instead of the loud-mouthed Jonathan. At least Adam had fond memories of farewell make-out session with Candy. (A TC first, I believe). But "Poverty" was so pissed that she tried to cut her fingers off with a machete. However, the Survivor Medical Team made a special trip out to the island to save her fingernail, and then she and the rest of the gang made their way to the Reward Challenge.

And whaddya know, the loved ones were waiting there for them! They teamed up in a challenge where the blindfolded Survivors had to toss buckets of water towards their loved ones, which they would attempt to catch in their own buckets, and then dump into a barrel, that, once filled sufficiently, would raise a flag, indicating a winner. There was a whole lot of water flying around, and a few of the women started squeezing it out of their shirts and hair to fill their barrels, but somehow "Poverty" and her dad came cruising in out of nowhere and their flag flew first, so she was declared the winner. Then "Poverty's" dad had to choose two Survivors to go with them to a cave for a picnic, without any help from "Poverty". Adam looked like he was going to jump out of his shorts. Fortunately for him, "Poverty's" dad had hit it off with his dad, so he got to go along, as well as Sundra and her mother. "Poverty" also had the wonderful priviledge of kicking Jonathan off to Exile Island. Ah, sweet peace.

Once everyone was back at camp, they all realized how nice and quiet it was without Jonathan around, even his alliance members. So when Jon-boy joined them at the Immunity Challenge, there was some serious awkwardness. Nobody even said hello to him as he stumbled up the beach. Jeff talked them through the water obstacle course they would have to complete to win Immunity, then sent them out to slip off barrels and fall off planks. He might as well have just said, "Ozzy, you're the man - here's your necklace", rather than putting them all through the brutality, although Yul did come in a close second.

Back at camp, Jonathan had clearly become the outcast, and there wasn't a whole lot of mystery going into the TC. While his alliance was still touting Adam as the one to go, they went behind Jonathan's back and conspired to vote him out, but not after we had to hear him blah blah blah at TC about what a fine, upstanding man he is, not the cancerous rat that Adam and "Poverty" claim him to be. Now, I do think Adam and "Poverty" have a tendancy to be whiny brats, but seeing Jonathan go really made my day. I can't believe he lasted as long as he did.

Next week looks like it could be extremely interesting, as it appears that Adam and "Poverty" may be able to sway Ozzy over to their side. At this point, Yul is in the driver's seat, but if Ozzy made a switch, all hell could break loose, and Adam could live to see another day...yessssss!! The last Hot Young Stud may prevail yet!


Finale night - with the remaining three teams being: The Hot Boys - Tyler & James; Bama - Lynn & Karlynn; dating couple - Rob & Kimberly. Teams had to start by flying from Barcelona to Paris in this last leg of their journey.

Once in Paris, teams had to run to the Eiffel Tower to find their first clue. Bama hauled ass and made it there first, because their flight had landed at Orly Airport instead of Charles de Gaulle, giving them an early advantage because Orly was closer to the Eiffel Tower. However, Rob & Kim and Tyler & James weren't far behind. Next, they went somewhere to find the Roadblock, where one team member had to do a tandem skydive with a professional, while the other team member got to do a surprise nosedive in the plane. Rob was pouting because apparently the only reason he went on the race was to go skydiving, but because he had already done too many challenges, Kim had to take the plunge. By the end of the skydiving mission, all three teams were basically neck-and-neck.

Their next clue had them at the Detour where they had to choose between art or couture in Paris. Everybody chose couture, with the Hot Boys feeling they had the jump in fitting a jacket to a mannequin because they're models. Seemed like silly logic to me, but apparently they were right, because while the snooty judge kept saying, "No, no, no" to the other two teams, she took one look at Tyler & James' mannequin and handed over the clue. She may have just been dazzled by their hotness, though. Bama got theirs next, with Rob & Kim brining up the rear. And Rob was still sulking about not being able to go skydiving, which infuriated Kim. Like, dude...I'm pretty sure you can find a place to go skydiving in the States anyday. So when you get home, just go and quit freaking about it!

Speaking of the States...Teams discovered they were headed back to home turf with a final flight to New York City. Rob & Kim scored seats on the first plane, while the Hot Boys and Bama were put on the waiting list. Miraculously, Tyler & James made it on, while Bama had to take a later flight. And yes, boys and girls, that was the crucial moment in the Race.

Once in NYC, they had to find the News Building for their next clue. The Hot Boys hit an awesome cabbie who got them there lickity-split, while Rob & Kim got tied up at a toll bridge. At the News Building, they were given a picture of a sculpture to find in the East Village, and because of their familiarty with NYC, both the Hot Boys and Rob & Kim had no trouble finding it, although they did have to run about 30 blocks to get there. I had nasty memories of the New York trip in Gr. 10 and running for a gazillion blocks to catch our bus, just to avoid the wrath of Mrs. Conrod.

But back to this Race... A lovely young girl in yellow cap handed them their last clue: Get your asses to the finish line in rural New York, dudes!

Flash forward to the finish line, and guess who was running towards Phil wearing sexy smiles?? HOT MILLIONAIRES, BABY!! I was very proud of Tyler & James for winning the Race, as I have cheered for them all along, and it was fulfilling to see the recovering addicts make another huge accomplishment in their lives. Rob & Kim were a close second, and I'm not sure, but I think I heard Rob muttering, "Screw the million, man, I just wanted to skydive." Bama followed up in third, but also made a huge accomplishment in being the first all-female team to finish in the top three...Who woulda thunk it?

I did think the finale was a little anti-climatic, and not all that challenging, but I can't complain about the end result, so I guess I'll call it another successful season of The Amazing Race...Can't wait to see what Hot Boys I'll be cheering for next time around!!

That's a wrap on the Double-Shot Recap Blog. I hope everyone had wonderful weekend, and Happy Monday!!


Stacy said...

The thing that I liked about the Season Finale lastnight was the fact that it was only one hour...and like you said Jill - it wasn't that challenging at all. it all comes down to foot races pretty much, i mean you can be the first at the airport but ticketmaster thing only opens at like 4 am, that gives the other teams the chance to catch up...anyways overall i was happy with the outcome - and i like how the guys got to call their folks to tell them. Well this weekend, we didn't do much - attended the funeral for Ricky's brother in law's mother in Campbell's Bay on Saturday...watched the Quyon Parade of Lights which I was quite impressed - the floats were all nice...Sunday, Hollie came over and we made our cookies for our cookie exchange. So that was about all - oh we watched a couple of movies - well Ricky watched Miami Vice, we both watched Beerfest but i fell asleep and we both watched Accepted - we still have the second Pirates of the Caribean - oh and I guess the Ottawa game was on lastnight - we were playing Skip Bo so my back was to the TV but all i could hear was Columbus scoring goal after

Kenny said...

Jill I'm dissapointed that there was no recap of friday night. I stayed up late and got drunk (which I never do) just so you could see Foundation and you don't even mention it in your blog.

P.S Sorry about that smell that was roaming around the bar on Friday. It usually isn't there.

Sharon said...

Well Jill that was great recaps of both shows. By the middle of the Amazing Race, I was rooting for Rob and Kim just because the models bugged me. They were a LITTLE full of themselves. And if they are models, I am sure they REALLY need a million dollars.

I think next Race is going to be all stars and apparently Rob and Amber are back. I would so be cheering for them! I love love love them!

Tonight is the Christmas House Tour and I am quite excited. I have to pick Linda up at 6:50... And I have to remember to wear shoes that slip on and off... don't want to be tying and untying all night long.

Jill said...

Good morning!
Stacy: Where were you guys after the parade? Sara, Graham & I were going to visit you, but there was no one home. Anyways - the parade was really good! I gather it's not as long as Shawville's, but the floats that were in it were really well done - lots of lights!! I loved it!! Oh and thanks for mentioning that miserable hockey game. Looks like the bad times are back again...
Kenny: Sorry, if I'd recapped my weekend along with Survivor & Amazing Race, it would have been a Mega Blog. But I did have a great time Friday night at Atko's, the band was awesome, and the only bad part was that awful stench that seemed to follow you around...;o) Sounds like I'm going back on the 22nd for the hockey Christmas Party because Kristen wants me to come with her.
ALSO - Newsflash for anyone who may be interested: The weekend of the 22-23, FOUNDATION (starring Chris Malone) will be at GAVAN'S. Now as I mentioned I won't be going the 22nd, but if anyone is up for a fun Eve of Christmas Eve chez Gav's, let me know! I'll be there with bells on!
Sharon: Thanks for letting me join you at your table Saturday night! It was fun chatting with you guys! I still feel sorry for your cold & clammy burger, I'm sure I'll be bumping in to you somewhere along the route tonight...Can't wait!!
Have a good day - I'll check in later!!

Stacy said...

Well we may be sent home - cuz we have no water here at work!!
Dad wanted us to go for a coffee with him up at the restaurant after the parade and we didn't erally have any other plans so we went and had a bite to eat too...well that sucks that you stopped by and we weren't there. Well tonight after the House Tours, you and Sara can stop in - i have my doctors appointment at 6:40 but it's only 5 mins and then we'll be home. We have to run to Campbell's Bay, but we're doing that before my doctor's appointment.

Sharon said...

Yeah Jill it was great seeing you. I was a little out of it but I do remember that digusting burger. When I think about it the Nachos were cold too... almost as if they had been sitting there for a while before they brought them out. I remember the service being ALOT better than it was... and the time was going by SO SLOW!

I fell down my stairs sunday morning with the laundry basket so I am a bit stiff today... my shoulder blades and one side of my lower back. I turned to one side to avoid a tail bone injury... those suck!

Jill said...

Sharon: Hope you're not too stiff and sore! Sorry to hear you had a tumble! And thanks for mentioning slip-on shoes earlier...I almost forgot about that. Makes the house tour much easier to handle! LOL
Stacy: Not sure if you're still at work (and I hope for your sake you got sent home - everyone needs a break once in awhile!) - but if we're done in good time with the tour, we'll definitely stop in - I know Sara wants to see the baby stuff, so if we have time, we'll see ya tonight!

Sharon said...

Yeah and a plastic bag, a good sturdy one in case you have to bring your shoes with you.

I have to remember that, by the way they are talking about the weather, I might be in a rush to get home and to Lindas on time... apparently it's going to get pretty ugly out there.

Kenny :) said...

Jill I'm waiting for today's blog.......

Jill said...

I'm pretty sure you're going to think it's

Anonymous said...

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